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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had my thyroid removed in February 2009, and I have just had a personal experience with using Synthroid. After taking the 112 mcg dosage for 2 weeks, I started having progressively worsening intestinal cramping. At first, I thought it was a virus, but since it lasted much longer and I had no other virus-type symptoms, I narrowed the problem down to being the last thing I changed in my diet---that is, when I began taking Synthroid PINK-colored 112 tablets! My husband and I did some research and found out that these 112 mcg tablets contain Red Dye No. 27 Lake, which is not gluten-free. This is what the manufacturer uses to color their tablets PINK. Although we have no chemical proof of our findings, the intestinal cramping stopped immediately when I stopped using the Synthroid brand. I switched to using Levoxyl's 112 mcg pill, which Monarch industries guarantees IS gluten-free. My husband spoke directly to an Abbott representative, and they STILL WILL NOT guarantee that their Synthroid brand of 112 mcg tablets is gluten-free. A couple of days later, an Abbott representative called my husband back and asked if he would be willing to give them details of my adverse reaction to using their Synthroid product so that they would have an official report for the company. Perhaps this is a requirement of the FDA whenever someone has a reaction. My advice for any Celiac with a very sensitive and reactive colon is to NOT use Synthroid brand of PINK 112 mcg tablets. (Note: Other dosages they manufacturer do not contain any red dye so they might be okay.) Hope this information helps others.