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  1. Tammy, I'm thinking of starting a celiac support group here in Denmark. Just moved here, and there are essentially now resources for us, so I'm thinking about starting my own. I've been gluten free for 2 years, and I've learned so much about celiac disease, but I still don't really feel qualified to start my own group. Any further leads or advice would be much appreciated!
  2. Medaka, I am with you! So, what does all of this mean? For example, I buy Glutano cookies that say gluten free- are they really not gluten free? Annie's Naturals lists gluten free items- is that not OK? I'm getting the point that it's based on personal sensitivity and choice. I would love to hear from more people about their opinions of packaged products, both from specifically gluten-free producers, and from mainstream products. And, thank you. This message board have provided me with real responses.
  3. Hello! Does anyone have a gluten free, dairy free stuffing recipe? I miss stuffing so much!
  4. Thanks to all of you for your feedback. I've never heard of Codex before, and now I'm scared. Does that really mean that any packed food labelled "gluten free" may have gluten in it? Is COdex the US national standard for gluten free foods? I always thought I was safe if the label read "gluten freee"?
  5. I have been gluten-free and lactose free for over 2 years, but I'm still having problems. I'm going to get tested for other food allergies, but meanwhile, I have one question which NOBODY has been able to answer for me- how strict is "Strict"? Should I only eat foods that are stamped "gluten free", or can I trust things like Heinz ketchup and Lay's potato chips. Does EVERY item in my kitchen need to be stamped "gluten free", or can I use foods from "safe food lists". I consider myself a very strict celiac. I won't even go out to restaurants ever because I'm too nervous about cross-contamination. It would be a shame if I was poisoning myself accidentally. Please help!!!