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  1. Cathey and Deb, I have the same problems exactly with my ears, I also have these in my nose. I was diagnosed several years ago, but this is a recent problem. I also have the weepy, itchy blisters on my knees, elbows, shoulders and occasionally on my face. The only way they will go away is to eat gluton-free. Occasionally when they are severe, my Dr. will give me a scrip for Dapsone. He's very stingy with it. I guess it can ca use more problems. Good Luck Carlena
  2. Hi, It was great to find this forum. I was diagosed 4 years ago, but hve been dretty much on my own. Does anyone know whaat kinds of peanut butter we celiacs can eat? I read the other day that we could have Jif , but when dI checked the label I noticed that it has hyddrogenated oil in it. I was under the impression that we couldn't have that. Could someone help me. Thanks so much. Carlena