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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. For those of you who have experienced fatigue, how long did it take to reacquire your energy? Did anyone experience chronic fatigue disorder masked as/as a result of a gluten allergy or celiac disease? If so, how are you coping? I appreciate your responses, as I am having a hell of a time with fatigue currently.
  2. I don't know. I am unsure if my symptoms are still from eating gluten (I'm only on my 3rd week of going gluten-free) or from the dairy. I don't eat much dairy, only organic plain low-fat yogurt, the occasional low-fat cheese (usually feta or cheddar) & the two times I cheated with the low-fat frozen yogurt. Thank you for your respose; I will keep this idea in mind....
  3. Thank you for your response. Wow, it sounds like you were super-sick. I don't throw up, but my symptoms are so bad that I spend a lot of time in bed rest. It is mainly the horrendous fatigue, tiredness and weakness. So you are able to eat maltodetrin, caramel colour, artificial & natural flavours without a problem? What about hydrolized vegetable protein? When I read that that could be a concern, I was very confused.....since when is wheat/gluten a vegetable????
  4. No, I don't live in the US; I live in Canada. Do food manufacturers have to clearly disclose gluten & wheat under their ingredient lists in Canada? I wonder if I am allergic to soy as well. I seem to have a few symptoms when I have vinegar as well.........perhaps I'm allergic to yeast as well???? Oh man. Can I still exhibit symptoms then while healing, even if I don't have gluten or any other food to which I am not allergic? OMG, this is complicated. Yes, it's only been just over 2 weeks that I've been gluten-free. I don't know how long my recovery will be, but all I know is that I have been EXTREMELY sick for over a year and a half.....the sickest I have ever been in my whole life. I honestly believed (before discovering possibility of gluten intolerance/celiac) that I was dying (because of how brutal I was feeling), so I can only imagine how damaged my villi must be. :/
  5. Yes. The questionable ingredients in the frozen yogurt where natural flavour & maltodextrin. Do manufacturers have to disclose that they contain gluten, if they do? Or can they just list these ingredients as is? It doesn't sound as though I can trust these ingredients.
  6. I'm a n00b. Have been gluten-free just over two weeks and I have found it very, very difficult. Haven't eaten anything processed in past 15 days, except a little low-fat frozen yogurt, some white wine, and today, some chocolate-covered almonds & chocolate-covered raisins. However, I think the chocolate-covered almonds & raisins did have gluten in them, despite not being listed on the ingredients, because I am feeling some symptoms: very itchy skin, very tired, very sleepy, bloating, gas and it feels like I am going to have diahherea. The ingredients of the milk chocolate-covered almonds (not different from the chocolate-covered raisins, save the almonds), are: milk-chocolate (sugar, milk ingredients, cocoa butter, unsweetened chocolate, soy lecithin, salt, natural flavour), roasted almonds, canola oil, maltodextrin, gum arabic, glucose syrup, confectioner's shellac. Does anyone have any thoughts on these ingredients? If they contained gluten, wouldn't the words"(contain gluten)" be included within the ingredients? I'm very confused. Now I know not to eat anything processed anymore.
  7. Salsa?

    How can gluten be in fruit juice???? What would the purpose be? The more I read, the more confused and upset I become.....
  8. I'm relatively new to the whole gluten-free thing. Does anyone know if Kraft Miracle Whip (basically mayonnaise) have gluten in it? It lists soybean oil as one of its ingredients....does soybean oil contain gluten? I thought I read somewhere online that it did, but now I'm completely confused. It also listed 'colour'.....I think flavour can potentially contain gluten, but I don't know whether or not colour can. I called Kraft and they were no help. She basically told me that they cannot guarantee this product is gluten-free, but contradicted herself by also saying that if there were any ingredients containing (& also potentially containing, as in a trace amount from cross contamination) gluten, they would be stated on the ingredients. I was so frustrated. I kept trying to ask her politely how these two contradictory things could be true, to no avail. I didn't have the energy to pursue it any longer, so I just gave up. How frustrating. Talk about the run-around.
  9. Thanks to everyone who replied. I read your posts and they brought me some hope and relief. I do appreciate the links, as well. I don't remember who asked, but yes, I did try the gluten-free diet for five days.....then my naturopath told me to eat gluten for the next week in order to prepare for the blood tests. On the gluten-free diet, I did feel better. My energy was a little better and my sinuses were clear -- first time in I don't even remember. I'm going to go gluten free again (for good) this time, starting tomorrow. Thanks again for your support. Here are additional symptoms that I had forgotten about: anemia wheezing bad allergies stuffed-up nose & sinuses sneezing runny nose dark circles under eyes sore throat asthma anxiety ....there are a couple more, but I cannot remember at the moment......(foggy brain from the gluten).
  10. Ok. I am seriously confused. I had three blood tests done for celiac disease/gluten allergy. The results were all negative, meaning they were normal. I was told that I do not have celiac disease. Has anyone ever heard of the tests being normal despite the patient truly having celiac disease/gluten allergy???? I have been so sick for YEARS; I have many, many symptoms of celiac disease/gluten allergy and I am extremely frustrated. I don't know how to regain my health. I'm ready to give up completely. For the record, my symptoms (off the top of my head) are: acne broken-out scalp (d.h.)? chronic idiopathic urticaria (not currently, in past) extreme fatigue constantly tired depression bloating gas constipation night time vision problems irritability cloudy thinking problems concentrating sleeping problems/insomnia PMS major weight gain was diagnosed as lactose intolerant at age 10 diarrhea memory problems tingling in hands & feet muscle twitching .........that's all I can remember at the moment.
  11. Holy smokes. Thanks nora. It's actually in The Lancet as Celiac Disease & Candida Albicans, (not mould [per se]). OMG, this totally makes sense for me. I am SO ANGRY now. Exactly one month ago, I finally moved out of a basement apartment that was toxic with mould. Mould was almost everywhere -- growing on several doors, the walls, the windows, part of the floor, in the closet, in the fridge, on a chair, on a light, etc. I politely informed my landlord at least FOUR times during my rental period (exactly two years). The idiot denied it and did nothing. Long story; I obviously didn't know much about mould when I first moved in there & obviously shouldn't have tolerated it, nor my landlord. I got extremely sick (& still am) beginning in the fall of 2007, after living there ~ six mos. I had a feeling it was due to the mould. I have not been able to work (due to me being so sick) for just over a year. Oh, am I ever angry......as I am self-employed and have lost a lot of money this past year (obviously). I'm very glad I'm out of that hell hole now, but I'm just livid at my landlord for his bull. http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/index.ph...27679&st=45
  12. Hello, I am new to this board & haven't had my blood tests done yet, so my apologies if this topic has already been covered. I'm confused about vinegar & I feel so incredibly stupid about asking whether or not it actually has gluten in it? I think I read somewhere that some vinegars do in fact contain gluten.....craziness! So is vinegar safe to consume? I really hope so, I'm living on salads these days....
  13. I'm sure it varies from individual to individual, but I'm wondering how long it takes for your symptoms to disappear once you totally remove gluten from your diet. I'm especially interested in how long it takes for one to regain one's energy, how long it takes for the excess weight to come off & also how long it takes for the acne to fade, but I'm happy to read about all other symptoms as well. Thanks, everyone.