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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have a great nutritionist that I buy my supplements from. I told her that my nails were very weak and she said it's either my iron or calcium levels being low. She suggested a liquid iron called Floravim. It works great and doesn't upset my stomach and I've noticed my nails are stronger and an overall increase in my vitality. I've been gluten free for about three years now and was wondering if any other guys are experiencing fluctuations in their iron? I know that guys don't require as much iron as women and I'm concerned about taking too much. I currently use it twice a week. Any thoughts?
  2. Hey, Does anyone have suggestions for discount supplements? I buy a fair amount of supplements and am looking for a good outlet to possilby reduce my costs. Any suggestions would be appreciated?
  3. So What Do You Do When You Can't Sleep?

    I have horrible sleep habits too. All the suggestions I've read so far have good advice. I find that no flush niacin (2 capsules at bedtime) really helps the brain calm down. Another thing that works good for Anxiety is a probiotic called Primal Defense and Super Critical Holy Basil.
  4. You should try Holy Basil as mentioned in my initial email. It really helps with the stress reaction of anxiety and it has no side effects. I used Paxil as well and it made my stomach upset if I was stressed and made me sweat like crazy. You can get it at the health food stores. Most grocery stores don't sell Holy Basil. Hope this helps and thanks for the tips.
  5. Hello, I've been a Celiac for about a year and a half now. My biggest problems with the disease is anxiety and sleep deprivation. About four months ago I found a herbal remedy called Holy Basil or Tulsi Root. It works great at containing my anxiety and keeping me balanced with no side effects so far. I definately recommend it to those with similar problems. However, I still have my hang ups with sleep. I get into sleep ruts from time to time and it often brings back the memories of being really sick pre diagnosis. Does anyone have any recommendations for relaxation techniques to quiet the mind or even a good sleep medicine that doesn't leave them feeling like a bag sh*$ in the morning? thanks for your time, Bd
  6. Alcohol And Sleep

    I have a group of friends that like to get together and have drinks on the weekend. I try not to get carried away but sometimes I enjoy having three to six drinks. However, I've noticed that it effects my sleep. It leaves me on edge for a couple of days. I've had trouble with my sleep since i was having my symptoms of celiacs pre diagnosis. After diagnosis my sleep has improved a bit but still gets frustrating. Just wondering if anyone has noticed this as well.
  7. Hey, I've been Gluten Free for over seven months now. It used to bug the hell out of me dealing with the changes associated with the diet. I became very sensitive to all walks of my life. I've had some positive changes in my life recently that have helped me cope. I do still get into ruts however (re-occuring symptoms, tension, sleeplessness). Would anyone share their coping strategies with me. I'd like to hear some different perspectives on lving and dealing with the changes in their lifestyle due to Celiacs.
  8. Did anyone else experience hair loss / scalp problems as a result of Celiac Disease? It's not falling out so much anymore but it's not really growing in leaps in bounds either. I've been on the recovery trail for just over six months now and I'm still experiencing dry scalp and limp hair. Just wondering if anyone has any treatment ideas / supplements that helped or if anyone lost hair and had it come back?
  9. I take a B6 Supplement with a highly bioavailable whey protein and it has done wonders for me. It really helped improve my mood and ensure that I get my protein requirements for the day. I also take a multivitamin, b12 and omega's.
  10. Does anyone else have dry skin as a result of being on the diet. It took nearly three years for my diagnosis and I used to have horrible skin as a result, especially on my scalp. Since being on the diet, it got better but I notice that when I over-exert myself that it gets agitated again. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me clear this issue up?
  11. Sleep And Symptoms

    I developed some horrible sleep habits when I was sick and the doctors didn't know why. I've been gluten-free for close to six months now and on nights I have trouble falling asleep, I get restless and agitated, which leads to bad memories of being sick. I've done some meditating to help me cope. Does anyone else have some advice to getting over these painfull memories that effect my ability to relax.
  12. Gf Beer

    It cost me 19 bucks for a six pack too. It's as good as it gets for gluten free though, so I just put up with the cost. I spend less time at bars and pubs now too, so I justify the savings there on the beer.
  13. Well it started with low ferratin and then elevated liver enzymes. I talked to my nutritionist and she told me they didn't know about the correlation between elevated liver function and celiacs until recently. Don't fret though, because my liver functions improved with the diet and exercise. My stool has improved color and consistancy ( I still get some symptoms because of celiacs, but that is expected). I"ve recently tried milk thistle as well as this is thought to be good at detoxifying the liver and improving function. Might want to look into that in your area. Hope this helps.
  14. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to deal with depressing states during recovery? I have been officially Celiac for four months now and have had my first bout of depression since my diagnosis. I get really paranoid about my symptoms and restless at night. I have had some liver disfunction as well and haven't responded well to medications like effexor and prozac. Does anyone have good remedies to get them through the tough spots.
  15. For an iron supplement I take Pallafer. It is designed to limit stomach upset. For my digestive health, I take omega fatty acids, b-vitamins complex and L-Glutamine (which is really good at healing the intestines and muscle recovery). I've dabbled in meditation for the tough times and just recently started using a Magnesium Chelate to help me relax and get more sleep.