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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. my son needs a treat for his halloween party and its supposed to be healthy but still a treat. So i was hoping someone would have an idea and a recipe. i love to cook so i would like it better if i could bake the treat instead of buy it. thanks for any ideas syn
  2. so i made cookies twice now and followed the recipes exactly but both recipes ended up spreading out a lot so they where very thin and crispy. they tasted great though. my husband ate them all. so when i went to get one there was nothing left. the ones i made tonight where even better. but still much to flat. so anybody know what i am doing wrong? (other then eating to many cookies)
  3. Feeling Pissy

    hey so being younger i have a quick thing to say. she probably thought she was being responable by bring her own food. and she may have felt funny using your food. you could try letting her know that when shes there it would be better if she let you either do the cooking or by the food less of course she would be willing to learn about your disease. i saw this but i got pretty pissed with my sister when she let all of our kids have gluten filled snacks around a table i was baking gluten free food for my husband. i kicked the kids out and told her that if even a crumb was to get into my husbands food he would hurt and be very grumpy. lukkely i was only out of the kitchen a minuet. and no i haven't read the whole thing here cause i'm in a hurry. so if i missed something like her having a bad aditued sorry. cause in that case i would tell her to go home use her own hydro.
  4. Rice With Taste

    thank you everybody for all your suggestion. they where just what i was looking for. it just that u can buy rice with flavor from all sorts of companies but i really wanted to make it myself. ( and i do have a huge bag of brown rice) now i can make a few so its not always plain with soy sauce. i guess the rice was just getting boring. and we have only just started eating it this last few months:P we eat a lot of potatoes and pasta too. but i hear rice is better for us which is what made me want to give it extra taste. thanks again. your all so very helpful
  5. I would like to make rice with chicken beef or chinese flavor. but i have no idea how. if anyone knows a recipe for these it would be greatly appriacted. any other flavors would be great to we are just getting tired of plan old rice. thanks for your answers everybody
  6. thank you all so very much. Pillares is the main one sold in the store my husband works in for some reason i never even thought to look there even there Kolbassa shows as being safe.
  7. Occasional Insomnia

    well, i don't have celiac (my husband does thats why i'm here) but i do have anxiety and depression. sometimes these will keep me a wake or tossing and turning all night. so i talk to the pharmisist who said to take benadrill. this would sometime make me more tired so i coulsn't stay awake but mostly it help me by helping my mind to shut down so i could sleep. i'm not sure if you can take it or not though. i do know that i was told it wasn't addictive and wouldn't hurt me so i could take it only ass needed. i have learned not to play any games just before bed though cause they can cause a restless night. and then there is meditating which can help clear your mind and relax your body. you just lay still focus on your breathing and then say something like ' my toes are going to relax, my toes are relaxing my toes are relaxed" and work up your whole body and finaly last of all you tell your mind. this might help i know it can help me but its not due to something i ate so i can't promise anything. I use to tell myself not to worry about it if i lay still at least my body is able to relax.( sometimes this was all it took) anyway best of luck with this i know its a real pain
  8. so i'm such a blond... actually i guess i am. but the whole reason i didn't by the pudding mix stuff was because on one site it said people with celiac could react to tartrazine. then i found on this site that it is incat a safe ingredent however it is one that a lot of people will react to with hives and such so i guess for some it would be one to be aware of. the good thing is it has to be listed because. thank you anyway though. i will actually be using the jello mix on because its just plain good to know that others can use it safely.
  9. thank you that was a big help i haven't looked at jello yet.
  10. hello i was wondering if anyone knews of a vanilla cook & serve pudding and pie filling mix that is gluten free. i only saw one today and it cantained tartrazine( spelling may be a bit mixed up on that) which i read can cause reactions. i have a recipe for a pudding parfait and of course this is the main ingredient. i would need one that is sold in canada. i'm pregnant and i grave all the things my husband can't have so trying to find ways to make the things i want in a way that is safe for him( it just wouldn't be right for me to eat infront of him if he can't have it to) thank you all for any suggestions you can come up with Synthia
  11. Thank you both for your help.
  12. Hi My husband was just told he has a gluten sensitivity. Which I guess means no more burger king. Anyways I was hoping someone could tell us the names of a company that sells gluten free hotdogs, sandwich meats or sausages also be great if we could fine a pepperoni so he can still have pizza. Any help with any food would be good. We read all labels and anything we recognize as gluten we don't buy but there are all sorts of crazy words that mean nothing to me. and last question does anyone know a bread recipe that is as close to the same bread he use to eat as possible. oh and forgot to say i'm in ontario Canada. since this could make a huge diffrence.