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  1. I have many symptoms of celiac disease...but it would seem celiac is not going to be the answer for my problems. Although, my full labs are not back. I just pulled down what is available today... My Tiss Transg IgG is still pending Endomysial Aby IGA is Negative IGA: 118 range is 70-400 I guess I am kind of low normal in this. Does anyone have thoughts on how to interpret these? I am assuming celiac disease is not likely to be my problem. Barbara
  2. I am 44 years old. As a child, I was always overweight. I had a bumpy red rash on my arms. (chicken skin) I have always had a redish face. As an adult I developed rosecia (spelling) It spans my nose and cheeks, and I have acne with it. I was born with only one kidney. At my hysterectomy they found uterine abnormalities as well. They also found cysts on my ovaries. One ovary was malformed. In high school I developed explosive diarrhea and my weight dropped significantly I was underweight. I have always suffered from chronic fatigue to the point that I just didn't want to get out of bed. I recall having this as young as 13 years old. I have always had anxiety related issues. Medications / therapy do not seem to help. I have always had extremely fine hair, now I have lost a significant amount of it and wear a wig. I have fragile fingernails, and am very fair skinned. I have one child who is no w23. During the pregnancy I gained 100 pounds...weight was a real issue for me as over the years I grew to 322 pounds. I had Type II diabetes, Had to have gallbladder surgery, hysterectomy, ulnar nerve surgery, experienced massive ear infections that required hospitalization, celulitus developed that required IV therapy experienced explosive bouts of diarrhea. Where ever I went, I had to know where the bathroom was because the bowel urges were so extreme. All was attributed to my being morbidly obese. I had extremely high triglycerides. Even though I was morbildy obese, a review of my labs show that I had low/low normal protein levels, low creatine levels. High HCT, etc.. Eight years ago I underwent Weight Loss Surgery, Gastric Bypass to be specific. Shortly after surgery I had horrible vomiting and couldn't keep things down. I lost 187 pounds. I experienced chronic pancreatits, my explosive diarrhea turned into even worse constipation where I only had a bowel movement two to three times a month. I developed bowel obstructions that required hospitalization, nutritional deficiencies, ulcers in my gastric pouch that then proceeded to develop fistulas to my small intestine. My original surgery was done incorrectly, and a corrective surgery was done. The original surgeon had created a blind limb of the small intestine. Some of the food I ate would go down the correct gastric bypass loop, while other food would go down the blind limb and rot. The only way out for this food was to throw up. The fistula was removed. I had the corrective surgery twenty months ago. The new surgeon has been awesome. The throwing up is significantly less, although it still occurs about once a week. I had attributed the pancreatitis to the first surgery. However, I still have chronic pancreatits..it is very painful. My surgeon does not think the pancreatitis is caused by the surgery. During the past twenty months, I have had a bout of thrush, further hair loss, my skin has gotten really bad. I have sores around my mouth. Labs show my B12 is 444, normal range. My white counts at one point dropped to 1.6 but then returned to normal. My protein is low normal, high normal hct, high CL, creatine remains low normal and sometimes falls below normal. Magnesium is low normal. I have abdominal pain, and a burning sensation in my lower abdomen and chest region. My weight is somewhat stable but I really have to work at not gaining. I am an avid road cyclist. I ride my bike in 100 + mile marathons. The exercise does make me feel better despite still suffering from chronic fatigue and other aliments. I have bradycardia my heart rate can drop as low as 44. This has been contributed to my exercise. My son is now morbidly obese, has the chicken skin on his arms, red face, fatigue. Explosive diarrhea. He is very active but continues to be obese. He has considered doing the gastric bypass, or Lap band. I am concerned that what ever weirdness I have I have passed on to him. My grandson, who my son has full custody of is 18 months old. He is lactose intolerant. I am as well as my son. The baby has times when he vomits for no apparent reason. I have always felt like something was just not right with me. Now I worry that whatever is not right with me is also not right with my son and grandson. My surgeon agrees, but has no idea what it might be. Recently I ran across celiac disease. I discovered that renal abnormalities, uterine abnormalities, rosecia, ulcers, fistulas, pancreatits, chronic fatigue, bowel problems, anxiety, depression, nerve problems, diabetes, are all symptoms of the diesease. My surgeon agreed it was worth exploring and I had labs done yesterday. It is going to take about a week to get the results back. Should I come back positive for Celiac disease, the worst thing I could have ever done to myself is Weight Loss Surgery. The already inflamed small intestine would just become more aggravated with either of these surgeries. I would highly recommend against Weight Loss Surgery for anyone with celiac disease because of the potential of further ulcers and fistulas. Just not fun stuff. Take it from one who has had ulcers and fistulas. I don't have the lab results yet...based on what I have told...what do others think of the potential of my having the disease. If I do have it, believe it or not I would celebrate!!! It would give me an answer and treatment for a life long hell. Then I would have to look at my son and grandson. I would really like some input. Will my symptoms improve over time if I have celiac disease and follow the diet? Looking forward to hearing from someone. Whimsy