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  1. Hot Tea

    I have some hot tea that I purchased before going gluten free, and I called the store to check on the gluten free status of the tea. The lady seemed somewhat knowledgable regarding gluten, and she called the company that she buys the tea from to double check on whether or not the tea was gluten free. Fortunately, almost all of them were gluten-free. However, there is one that she told me is gluten free, but I have a question about it. Here is the description of the tea, "Lady Londonderry is a special treat in summer either as hot tea or as an excellent iced tea. It infuses to a flowery malt flavor with a spot of strawberry and lemon to make it well rounded." I was unable to get an ingredients list. So, what's the deal with malt? I thought malt contained gluten. This description doesn't state there is malt in it, only that there is a malt flavor. She assured me that this one is gluten free. I just discovered that she may get her tea from the English Tea Store. I saw the name of several of her teas on that website, so I may try to call the company directly. However, I would like some information about malt.
  2. I have been gluten free for about 9 months, and at times, it is very difficult to live with a gluten eater. My husband tried going gluten free for a very short time, but he soon told me he couldn't give up gluten. The house is pretty much gluten free, other than some snack foods, candy, and sometimes sandwich bread for my husband. However, he eats whatever he wants when we go out to eat. Most of the time, I don't mind, but sometimes (usually when I'm feeling particularly hungry and have to watch every else eat), I wish he would wait for me to get food to eat before he starts scarfing down his food. Sometimes, I just feel very lonely when I have to watch everyone eating, and there's nothing I can do but wait for my own food. I guess I feel like if my husband waits with me once in a while, I'll feel supported and understood. Does anyone else feel this way? Also, my husband loves to share food, and I do as well, but since I am gluten free and he isn't, sharing means I watch him eat his food, and he eats some of mine. For example, we bought cupcakes the other day (2 gluten for him and 2 gluten free for me). Even though he had his own cupcake (one was even the same flavor as mine), he wanted to taste mine. Pretty much, any time I have food, he wants to taste it or share it, even if he has his own. I know he would share with me if he could, but the reality is that he can't, as long as he continues to eat gluten. He doesn't hesitate to eat in front of me if I don't have food or enjoy a yummy dessert when I have to watch, but if I have a little treat, he expects me to share and doesn't like it if I say no. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, how have you worked it out?
  3. So glad your EGD went well. I cried like a baby when they took me back. It really wasn't bad at all, but I was terrified since I've never had any kind of procedure done. My doctor diagnosed me based on a blood test as well. The only damage found in me was inflammation. The doctors don't always find damage with a biopsy. You'll likely feel a lot better once you start gluten free. It can be very difficult at times, but I also find it to be quite fun when I try new recipes that taste fantastic or when I find something new at the grocery store!
  4. Thank you so much for all the information. I do feel like I am relatively knowledgable about Celiac and how it affects your overall health. However, there is always more to learn. I have been gluten free for about 7 months. I didn't feel like my testing was done properly. My doctor told me many times that I know more about it than he does. Even though I didn't really have doubts that I have Celiac, I wanted to see what others who are knowledgeable said. If you get a change to look at my post "symptoms (or lack there of)," please let me know what you think. I asked about the fact that I am not aware of any of my symptoms (not saying I don't have any), and how that can be a challenge in maintaining a gluten free diet. Thanks again for your responses!
  5. I have another post regarding my diagnosis, but I wanted to post my symptoms questions separately because the other post was so long. I have been gluten free for about 6 months, but I haven't noticed any changes in the way I feel. I don't think I felt bad before going gluten free. I know that some people don't necessarily have symptoms or maybe have symptoms that are hard to notice. I think that makes it difficult in knowing if you are taking in any gluten. There has been one time that I'm 100% sure I could have experienced cross contamination. This occurred when I used the non gluten free peanut butter jar at home, not realizing that was the jar I was using. I didn't notice any symptoms after this happened. Also, I would imagine that at some point in the last 6 months when I've been out to eat, I've been exposed to gluten. I just have a hard time believing that I am perfect at never accidentally eating something that has been in contact with gluten. So, I feel a little frustrated because I could be eating something that is still damaging my intestines, but I'll never know because I don't recognize any symptoms. Maybe I'm not in tune with my body enough? I was gluten free when I went through my testing (You can read my other post to understand my testing process.), so I wonder if I should try to eat a normal diet for a short time to see if I notice a difference. I don't think I will though. Is there any one else who has not noticed a difference after going gluten free? How do you ensure that you aren't taking in any gluten? Or do you just do the best you can when ordering at restaurants?
  6. I was diagnosed with Celiac in March/April of this year, but I have some questions regarding my testing process. I was first tested for Celiac Nov. 2008. My mother went to the doctor for various symptoms and read about Celiac on the internet, so she asked to be tested. She had one positive and one negative blood test. She told me to get tested, and I had two positive blood tests. My results are below: Endomy IGA Positive Endomy A TItter 1:160 TTG IGG <3; <7 is Negative TTG IGA 44; >8 is Positive Gliadin IGG 72; >17 is Positive Gliadin IGA >100; >17 is Positive I didn't know much about Celiac at the time, and I was losing military insurance in a month because of my age. I was not diagnosed, so I decided not to go for further testing because I learned that I would not be able to get individual insurance with a diagnosis. I tried a gluten free diet for a little while and didn't notice anything different. I eventually started eating normal again. Fast forward about 3 years. Between Nov. 2011 and Jan 2012, my husband was deployed, and I had some pretty severe anxiety and a few health issue-infections and oral thrush from medication that was difficult to get rid of. I finally started to get over most of the anxiety and was feeling better towards the beginning of January, so I made the decision to try gluten free. I always had concerns about those positive blood tests. When my husband came home, I decided to see a GI specialist. I was gluten free about 2 1/2 to 3 months at the time of my testing. I showed the doctor my previous results, and he told me I have Celiac. He wanted to do the EGD, and I requested another blood test. However, he told me not to eat gluten before having any of the testing done. Below are my recent results: TTG Antibody, IGA <3 Negative Immunogobulin A Within Range Gliadin (Deamidated) AB (IGA) 25 >20 Antibody Detected So, these were the results after about 2 1/2 months gluten free. After I had the EGD, I met with the doctor, and he told me my villi were not damaged, but there was inflammation in my intestines that he contributed to Celiac. He also mentioned something about gas. I wanted the records but I just got them today. Here is what it says. A. Duodenum, Biopsy -small bowel mucosa with mild scattered chronic inflammation -the villous architecture is normal -there is no increase of intraepithelial lymphocytes -no evidence of gluten sensitive enteropathy (Celiac Disease) -no evidence of aypia or malignancy B. Stomach, Antrum, Biopsy -mild chronic gastritis -Helicobacter Immunostain-no helicobacter organisms identified His impressions were Celiac disease and Gastritis. He recommended Proton pump inhibitor, follow up office visit, and Gluten free diet. When I went into his office, he didn't even remember that I was there for the results of my EGD. I had to remind him, and he only told me that I have Celiac and the gluten free diet is working. He never mentioned anything about Gastritis. So, I'm not sure what to do about that. So, I guess I'm just curious if anyone has had a similar experience or if you can help me understand the testing a little bit. Also, I notice the numbers are drastically different from my first test back in 08 to my recent test in 2012. Could I have healed that quickly with only 2 1/2 months of gluten free?