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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. udis = best gluten free bread ever. It actually tastes like real bread. The loafs are small and pathetic but the bread is great.
  2. Label Laws In United States

    http://www.fritolay.com/your-health/products-not-containing-gluten.html The products on listed on this page do not contain gluten but are produced on the same lines that have gluten products. It says that the lines are washed inbetween but there is a chance of small amounts remaining. Frustrating.
  3. Label Laws In United States

    Wow, it sounds like label laws are completely worthless then. Why have wheat be mandatory but other gluten grains not? This makes no sense since it's the gluten in the grains that makes you sick not the grain itself. Is there anything being done to try and get all gluten grains listed as well as any cross contimation issues listed? Really why have label laws if they are not going to do any good? Are laws for allergies such as peanuts the same where the offending allergen can potentially kill you or do peanuts have to be disclosed even if its shared equipment? So how likely is it that lays chips are cross contaminated? What a bummer. Is there any normal brand of potato chips that won't have cross contamination issues? I don't want to go spend 5 bucks for 3 chips at the whole foods store. This basically means that you have to call every single company of every single item you eat. LAME LAME LAME
  4. Oh, I forgot to add that I also have Ulcerative Colits which I had my colon removed 10 years ago. As I was going through the diagnosis for UC they also checked for Celiac pretty thoroughly and at that time 10 years ago I did not have it. All my crappy neuro symptoms came about 1 year ago so I guess I could have had celiac a few years before that but up until 1 year ago I felt great.
  5. My problem is I don't have gastro symptoms so its hard to know if I'm getting gluten or if I have something else going on. All my symptoms are weird so it's just hard to tell what is going on. I'm very careful with the diet. My mom has Celiac so I knew what it was all about before I had to go gluten free. I guess I'm going to cut out restaraunts for awhile and see if that helps. Thanks for the replies
  6. I've read these forums quite a bit and there seems to be quite a few posters on here that say if they get glutened once they can have symptoms that persist for months. I'm not saying it's not true but I'm just wondering how this is even possible since the inflammation is caused by eating gluten, once the body has gotten rid of it shouldn't the immune response go away? I'm just trying to understand the physiological reasons behind months worth of symptoms from one glutening. For those that suffer from prolonged symptoms are they primarily gastro related or other things? The reason I ask is I have been gluten free for 6 months and I still have brain fog, headaches, light sensitivity, neuropathy etc. I feel like I've been very strict with my diet but my one weakness is eating out at lunch. I've picked places that understand Celiac and assure me they know how to deal with cross contamination but who knows, maybe I am still getting gluten somewhere. I want to feel better, tired of not feeling good ever. It would be nice to wake up one morning and not think about why I don't feel good, why I'm tired all the time, why I have pressure in my head, why my night vision sucks and why I see light rays from nearly any light source. THIS DISEASE SUCKS!
  7. Ok, so I basically will eat anything that does not have wheat or other offending grains listed on the label. The only exception to this is if it says also processed in a facility that processes wheat. In that case I stay away. I read in the book Celiac Disease be Dr. Peter Green that basically says due to the new label laws in the United States that you are safe to trust them because they have to disclose wheat on the label. Its a really good book by the way. Every Celiac should read it. Am I incorrect in my thinking? I eat Lays potato chips all the time because there is no wheat listed and it does not say processed in a facility that also processes wheat but I read a post on here that basically said there was no brand of potato chip that was safe due to cross contamination issues. Any help would be appreciated. There is a lot of mis-information out there but it seems like that book would be a good resource because it is written by a doctor who specializes in the disease.
  8. Imported Msg

    I like to eat Thai Food a lot because it generally is gluten free. I was told that MSG made in the states is made from Sugarbeets and is ok for Celiacs but I was told that MSG imported from other countries (like the MSG found in some imported Curry pastes) could contain gluten or be contaminated by gluten. Anyone know anything about this? I will be sad if I can't go to my favorite Thai place anymore because of MSG.
  9. Talk About Being Sensitive.

    I thought that the gluten protein was to big to enter through skin? I could be wrong but I thought the only way to get "glutened" was to actually eat it.
  10. Reviving an old thread. Gluten free now for 6 months. The light fractionization thing is still bugging me. The best way to describe it is when looking at a street lamp or headlights if you squint your eyes you can see many light rays that protrude from the light source. This is normal when you squint but I see these light rays without squinting. I can make them go away by opening my eyes really wide but I can't go around like that all the time. Im not as sensitve to light since gluten free but definately more than normal people are. I have to wear a hat to sporting events such as pro basketball games and college football games because the lighting bothers me. I wonder if this is a brain issue that will take more time to heal or maybe never get better. It sure is annoying. Anyone else out there still with this or something similar?
  11. Muscle Twitching

    Here is the full pdf version of the Gluten sensitivity as a neurological illness http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1737870/
  12. Muscle Twitching

    Hey, I primarily had neurological symptoms. I had this horrible feeling that I'd been drugged that went on for months. I had cloudy thinking and a very strange sensation in the back of my head. My neck also would ratchet when I moved my head up and down. Very weird. I also had muscle twitching, weakness, and cramps. Some weird visual problems to that aren't quite resolved yet. When all this was going on I was also having very bad anxiety and I can tell you for a fact that anxiety can amplify your symptoms 100 times. If you are having bad anxiety it can make your muscle twitching a lot. It did for me. You need to get the anxiety under control to see if that helps the twitching. I can honestly tell you I thought I had a horrible neuro disease but it turned out to be Celiac and bad anxiety. After gluten free for 7 months the anxiety is a lot better. I was on meds for it but I am off now. Try not to worry too much about it. You know you have Celiac and it can cause many many weird symptoms so to me its the most logical cause of your muscle twitching and it's probably exacerbated by the anxiety. Other than the muscle twitching and anxiety are you having any other issues? Motor control? Clumsiness? altered gait when you walk? My muscle twitching is now resolved. I think it took about 3-4 months gluten free for it to go away. I still have some minor muscle cramps primarily when I do sudden movements. It's easy to let your brain wonder and think that there is something else wrong with you. I still have issues with that because I'm not feeling 100 percent yet. I go on the internet, consult lord Google with my symptoms, press a button and whalaa there is a list of 30 more possible illness I may have However, I then try to talk sense into myself because the most logical thing to cause my issues is Celiac. Like Jean'sBrainonGluten says it could take up to 2 years for neuro symptoms to completely resolve. I still have neuropathy in my hands but it has gotten a lot better since going off gluten. I'm hoping in time it will go away completely.
  13. I just read this on my local Celiac disease support website and couldn't believe. According them there are only 1000 people diagnosed with Celiac in Utah and 60,000 in the country. I thought it was being diagnosed a lot more.
  14. Muscle Twitching

    What type of muscle twitching do you have? What part of your body? How bad is your anxiety? When my anxiety was at its worst my muscles were twitching all over the place. Celiac can cause all sort of weird symptoms. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Give it some time, takes some good vitamins and wait it out. It will get better.
  15. Headaches!

    I've been having headaches almost every day as well. Started about a month ago. I've never had dairy issues in the past and I don't get D or gas when I eat it. Is there any test you can do to see if you are casein intolerant(besides going off of it)? If I have an issue with Casein it will really really suck because I love dairy. In my former life Bread was king and Dairy was Queen and since I can't eat bread anymore it would REALLY suck to have to give up Dairy too. What else could cause headaches daily?