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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Rosa'S Cafe And Tortilla Factory

    ah yes sorry i forgot to add they are located mostly in Texas. here is a link to their website and you can do a location finder http://www.rosascafe.com/
  2. They gave me this very nice response and i'm going to see if my local rosa's uses the same frier for sopapilla's and other items. If not i'm going to Rosa's! What a lovely well though and through response. Thank you for taking the time to send in your comments for Rosa
  3. I am a big fan of chorizo and I am have a very difficult time finding a brand that is gluten free. I recently tried cirque chorizo and after calling the company and being told the sausage was gluten free I ate it twice haveing gluten symptoms on both occasion. I must say I miss torta's dreadfully so if anyone knows of a safe brand I would really appreciate it. I also usually get the preseasoned chorizo as well (usually a reddish color) since I'm not sure how to make regular sausage to be like the store seasoned brands.
  4. For Texans Udis is also available and some of the United Supermarkets the only thing I can't find locally is the cinnamon rolls.... fantastic products
  5. Why Do I Feel Worse?

    Well I had a similar problem when I first went gluten free and my problem wasn't when I stopped eating gluten but how long it took my body to purge gluten. For instance if you've been constipated the last few weeks the gluten (no matter how small the amount) is moving very slowly through your system. Give it a few weeks to clear out and you should start feeling a bit better. non healed intestines it took about 2 weeks to get over a small dose of gluten that I accidentally ingested healed instestines around 1 week sometimes less now. Good luck hope you feel better
  6. Tired After Eating

    Your not the only one! I've been gluten free since June and I get extremly sleepy after eating non gluten food. Turns out in my case after eating my blood pressure plummets downward. I'm now on a low dose of blood pressure meds to keep it balanced and it helps. If you start feeling sleepy you might have someone take you to a pharmacy that has a blood pressure tester and see if it's low. (mine has always been on the low side but after eating it really plummets) Other symptoms i notice are bad headaches and light headedness in general.
  7. I must say as far premade crusts go it's Udis brand all the way. They are pretty formidable personal pizza's size wise and taste is incredible you would have no way of knowing this was gluten free if it didn't say on the package. I think it is better then most of the gluten brands I used to eat. Though that is udis in a nut shell everything they make is fantastic, bread, muffins, ect soooo good
  8. There is NOTHING that neutrilizes gluten L-Glutamine just helps heal the intestines a bit faster so that your reaction isn't quite a severe as far as amino acids and enzymes go I honestly have no idea of the difference since it doesn't say on the bottom what it is I just know it helps some
  9. Well medically speaking I'm not sure but I take them fairly often when i eat away from home and from what I can tell I still react to accidental gluten but in general the syptoms are a bit milder and I feel better a bit faster thought it's not much think the difference between pnemonia and the flu you feel awful during both but the flu is just a little less awful and ends a little sooner. Specifically I take L-Glutamine
  10. ah yes me too i thought the sed rate was from my intestines and my doc said it "propably" was but he doesn't know anyting about celicas other then to send off for a blood test.
  11. amazing isn't it! the tips of my tails are no longer nearly see through and the ridges are becomeing less noticible ah now if only my hair will take a cue and start growing back thicker
  12. Opiate Drugs And Celiac

    I have a bit of trouble with opiate mainly because they don't work. I had surgey last year as well, the tried demirol, morphine, viacodan and then finally the only one that worked on me was talwin. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia first and I went through a whole slew of pain killers that never did a thing. I always wondered if it was due to my celiacs that the meds just never quite worked with me.
  13. yes i a few times my ana is always a little off but they said not enough for lupus. I also had a crazy high sed rate but i'm guessing the ana and sed could just be part of celiac disease as well since apparently my doctors have no clue....sigh...my mother does have lupus though but it's not suppose to be hereditary per se
  14. well i currently see my gp, a neurolgist, and a rhemalogist (please forgive spelling there) it finally took me insisting my gp to test for celiac disease to even get that diagnosis other then that they say they have no idea and without swelling it's propably not a blood clot. oh for the record i'm a 27 year old female... it's very frustrating over all since none of my docs know what's going on and i have to rely more on diagnosing my self and the demanding the tests to back it up.