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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So, does that mean that it was ok that I was not eating gluten at the time? Do you think I would still show the antibodies after a couple of weeks?
  2. Sorry, meant Preventive Medicine Dr. The results: Transgluteminase IgA Autoantibodies, result < 4.0 (<4.0 indicates negative) Reticulin IgA autoantibodies, result <1:10, ref range <1:10 Endomyaial IgA, result <1:10, ref range <1:10 Gliadin IgG, result <10, ref range <10.0 Gliadin IgA, result <5.0, ref range <6.0
  3. I went a saw a preventative MD that ran a bunch of tests. One was a saliva test that showed positive gluten. When I saw my endo, I asked her to run a celiac panel but told her I had been gluten-free for 2-3 wks. She sd it would show positive for celiac, if I had it, because antibodies would still be present. Got my results and showed negative. Now, I am doubting reliability of the results and wished I had eaten gluten beforehand. Dont know if I should eat gluten and get retested or just go in for a biopsy. I cant say that I felt bad to begin with and that I feel better since going gluten-free. I tried to get more info on what the saliva test and what it exactly means but havent had much luck. Preventative md just said I am gluten intolerant and shouldnt eat it. Any advice what to do now?
  4. How Do You Normally Feel?

    Well, at least I know I am not crazy. My family can't understand how I seemed fine and now "all of a sudden" I am sick. This whole thing came out of no where. I just went to a preventive/holistic MD and he did a few tests and all of a sudden a bunch of food allergies. I just had a celiac panel done and waiting results. This has been very depressing and wish it was just a bad dream and I would wake up!
  5. I have been gluten-free for a few weeks now. I have been careful not to have any cc, but Im pretty new to this. At the same time finding out about my food allergies, my thryoid was on the low range of normal and my medication was readjusted. Just came off of 4 days D, 1 day no bm, yesterday and today loose stool. I have days, like today, being tired and push myself to be active. Other days I feel just ok. I just had a B12 shot, but didnt notice a difference. I hate feeling sick and I dont know if it is a gluten reaction or something else. I want to feel good again and have the energy I had 6 months ago. Im wondering if Ill ever return to feeling good again and what I need to do to get there. I guess I should have named this: Is the way I feel common? I should add that I feel more fatigued since going gluten-free.
  6. I am new to all of this and live in Macomb. Is there a GI doc you recommend in the area? Im waiting for my results from my celiac panel. Thanks
  7. After being dx, do you just have a gluten-free lifestyle and base your healing on symptoms? Does your MD run any routine bloodwork?
  8. Isn't Washing Enough

    Thanks for your replies, it really gave me clarification.
  9. I have read many posts about replacing utensils, pans, etc. I can understand replacing porous items, but unless something has a deep scratch that prevents it from being cleaned, isn't a thorough washing enough? Has it been shown that gluten can survive that? I dont want to come across the wrong way, but it sounds a little overboard to someone just learning about all this.
  10. Had a saliva test and was gluten positive. I started gluten-free diet immediately (1 1/2 wks ago). I am going to my endo nxt wk and want her to run a celiac panel. How long and how much gluten do I need to eat? It sounds like many do need to eat much to have a reaction. I wouldnt have stopped so suddenly before further testing, but wasnt aware of celiac.
  11. Since Oct, I have steadily put on 15lbs. I have type 1 diabetes, hypothyrodism, and have been gluten-free for week and a half because salvia test was positive for gluten, soy, dairy, eggs. When I found this out, my Dr said thyroid very low, so increased my meds quite a bit. I keep a food log and keep my food intake to 1200-1400 cal a day. I had a metabolic test a couple years ago and to lose weight, I need to consume 1450 cal/day and was told 1200 is ok. I am diligent about exercise (every day of the week). My body is not reacting a bit no matter how I try to change things up. I am extremely depressed about this and borderline eating disorder. Is anyone else going through this, or been there? I could really use some help. Thanks
  12. Is There A Withdrawal Period?

    Does the digestive tract heal 100%? I cant imagine going through these symptoms for 6 months! Also, yesterday I felt pretty good, didnt feel to bloated, gas, etc. So far, I ate the identical foods as yesterday but today have the bloat, gas, etc. This really sucks!
  13. I have been gluten, soy, dairy, and egg free for a week, but I still have a tremendous amount of gas, although definately less smelly . Could this be from the fruits & veggies? I thought the bloating and gas would have decreased. All I have been eating is chicken, fish, fruits, veggies, gluten-free cereal in am
  14. I am so new to this so dont really know, but I have a friend that was following eating for your body type. His type was to eliminate wheat, so he avoided the obvious wheat products, so not totally gluten-free as he did eat spelt bread. He said following it he never felt better in his life. Then, go off track and back to eating wheat and said he went through some rough times and felt like crap for a while until his body got used to it again. Maybe, it's just a shock to her body and if she continued to eat more of it, her body would adjust and symptoms would disappear like my friend.
  15. Thanks for your replies. I am just surprised how lousy I am feeling, but I am trying to act as normal as possible and fight through the fatigue and be active like before. Haven't drank alcohol since the holidays, but might have a few this weekend.