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  1. Thanks for that. Went gluten-free anyway after home celiac test was negative and feel remarkably much better.
  2. This vaginal/gut link is a really interesting thread and a real ahah! moment for me. I have been telling my doc I was SURE there was a link and he poohpoohed it. I'm not Gluten-Free yet and it makes everything swell for me (swell as in become engorged not the good swell!) As soon as my gut kicks off, so do my lady bits! So looking forward to the Gluten-Free experiement to see if I'm right.
  3. Hi folks, I would much appreciate your opinion about my symptoms. I am scheduled for proper test but am stll in the scray, not knowing time. Here goes. Worsening indigestion and nausea for about 7 weeks. Feel a bit better if I leave out the gluten (know I mustn't before test). Crazy, inappropriate hunger and bad nause both at the same time. Imrpoves when I eat. Burning and tingling in toes. Feeling of food sitting in esophogus. Might be h pylori infection? Might be coeliacs? Also muscle/joint pain not resolving over last year. Osteoparosis because of coelacis? Thanks everyone. It's comforting to read of your experiences and I would value your opinions of my situation.