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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for the post! I've been feeling awfully low as I recover, not all better and it's really wonderful to hear that you did finally feel better. I've been eating nuts, fruit and vebetables. Still off though...
  2. Has anyone had a problem or NOT had a problem with Standard Process's Zinc Liver Chelate? My nutritionist has me on it --but it has oat flour in it. I'm a little worried about it. But I KNOW I need the zinc.
  3. My mom has been a great help. And I also love to cook / bake and have made some scones, cookies, bean recipes that the whole family likes. Just...not everyone realises how important keeping gluten things segregated is; and they don't want to give up their comfort foods. It's scaring my dad, I think. And being this sick and 21 makes it impossible to 'live on my own' gluten-free. Your friends sound great.
  4. Thank you! I needed the encouragement. My family also has a long list of autoimmune diseases on its hands. Do you mind if I ask how you got your doctor to diagnose? Mine has been less helpful as I had "inconclusive" bloodwork and was already gluten free...or trying to be due to symptoms. Again, thank you. I'm going re-read your post a few times.
  5. Has anyone good stories about how they're loved ones managaed? Or are any of you loved ones of celiacs and can tell me how you worked on coping with the disease? It's been terribly difficult for my family to figure it out--though my mother is wonderful. I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago...I got even more ill with parasites soon after and am twenty pounds underweight. Stories, please?
  6. I've had the same problem. I was...am, twenty pounds underweight at best--I've done a lot of nut butters and nuts (like Mama above) it's helped me gain a little.
  7. I had the same symptom for more than a week or three after going gluten-free--I think it was a combination of gluten withdrawal, the fact that I was still eating grains and that my gut is likely a bit leaky in its healing process. It went away finally. What really helped me was eating mostly fruits and vegetables for a while. A little bit of soy seemed all right for me. But any grain was a problem and still seems to be. I also had the rash. You could check for other food intolerances; cross contamination; and get good bacteria in your gut. Probiotics. (Also check for parasites--I had and have those--it's hellish.)
  8. I've done a ton of slippery elm and marshmallow--and they've both been soothing. I can't speak for how well they keep you regulated as far as crap because I have parasites I'm fighting right now too. But they've been great for healing; less pain; less bloating, I think.
  9. That was EXTRAORDINARILY helpful. Thanks! It parallels some of my experience, though I went the other way and had a ton of parasite stuff show up as I seemed to begin to heal. How long did it take you? I've been starving because with parasites and celiac, I weighed barely 94 lbs at 5'7" a week or two ago. But I can't eat normally or a lot without pain...
  10. No one else? In the healing /detoxing process?
  11. [ See my reply in DV's thread about candida, parasites, et al. ]
  12. You can go to an ordinary medical doctor and request that they take stool and urine samples; blood samples as well. Mine showed up in a blood test. But I also had enough symptoms to make it fairly obvious. It can be hard to get someone in the mainstream med. community to take parasites seriously. But then, it's hard to get them to diagnose celiac often too.
  13. Hmm. It isn't letting me, either. I'll mess around with my settings to see if I've blocked messages. You can just e-mail me at jess_clawson@yahoo.com if you want!

  14. Oy, that makes a lot of sense. I have parasites and I certainly had gluten "withdrawal" and I'm going through a bloody hell of a die-off / detox weeks into my gluten-free-ing it. I wish it WEREN'T true. It's not fun. But it's a good hypothesis for the way people react, me included.