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  1. Do any of you have experienced both constipation AND diarrhea? I personally have been alternating with one or the other and experiencing unexplained bouts of weight gain and weight loss...constantly yoyo-ing! without really finding a connection....
  2. Hello friends! I have been doing a 10 day cleanse (eating nothing but brown rice and raw fruits and vegetables along with cleansing herbs and morning enema) and surprisingly all my symptoms started disappearing! A friend informed me about celiac and I started suspecting that this is what I have. I started feeling so good that I was afraid to reintroduce other foods in my diet. So I started slowly, adding 1 new food each day testing for allergies. Turns out I do not tolerate dairy except certain hard cheese and yogourt (which I already new) and gluten along with a food additive called carageenan. I have now been on a gluten-free diet for a month and keep seeing improvement. I told my doctor and he said to stay on a gluten-free diet, see how I feel and when I am ready, we can do a "Gluten Challenge". How does one prepares for that? Is the longer you stay on a gluten-free diet the better? (how long is best?) Is the Gluten Challenge done at home? (how long does it last?) Do you have to get tests and biopsy before and after the Gluten Challenge? I am nervous when seeing a Doc. and forgot about asking all these questions! Thank you! I am new to this and I am finding a lot of helpful info on this site!