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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Check it out! for everyone who loves baking with Spectrum's original shortening, they are coming out with a butter flavored version!! I hope it's even better than the original...a vegan butter alternative!! gluten free of course too. http://www.ingredientsnetwork.com/launches/full/spectrum-organic-vegetable-butter-flavor-shortening-the-hain-celestial-group-usa Jana
  2. Bragg's Liquid Aminos

    I use it as a soy sauce replacement, to jazz up veggies (as you mention), in marinades, stir fry, etc. I like that product a lot. Enjoy.
  3. Glutened By Fritos Corn Chips?

    My conclusion is that the Frito Lay products are hit or miss - cc may always be an issue and depending on how sensitive you are, should probably be avoided all together. When I do corn products, I try to stick with white corn that's been de-hulled and/or processed to make it white. Anything else - I avoid completely. I have consistently good results with Que Pasa White Corn chips, organic. No problems - ever. I can't do potatoes, so potato chips are not in the picture. I can also do the Terra Chips, plain fried sweet potato chips! Yum. That's the end of my safe chip list...sadly.
  4. Maybe something that's used to preserve the chicken is bothering you. I know they do add stuff. Buy organic if you can - even Smart Chicken (regular or organic). They use a different process. I've been getting local, free-range chickens. Butchered fresh, nothing added. That's not an option for everyone, I understand. - Jana
  5. Of all the nightshades that I've tried, potatos are the worst for me, but I haven't tried eggplant since going on a restricted diet. For a potato substitute, I use either yams (the orange ones) or sweet potatoes (the white ones) both with great success. I tolerate them really well. Jana
  6. I'm okay with digestive enzymes that include Malt Diatase - as most of them do include it. I did a lot of looking around before I tried them, and I don't react to them. - Jana
  7. Ibs And Gluten Intolerance/Celiac

    My $.02...I had a recent bout with a tummy bug also, and it really set back my healing. I'm not Celiac but pretty much have all they signs/symptoms with negative genetic test results. Anyway, I'm forming a theory here that these tummy bugs really mess with our guts! (as if we already didn't know that?). I'm just surprised at how far it put back my healing. Things that I had re-introduced are bothering me again, so I've got to go back to more simple foods for a while. I hope you get better soon. I know I did send any advice, just maybe some words of support that you aren't alone. - Jana
  8. I've been on the generic version of Voltaren for several months now for back pain without adverse gastro side-effects. It may be worth looking into though it is still an NSAID. Short of that, try looking into herbal supplements that may help ease your menstrual pain - there's a lot out there though I don't know the specifics of them I was using them for fertility several years ago.
  9. It seems like there's a lot of variation here - I went nightshade free just a few days after going gluten-free. My reaction to potatoes was obvious & not fun! Tomatoes weren't as bad, but they did give me a stomach ache. Several months avoiding tomatoes & peppers did the trick because I can now have limited amounts of tomatoes & peppers. A lot of my issues are related to carb content, so I think that helps explain why I can tolerate the tomatoes & peppers but not the potatoes or potato starch... I haven't even tried eggplant - I don't mind it but I don't love it either, so it really isn't worth trying for me. I will occasionally cheat with a small amount potatoes (not a full serving & certainly not so much as a baked potato - it isn't terrible but I do get gas & bloating. I'm able to sub sweet potatoes (the white ones) and yams (the orange ones) for most potatoes dishes and the only one who protests this is my 6 year old, so I sometimes make mashed potatoes from the flakes just for the family.
  10. Rash From Dairy?

    That is certainly a possibility. Lots of kids, for instance, get rashes when cow's milk get introduced into the diet and I've heard that ezema (sp?) is often caused by diary issues.
  11. I've been taking 5,000 IU of D3 for the past 6 weeks or so as a flu preventative. This week I accidentally glutened myself for 3-4 days - what a da??? I know, I know. Anyway - the good news is that the since realizing what I was doing, my symptoms seemed to have passed more quickly than in the past, but I wasn't sure if it was because I'm healing - maybe the D3 helps also.
  12. lots of people use the spit test for candida. I don't know if it works or not but I can tell you that mine was positive but that wasn't the deciding factor for me to start treating it as candida. It was a number of things combined. - Jana
  13. Yeast is definitely my problem as well. I had so many Celiac symptoms but also had symptoms from many carbs - potatoes, for instance and even squash & other nightshade veggies. I clued in to the yeast issue after testing negative for Celiac genes - I realize that is controversial, but I think in my case, it is correct. I'm not Celiac, but I am certainly gluten-intolerant and intolerant of most carbs and that really equals yeast, IMO. I've been gluten-free since May but started on the Yeast-kill cycle just a month or two ago. I'm not using Candex, but I'll look into that. I'm using another solution - Lame Advertisement. I'd say that I do have less symptoms with the Lame Advertisement and a good diet, but I've still got a ways to go. They say that you should treat yourself for about one month for every year you've had yeast...that's 7 months of treatment for me, so I've got a ways to go. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't having to cook & feed my family also. They really get tired of all my weird foods and a lack of veggies/fruits. I can't blame them. I try to cook for them also, but it isn't that easy. - Jana
  14. I've pretty much determined that Leaky Gut from candida and/or flora imbalance is the root of my gluten and other food intolerances. I'm gluten-free and free of just about any source high in carbs - can't do potatoes, squash, most fruits, etc. And I'm supplementing with some things recommended for killing Candida & healing my gut. This process began in 5/2009 with going gluten-free and then figuring out that other things triggered digestive upset as well (mostly high-carb food). So, I'm low/no sugar and following most of the candida diet recommendation, eating 24 hour yogurt, etc. Any idea how long to keep on with the supplements? And when/how can I know that I've killed the little buggers??? Thanks, Jana
  15. Elimination Diets

    Lynayah, Systemic candida can cause gluten intolerance (the bugs put holes in your gut - aka Leaky Gut that causes gluten intolerance), so I don't think it would be considered a false positive. I AM gluten intolerant - just as much as anyone with Celiac, at this point in my life. I suppose the difference is that at some point, I may be able to heal enough to tolerate gluten in very limited amounts - I'm not sure, but I'm so far away from that (years?), that I don't even consider the possibility. I don't know how candida is diagnosed - I'm planning to see my Naturopath next week. She'll probably recommend a stool test - she always does, but I haven't cooperated yet! Anyway, I'll speak with her in detail. The big clue in for me with candida was that I tested negative for Celiac DNA & my symptoms were not alleviated fully by going gluten free - I'm super sensitive to anything with high carbs and night shade veggies. I can do cheese & milk - no issues there. I also have skin discolorations that come & go - tinea versicolor, think it is called. It is a yeast infection that shows up on the skin. Funny thing is that I've had that since I began having the gluten-intolerant symptoms (during my first pregnancy). - Jana