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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I can relate to what your saying a lot. I'm also a 23 year old wanting to live a normal life on my own stuck at home wanting to get better. I haven't been diagnosed with gluten intolerance b/c i havent gone to the doctor yet b/c my symptoms are mostly mental like yours. I had random bouts of severe depression over the last few years and it took me a while to discover the cause. I finally learned it was a reaction to pesticides in citrus fruits. I tested it over and over and the severe depression set in shortly after consuming oranges, lemons, or grapefruits. I also ate plenty of organic oranges and lemons without any reaction. Maybe your depression is a reaction to pesticides just like mine? surely your eating fruit while going gluten free. Now don't quote me on this but... A lot of people have mental symptoms from being a celiac and it is thought to be from the malnourishment of the brain. But in my case i think it's gluten entering the blood via leaky gut and reeking havoc on my brain/nervous system. I'm not sure if i have celiac and who knows. However im pretty sure im gluten intolerant and thats where my mental symptoms are coming from. i've gone gluten free and pretty much just got worse. I was eating mostly rice and beans though. I bought TriEnza with DPP IV Activity it's an enzyme that can digest gluten extremely well. It'll arrive at my house tomorrow. i'll let you know how to goes!
  2. Hi, I'm not sure if I have celiac disease or not and was thinking about going to the doctor. I have a few of the symptoms such as weight loss, loose stools blah blah blah. One thing that has been bothering me a lot is the way my body responds to certain foods, not just gluten foods. Ok here we go.. This is what i've discovered and its 100% true. 1. If i eat NON-organic citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons etc. that contain pesticides it'll cause my face to flush and I will be mentally depressed for roughly 24 hours. I know its crazy but it's true! It's the pesticides that i'm reacting too.. The pesticides in vegetables tends to give me a slurred speech and lowered intellect temperately. Only last a day or so as well. If I eat organic citrus fruit i'm perfectly fine.. 2. I easily become low on sodium. so every once and a while i'll add some sea salt to my gallon of water. I've noticed when everytime I drink this my face becomes paler in color. weird. 3. A lot of foods that are covered in vegetable oils causes my face to be red. Does anyone experience skin fluctuations when eating certain foods? Regardless if I have celiac disease or not I still have a very poor gut environment and i'm goign to start cleansing soon.
  3. http://healthwyze.org/index.php/curing-celiac-disease-using-holistic-naturopathic-techniques.html
  4. I have some theories of my own about the use of present day digestive enzymes that I would like to share. In MY opinion... The Cause for celiac disease is an enzyme deficiency. People born with this disease developed it due to the mercury from vaccinations. Eating processed foods void of digestive enzymes contributes greatly to the growing enzyme deficiency problem in society. The Treatment for celiac disease (besides GFD) is digestive enzymes. Taking digestive enzymes with gluten is a good idea but is not the trick. Taking a high quality PLANT based digestive enzyme on an empty stomach prior to ingesting anything for the next 1-2 hours is the treatment. When you take a digestive enzyme on an empty stomach the enzymes get absorbed into the blood where they continue doing their job of digesting food particles. The immune system in the blood would normally take on this burden but with digestive enzyme therapy it can take a break. My theory is that the immune system in the gut only attacks gluten as a safety precaution. When the blood is full of enzymes the immune system wont attack gluten as well as the villi. This is only my opinion. Just thought i would share my idea with you guys and get some feedback.
  5. I have symptoms of both. Those who have high histamine SHOULD have low copper levels. I pretty positive that I have high copper levels.... HOWEVER folic acid messes my head up BAAAAD. That can only happen with high histamine levels which shouldn't be present with high copper levels (again, which i have). Sorry if i cant explain this very well. Basically my question is.... Is it possible that i have symptoms of both because of celiac disease? Perhaps what ever little histamine i have is being used in response to my constant gluten intake? I really appreciate yalls time to help.
  6. Baking soda is a very good alternative. Trust me, you don't want fluoride in your body.
  7. It's the potassium in the bananas. 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar or a few oranges seem to have the same affect on me. Maybe I will should take some potassium pills and experiment.
  8. Earlier in the week I ate 4 bananas for breakfast. I'm not sure why, but eating that many bananas stripped away all my stomach acid and further production is halted for a few days. My face would become flushed red also. I'm not joking at all. I didn't have any appetite for lunch or dinner. I ate anyways. A hamburger for lunch which made me feel sick and my skin turned pale. I'm not allergic to bananas. This always seems to happen when i consume good amounts of potassium. Apple cider vinegar has the same affect as well as oranges. I get extremely depressed during these days since stomach acid is needed for the production of serotonin. My only guess is kinda 'out there' but here we go.. It is known that excessive copper in the body(which i have) slows down digestion. And potassium is a synergists (works with) to copper. So perhaps flooding my body with potassium strengthens copper levels thus increasing the side effects of a copper overload. Please help me. I'm only 21 years old, I shouldn't be having low stomach acid occurring like this. I'll continue to lower my possible high copper levels.
  9. The cause and cure for celiac is still unknown. I would like to share with you my own theory. I believe the disease is triggered from an imbalance of copper and zinc. The ratio of Cu/Zn should be 1:8. I've only done little research on this subject, so bare with me. Copper can block many nutrients along with zinc. B1, folate, iron, vit C, and magnesium. Blocking these nutrients and minerals can lead to poorer digestion. (exactly what we need eh? ) The main reason (i think) why this would lead to celiac disease is the fact that high copper levels can also lead to lower levels of histamine. I might not have all the facts down about copper's role in celiac but i really believe it plays a strong part. Some people are born with celiac disease. I believe mother can always pass extra copper into the fetus and an inadequate amount of zinc. Another thought I had... Its obvious that zinc's absorption rate is diminished with villi atrophy, but what if copper's absorption isn't affected nearly as bad? Copper may be absorbed in the stomach. A person with celiac disease would never get the proper Cu/Zn balance! Copper is a hard bugger to get out of your body once it's in. Not impossible though. The cure for celiac disease may be exactly that. Restore the balance. Gluten free diet to get the villi healed up. Take zinc supplements and chelate copper. MSM powder and chromium might come in handy as well. There is much research needed to be done on this subject.
  10. Baking soda + hydrogen peroxide is the way to go!
  11. I was thinking about this subject today... Since I have no lining in my intestines, perhaps the pineapple juices, orange juices, and apple cider vinegar are eating away at exposed flesh? I'm not sure if its a blood sugar thing. If i ate a lot of cake I just feel satisfied. Please help. I'm not 100% sure if i really have celiac, but this could be the smoking gun I need- Acid eating away at my intestinal flesh brought on by villi atrophy.
  12. Unusual weight loss Increased fatigue Irritability I ate huge amounts of apples and oranges for about 3 days. I became extremely depressed. I went to bed breathing heavily and only managed to get 6 hours of sleep. I know it was excessive fruit that caused this. I'm 100% sure. With that much certainty, is it safe to say i have diabetes?
  13. Whenever I large amounts of fruit I become extremely depressed. I can only manage to get 6 hours of sleep for the next few days as well. If I manage to get my 8 hours i wake up with a headache. I read somewhere that the liver will wake you up early for those who have diabetes.
  14. I don't get sick after eating gluten, however my anxiety levels sky rocket. So a little CC wouldn't do a thing to me as far as feeling ill. How much would a little bit of CC delay the healing of the villi? I Know it depends on certain factors.. but should be I be too concerned about getting an extremely small amount of gluten intake if my main objective is just to restore villi?
  15. I was one of the victims in the Kentucky ice storm in February. My diet was reduced to apples and oranges. Eating the excess fruit caused me to become extremely depressed for 2 weeks. It was sooooo bad. I didn't get much sleep either. I would wake up after 6 hours and couldn't manage to fall back to sleep. I know it was the fruit causing this. I really really do. I believe pineapple and apple cider vinegar do the same thing to me. Allergic reaction to fruit? I don't think so. It seems i have to eat them in good amounts to feel the effects of depression. My guess is that somehow fruit effects my serotonin production. Any thoughts?