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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Richmond, Va Area

    Hello all. I am needing help finding a good doctor to see if they can help figure out what is going on with me. My regular dr, and the dr's I've been referred to from them: are all pretty blase about what's going on with me and act like they can't be bothered to figure out what going on. I have had chronic low vitamin D for about 2 years now, my calcium is now dropping. My most recent lab test showed this, as well as my hemoglobin and hematocrit are elevated. I have Dx'd gluten intolerance and casein intolerance (positive antibodies found in my intestines) but when I was sent to the GI for testing etc, he basically told me that since I didn't have positive blood antibodies for celiac that an endoscopy would be a waste of time to check for intestinal damage causing malabsorption. I'm sure some of you can sympathize! I have had autoimmune hypothyroidism for 3 years now (Dx'd) but the hypothyroidism has been around since high school, so about 9 years now...some of which I'm sure includes the autoimmune portion pre-Dx. I'm just so tired of being bounced around and need/want answers and if anyone knows of a dr that is a good listener and genuinely cares about their patients and tries to find answers...I'd love their contact info please...
  2. You're welcome. Let me know if you ever have questions or want to swap notes, since we have the same genes and all :)

  3. "Let thy food be thy medicine" ~ Hippocrates

  4. Central Virginia

    I'm looking for other celiacs/gluten intolerant people in central virginia. Anyone know of any groups or anything? I'd like to meet other people going through this. It'd be nice to have support and make friends that won't have to worry about "glutenizing" me if they feed me something >_< haha Sara
  5. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis too...probably caused by my gluten sensitivity
  6. Ravenwoodglass, I just now saw that you wrote on here :-). I just sent you a message! A lot has gone on since I originally wrote this post. I have had negative blood tests for Celiac, but it was positive for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Stool and gene panel from EnteroLab dx'd me as having active gluten sensitivity that can be more severe due to a double copy of a gluten sensitivity gene (HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 1 0602 and HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 2 0602....Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 1,1 (Subtype 6,6) ), and immunologic reaction to casein as well as gluten. I do not have either of the two classic "celiac" genes but after reading many of people's stories, those aren't needed to develop Celiac... I'm still searching and learning, trying to see what is what and trying to figure out the gluten-free diet and see if I can find a dr to retest me for celiac and such. I'm not sure that I'm negative for real. I had the same voice in my head telling me something wasn't right when I set out years ago for my thyroid problem, and it took me 7 years to get my autoimmune dx for that! I didn't give up because I know my body and knew something wasn't right.
  7. Hello everyone. I've finally decided to write my first post on the forums here. I have been following other threads and researching for months now. I'll give a little background on why I'm posting before I start asking my questions: (i apologize for the length) I have been having random symptoms for so long now, but they have been slowly increasing in severity. Since high school, I have had issues with dry skin and fatigue as well as migraines. I had my wisdom teeth removed in 2006 and the migraines stopped for awhile. In 2005 I got my hypothyroidism diagnosis and that "explained" the extreme fatigue and weight gain and dry skin, hair falling out and all that goes along with hypothyroidism and was prescribed thyroid hormones. I have battled anemia since birth on and off. I have also kept my symptoms of hypothyroidism despite being on hormones, my Dr was looking at me like I was a hypochondriac for repeatedly returning complaining of symptoms. Still always VERY tired, hair falling out, itchy dry skin, my migraines have returned, random constipation/diarrhea. *sigh* I then got my diagnosis of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (last August) because I got referred to an Endocrinologist finally and she also tested me for Celiac antibodies and it came back negative. My Hashimoto's was very positive though. The normal range is below 20 I believe and mine was over 270. So I have an autoimmune condition causing my thyroid problem. I was doubled on my thyroid hormone and my Vitamin D has stayed low despite taking 50,000 IU a month. That was doubled as well, I am supposed to take that twice a month now. SMH!!! Why just double it and hope it goes up (it stays around 19 despite taking the rx D) and NOT try to figure out why I am not absorbing it?!?! I left it alone for a few months but was still having this nagging in the back of my mind telling me to retest for celiac. I ordered a test from EnteroLab and sent it in. Here's what it told me: A) Gluten Sensitivity Stool and Gene Panel Complete *Best test/best value Fecal Anti-gliadin IgA 29 Units (Normal Range is less than 10 Units) Fecal Anti-tissue Transglutaminase IgA 16 Units (Normal Range is less than 10 Units) Quantitative Microscopic Fecal Fat Score Less than 300 Units (Normal Range is less than 300 Units) Fecal Anti-casein (cow
  8. thanks for writing! I haven't gotten any feedback from anyone yet on here... I will search more for a good Dr. or recommendations.
  9. I forgot to add that I have on and off anemia and I also found out about a Vit. D deficiency when I found out about the mono. Come to find out I was tested for that last year and was supposed to be taking 1,000 IU daily since then and was NEVER told until I asked to be tested for D deficiency because in some people it makes you tired. So I had to get a script for 50,000 IU to take once a week for a month and now just once a month. It's hard to find a good Dr that accepts Tricare.... Anyone know of any good ones in Central VA???
  10. Hello everyone. I have never been tested or anything for Celiac deisease or wheat/gluten intolerence or any allergy. I am thinking about doing some kind of test though. I have noticed (especially recently) that whenever I eat carbs or anything with wheat and such I get bloated and crampy. I've also seen bloody stools..I know gross and possibly too much info...sorry! I also can't get enough sleep the night after eating stuff like that either, like yesterday I gave in and ate a bunch of breads and junk foods because I have been working out alot in the gym trying to tone up and slim down a bit (I've been doing a low carb diet sort of thing and was feeling pretty good). I slept about 12 hours lastnight, and I still feel cramps lower than where my tummy is, because I get the cramped feeling slightly in my stomach immediately after eating some things but not enough to cause any kind of real pain. I hate getting gassy after eating some foods..mostly carb related, and most carbs have wheat or gluten in them somewhere I've noticed. and I always feel really bloated in my tummy area, and it's hard to lose weight! even as I am SLOWLY losing ounces here and there and dropping body fat by working out so hard, I haven't lost any inches, and even gained in my tummy area which was really disappointing. I'd like to hear any thoughts from anyone about this. A few weeks ago I even went to Barne's and Nobles to check out diet books and flipped through a gluten free diet book...but ended up going with atkins because it worked for me a few years back. All of this is just really new to me. I have been looking at some home collection kits that you can mail in to labs and some that even process at home (like the one I found on this site actually through optimum health resource labs) and you can see results in 10 minutes. Maybe this would let me know if I am intolerant to gluten? My Dr. is an imbisil and I don't want to waste my time going to him because he doesn't listen to me. I am hypothyroid and have been officially diaganosed with that since 2005. With my current Dr. I had to go back 3 differenttimes to figure out why I was so completely tired all the time and finally found out i was in recovery from mono back in february, they took so long they missed me being in the active stage of it when i was complaining of sleeping so much. *sigh* I just wish Dr.'s would listen when a patient knows something isn't right with their bodies and take appropriate actions to help. They are so concernced with making money they could care less if someone is sick or needs help. (excuse my rant!) I'll leave my long post to that for now. I'd really appreciate any inpuit that anyone could give me!! Thanks so much, Sara :-)
  11. Self-testing

    Most Whey protein containers will have an "Allergen Information" space below the ingredients that will tell you if it contains milk/soy ingredients etc.. ANd I would guess most Whey Protein products contain milk products, but you should deffinately read the ingredients list and check for the allergen info on the container or call the manufacturers to ask.