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  1. I'm learning that anything is possible. You probably would have to have the paste tested to know for sure what's in it as some of the old wallpaper pastes were made with corn starch instead of wheat flour.
  2. I'm new here so I can't be of much help I'm afraid. I'm trying to figure out if I have celiac disease or some form of other gluten intolerance issue. I see a gastroenterologist week after next. All that said, I have trigeminal neuralgia that first appeared several years ago so I see a neurologist. I usually take an anti-seizure medication that calms the nerve though I'm on a drug holiday at the moment. Because of my age and the symptoms, I've had brain MRI four times looking for MS but so far, nothing to indicate MS. Minor lesions that are older but no new ones. When I first read that celiac disease can lead to nerve damage, I was stunned. I'm on the gluten-free diet, and it really does seem to be helping. I just saw my neurologist and he's really interested in seeing how I do on the diet. Can our nerves repair themselves just by changing our diet to gluten-free? I am hoping the answer is yes.
  3. I called the doctors office, said I had been on a gluten-free diet for several weeks, and asked if I should stop eating the gluten-free diet prior to my first visit. I was told "the doctor can not advise you without seeing you." My primary physician had said to stay on the diet if it was making me feel better and see what happens. At this point, I'll just wait. Worst that happens it is delays blood work while I go off the diet later. Meanwhile, I think I crossed gluten last night and pretty sure I know what the source was.
  4. Hello, Another newbie here trying to figure out what's wrong. I started a gluten-free diet several weeks ago and feel much much better. My primary physician has sent me a referral to a Gastroenterologist. Are there specific questions/subjects I should raise with him? I think I feel a little overwhelmed and don't know where to start. I could spend an hour just telling him what's been going on - and I know that time is not available when it comes to seeing a doctor. Thank you for your assistance. Susie PS I've been reading the board for several weeks now and just want to say how very much I really appreciate everything that everyone has posted and shared here. Background information - (edited) Family history Paternal Uncle - since child hood, can't eat wheat - but I don't know if it's celiac disease Maternal Grandmother - rheumatoid arthritis Maternal Aunt - juvenile diabetes A few days in to the gluten-free diet, I went for my annual physical. Told my doctor I was trying the gluten-free diet - she said based on my symptoms (diarrhea) it sounded like I had IBS - but she ordered the Anti-Gliadin IgG Ab which came back normal (<3). At the time, I was under the impression she was running a complete celiac panel, but apparently she didn't. I showed her a rash I have on my arm that doesn't seem to go away (2 months now and counting). She said it was Ringworm, and prescribed an anti-fungal cream. Within four days of using the cream, small blisters and an almost orange peel like texture crept over the area. I have an appointment next week with a Dermatologist. fwiw, the rash is very similar looking to skyyblues posted here in this thread (see photo# 100_2811): http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/lofivers...php/t57386.html I've got a host of other weird symptoms and problems which I have no idea if they are connected or if everything just breaks down when you turn 50. Trigeminal neuralgia, eye cysts, vertigo, joint pain, TMJ, jaw infection/root canal, all in the last year.
  5. Hello, Just today, I came across information that as of January 2009, Xanax from Pfizer has gluten in it. Reference: Table 2. Pfizer U.S. Pharmaceutical Products That Contain Gluten as an Ingredient Xanax