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  1. Could someone tell me how to add the clickable smiles to my postings, I chose this area because it seemed to have a lot of guests! I know it's silly but they're soooo cute! Thank you
  2. Timing

    Candy: Hang in there. Remember it took a long time (probably) for your son's system to get to where it is. It will take some time for his system to get back to normal. My husband has been a celiac now for about 3 or 4 years and he was at that same point as your son. The key I believe is a very strict diet. My husband NEVER cheats. It's hard, but read every label, and don't eat out for a long time. Remember he may be allergic to other things than just wheat/gluten, so one step is to find that out as well. Obviously have him stay away from liquids that can cause loose stools ie, coffee, soda, juice even some raw fruits like apples. My husband when first diagnosed went to white rice, bananas, home made banana bread (gluten-free of course), unprocessed meats, veges, potatoes etc. My husbands villi were completely colapsed, he now has no problems, and he's gone from about 175 down to 140 back up to 175. He works out every day. He eats very little sweets and loves Qdoba for a main staple (the naked burritos). Seeing a Gastroenterologist to rule out anything else, and make an appt. with a dietician, I can only believe it can help (personally we didn't see a dietician) I just strictly modified my cooking, and it seemed to do the trick for my husband. Remember every celiac is different, what works for one, may not work as well for another. There are several on-line sites to order premade breads, buns, cookies, tortillas, pastas etc., so be sure to use all of your resources. And visit this forum often, it will help you to feel not so alone. I know as a mother/wife that we feel responsible for what our loved ones take in, so it's a heavy burden to carry, but it will get better, - hang in there! To be honest, we feel being gluten-free is a better diet for our general health (those of us that aren't gluten-free), I have a hard time keeping my 3 kids from eating my husbands stuff half of the time!
  3. Sorry! I meant Nailehead! I was helping my son with his homework and he was stating how hard it was, and when we finished, I went to reply to your post and I transposed hard for head! SORRY (lol)
  4. Hi Nailehard: I too am new to this site, and fortunately am not a celiac, but my husband is. I feel experienced enough through caring for him however to post on this board. My husband like you was mis-diagnosed for many years, probably 7, it was extremely frustrating for me as well as him, because he was constantly sick, with all of the symptons you mentioned. I felt responsible, because I am the cook and the care giver in the house and to see him so sick all of the time, wore on me. We actually took a 3 month medical leave from his work, because his dr. in CA had told him that he was allergic to the smog!, that his body wasn't filtering all of the polutents and that we might want to find somewhere else to live. With what we had been through, it made sense CA is filled with tons of pollutents, so we decided to buy a used 40 foot motorhome (for a family of 5, to live in on the road for 3 months!) yes it was big (plus we towed a van) we were 63 ft long!. Anyway, we took this trip, ended up putting a down payment on a home in CO, went back to CA after 3 months, sold our home and returned to CO. During the next couple of years, my husbands sinus problems seemed to have gotten better, but he was still not feeling well. Our final straw was when we realized that he had dropped from about 170 to 138 (he's 6 ft) and his stomach was constantly bloated with horrible gas and the runs, he's color was bleak and he had absolutely no energy. To me he was dying before my eyes. With God looking out for us, we went to another GI and upon looking my husband he immediately did an upper-endoscopy and sure enough all of his villi were collapsed. Good news, he's been a celiac for about 3years now, his weight is up to 170-175 and he's completely healthy! It's hard on me at times, because I'm the one that has to prepare all of the food, but it is sooooo worth it. He's real religious about not cheating, which plays a major role in his recovery. He doesn't have ANY wheat, rye, barley, oats, durum, semonlina, farina, spelt, kamut, triticale, einkorn, bulgar, seitan, malt , vinegar or alcohal (with the occasional exception of Sake). Is it hard at times for him yes, but we have found ways of getting around things, Like I finally found a really good pizza crust that I make a canadian bacon and pinapple pizza for him (he loves it), I have to make the extra effort to make him his special pumpkin cake, banana bread, brownies etc., but he's healthy and much happier. Be glad that you have finally been diagnosed and you're now on your way to recovery. Here's something pretty amazinig, we had a young couple move in next door about 2 years ago. She became pregnant, gave birth and now has a beautiful 16 month daughter. Well since her birth, the mother has been loosing weight to an alarming number, down to 87 lbs, (she's small and petite, normal weight probably 120) anyway, the dr. here didn't know why she was so frail, she went back to her home town, I asked her to get checked for Celiac, and whala - that's exactly what she has. Good news for I feel comfortable with being able to help her along the way, her mother who lives in another state also feels relieved knowing her daughters next door neighbors husband is also celiac, we went shopping the other day, and I sent over a chicken pot pie and some chocolate cake, just to let her taste and realize be gluten-free isn't to too bad. So, point is, you never know who or what your experience may lead to in life, mine is helping my young mom neighbor become healthy again through my experience with my husband. God works in mysterious ways.
  5. Dear Richard and Tiffany: Thank you soooo much for this clarification. My husband will be extremely relieved, he's been eating dry salads for about 2 years now!
  6. I have been under the impression that one with celiac cannot consume regular vinegar. Apple Cider vinegar is the only acceptable one. I've read postings from members here, and I've read that celiacs have had restaurant dressings and we all know that they have regular vinegar in them. There are special salad dressings available online or in health food stores that make theirs with ACV, but if I'm having my husband whose the celiac avoid vinegar needlessly I'd like to know. Question? Is regular vinegar ok for celiacs? Thank you... Dana
  7. I noticed in your posting that you mentioned that your fiance likes his salads with oil and vinegar. My husband is a celiac, and I was told that the only vinegar that he can have is apple cider vinegar. Is this true? When you're not allowed to have viniegar it limits alot of items. Maybe I was mislead, we've been doing without vinegar for about 2 years now. Some advise please. Or do you make your dressing with apple cider vinegar? Thanks, Dana