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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hiya, I've self-diagnosed myself with a gluten intolerance too, your stomach pains sound just like the ones I've had for the last 5 or so years. They're horrible! Since being off gluten for about a week, it's really noticeable when I get glutened because the stomach pains come back ten times as worse! I'm considering going back on the gluten and getting a celiac blood test done, because at times I definitely feel like a bit of a hypochondriac too and think it might help to get an official diagnosis, even though I know that's what it is. Pretty sure your pains from being glutened will pass in about a day and you feel a lot better =)
  2. So Confused!

    Yeah, it's funny how gluten-free things pop out at you once you start noticing them! I didn't think supermarkets were all that into gluten-free versions of things but I had a quick look at the pasta section just in case and found San Remo do gluten-free spaghetti which I've never seen before. I literally squealed in the aisle! I'm from New Zealand, and although I recognize a few of those brands I'll probably just have to do a bit of trial and error of my own. But I'll be visiting some family in the States in a couple of weeks so lists like that one are really handy - you guys have so much more variety and options!!
  3. So Confused!

    Shirley, thank you! That is so kind =) You sound like you have it sussed! I'm really trying my best, a couple of the more spendy take-out burger and pizza joints here have gluten-free options which is awesome, and luckily my Mum is a great cook and very understanding so we're going to try and cook some gluten-free meals together. I bought a loaf of wheat-free bread the other day made from rice and rye to see what it did, and YES I got that awful stomach blowing up like a balloon feeling too. It's amazing how amplified the symptoms of gluten intolerance are when you've been off of it for even just 5 days! Thankfully I've always loved fruit too so I went and bought a whole bunch the other day and I'm intending to make some gluten-free spaghetti bolognese for dinner tomorrow night - pasta sauce is really vague though - sometimes it just says thickener, or maize thickener - is this ok? Omg I am so glad to hear that Nutella is safe! Yum.
  4. So Confused!

    Aww, crap. You are so right! Here I was thinking rice and veggies with a tiny bit of sauce would be easy on my stomach. This is definitely going to be harder than I thought...! How on earth do you all manage with the ubiquitous presence of gluten??
  5. So Confused!

    Wow, thanks so much you guys, that's really helpful. As you can imagine I've been doing non-stop googling the last few days and have read a few things similar to what you've all said, but to have it confirmed or reiterated helps make it easier to learn. Is there a huge difference between being gluten intolerant and being celiac? I can have milk and yoghurt and cheese etc and be fine, so hopefully I'll be lucky enough to avoid any sort of dairy lactose intolerance developing, but judging from the Chinese food I devoured for lunch I'm beginning to think soy doesn't agree with me too well! I'm not really home all that often so not a big fan of cooking which is definitely making it a little more difficult, although I do enjoy it once I get into it. So I'm thinking I'll just keep with the gluten-free diet for another month or so, see how I feel, and when I'm ready to go see the doc for a celiac blood test I'll start with the gluten again, that way I can also see if I have a significant reaction to it after being off it for a while.
  6. So Confused!

    Hi all =) So I've recently diagnosed myself as having an intolerance to gluten; I randomly came across an article the other day and as I was reading the symptoms a sweep of realization came over me, I always wondered why I got horrible stomach aches after eating anything wheaty and processed like burgers, pizza, pasta, etc. I just thought that's maybe how everybody reacted to food like that! I'm quite tall and have been the same weight of about 115lbs since I was about 16 (I'm 22 now) and all my diet has consisted of since then has been awful processed take-out foods, along with the undesirable after-effects. I've been completely off gluten for about 5 days and really do notice a huge difference like no more stomach pains which is great, but I'm finding it really overwhelming as there is just so much to consider and take in when going gluten free and the whole idea is just so daunting to me. Is there any such thing as only being mildly intolerant, and if so would it mean that I don't have to be as strict? Is it just wheat, barley and rye I should try and avoid - are oats, rice, soy, maize and corn safe? Do most sauces have gluten additives and thickeners in them? Anyway I'm sure I'll come up with more questions but I think that will do for now! Thank you so much for any tips and advice =)