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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hair Loss

    I did have hair loss in the begining when I was really sick. My Dr said it was due to lack of protein and the fact that I was losing so much weight. I dont see the hair coming out as much any more ...gluten-free since Feb04 ..... but its also not growing back Thankfully I had thick hair to start with.
  2. Shayladad.... was the little girls diarrhea a frothy consistancy? if so I would have to say look at the casein foods ..... with it being foul-smelling and usually not happening for a few hours sounds a lot like how I react to casein. so just a thought but also sounds like your in a tough spot with her diet...... so good luck hope you find what is causing it.
  3. I used to be on pain meds daily for my back and hip pain..... since going gluten-free have been able to use the meds on a PRN basis. I noticed that when I had an accident with something I shouldnt have eaten the back pain was back. My Dr thinks its the reaction in my intestines causing the pain. I would run it by your Dr and get their advice. Pain can indicate many things and its best to get it checked out to make sure its not being caused by something else.
  4. Other Intolerences

    Ive been gluten-free C/F egg free ...well you name it free since Feb04 ... I eat only fresh fruits and veg chicken and very little red meat . I have been lactose intolerent since I was born so Im pretty sure that the gluten-free diet isnt going to make that any better....would be great if it did but im not going to hold my breath. My Dr did say with some people it does get better after time with the diet so there is the chance that I could go back to dairy Ill let you know if I start to see pigs fly ....just an inside joke sorry I have a friend at work who was Dx about the same time as I was ... she was unable to eat dairy for a while but lucky for her she is now able to enjoy dairy no problem Nope no resentment on my part at all so there is hope for some people Lora
  5. Survey

    yes no female
  6. Joint Pain

    Hey jennifer casein is dairy ..... I have to follow a gluten-free C/F diet also no egg no soy amoung others if you are looking for a calcium sup go to www.GFCFDiet.com its a website for kids that have to follow both diets but they have lots of great vitamines. Lora
  7. My Grandfather died from colon cancer , my father had had polyps removed , and one of my brothers has had them removed, both did not show cancer. My other siblings we all tested as was I ( the only one with confirmed celiac disease ) and none of us had any polyps. They tend to run in families. As someone with celiac disease we do have a higher risk of developing them but early detection of polyps can help in prevention of colon cancer so I make sure to go for my exams
  8. Joint Pain

    I have thought about taking Glucosamine .... what brands are gluten-free? or what brands have any of you had good luck with? My left hip and knees give me trouble from time to time from all the years I was a catcher in fast-pitch softball Whats the deal with the apple cider vinager? Maggie your from the land down under right ..... My niece is going to college in Sydney and her mother and I may be trying to paln a trip there next summer ... well winter I guess ... In June or July ... I hate to fly but thats the one place i have always wanted to go. The funny thing is I work for an airline and never use my flight bennifits Im rambling sorry
  9. Heritage

    Mostly German from both sides then its a mix of Northern Europe Grandfather died : Colon cancer Father : Colon Polyps Brother : Colon Polyps You think I can get them to even listen to the Idea that they may have celiac disease and should be tested...... Even though they both have many symptoms they dont want to listen I blame it on the stuborn German blood Maybe someday I will get them to see the connection.
  10. Joint Pain

    Hey Karen I to have days that I feel like Im and 80 yr old .... Im not sure where it comes from ... I was very active in sports in my younger years and have physically abused my body in most of my jobs so I have always figured that I would pay for it some day.... Maybe for me that day is sooner than I had planed I can say that since I have been gluten-free I dont have to take the pain meds like I used to My Dr still gives them to me but only on a Prn basis, which is all I need them for now. B4 gluten-free it was Lortab 7.5 mg 3x a day just to function. If you can call it function when you in a fog most of the day So for me the gluten-free did make a difference in my pain .
  11. Joint Pain

    B4 going gluten-free I had joint pain that led my dr to Dx me with Fibro and put me on pain meds for almost 3 years. Now that I've been on the diet I'm off the meds and the pain is under control its not gone 100% but then like Deb im getting old and that could bet more the problem then anything. At leats now I dont feel like im ready for a wheel chair
  12. I agree with Deb , the diet wont hurt you but you have to be strict or you wont know if it is helping you. You may also want to do the genetic testing if you think that you have to know 100% . For me my blood test was positive and the diet made such a difference I didnt see a need for the other tests. Just an added note .... when I started the diet I went very basic only fresh to start then added things one at a time to see how I reacted to them. I had to do this because I knew I had trouble with dairy and thought maybe there would be other things that bothered me so I started slow with only fresh foods. I discovered I ate really unhealthy b4 Its much better now Good luck
  13. I had nausea all the time as well. I used to tell people it was like having the flu everyday for months. Been gluten-free since Feb04 and I can at least say that I dont feel like I have the flu everyday now. Still have the fatigue issue but hope that will get better soon
  14. MSG ( Monosodium Glutamate ) , Its in alot of stuff just read the ingredients it will be listed if its in there. I get migraines from it and my guts react to it as well so I avoid it at all cost.
  15. I was sick for years. My Dr went from one thing to another she tested me for everything, Chrons, Ulcers, Cancer, RA , and the list went on , finally she thought it was my gallbladder when that was neg and I started losing 5 pounds a week and couldnt eat anymore because everything made me so sick she ran the blood test for Celiacs. I should say that at this point I was told by another Dr that I had severe IBS with diarrhea and should take some new medication that had life threating side effects That was back in Feb04 the diet has been helpful, almost completely painfree most days but still very tired most days At least I dont feel like I have the flu anymore. Thats what I used to tell people It was like having the flu everyday for months. Now if I could just find a legal energy pill I would be good