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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dapsone

    I normally take 50mg a day. Sometimes less sometimes more but an average of 50mg. I have not had any blood tests at all and have been taking it for about 5 months. I have considered getting blood tests but never got round to it as I work up to 70 hours some weeks. I should really get some tests. I am gluten free but still seem to get some itching once in a while even when I have only eaten food items that I know to be gluten free. I honestly think half of it could be in my head and dapsone these days is a placebo. As they say the mind is a very powerful thing. Interesting you mentioned the alcohol and mood problems. I went out drinking last night and I have been feeling moody/depressed all day. Could be down to the fact my skin is itching due to my yeast allergy. Drives me f**king mental all the food allergies I have, I just wish I could eat and do what I want just like 99% of other people out there.
  2. A Yorkshire Girl Says Hello!

    Hi, I am in Yorkshire too. Tesco is the best supermarket I have found for Gluten Free foods. I have multiple food allergies and all own brand tesco products are labeled properly (has an allergy section on the pack).
  3. Dapsone

    Weird you mention that, I seem to have been having a similar problem. Out of interest how did you know you had liver problems, from tests or did you become ill?
  4. kabowman, thanks for the info. As we both have very similar allergies can you give me a basic idea of what you eat. I would really appreciate it. Just struggling at the moment for ideas.
  5. Thanks KaitiUSA, I was only kind of half aware about the oats. For some reason I thought they did contain gluten but was not the same kind so I thought some people could tolerate it but a friend tells me that oats just have a lot less gluten which is why a select few can tolerate it. I had also heard the same about dairy but to be honest I don't really like having milk anyway so not that bothered. tarnalberry, alcohol is a big thing for me. I am not that confident when I am out and about and the alcohol relaxes me a lot so that I have a much better time. Really, it is amazing how much crap is on the internet. I knew gluten couldn't get through the distillation process from a post I read on this forum and other research which is why I always drank vodka, whisky or wine but I thought the yeast would be a problem from stuff I read. I will have to check in to that one but it will be great if it is still ok to drink. Thanks for all your messages.
  6. I have just had an allergy test and I am deeply saddened by the results. I just can't catch a break these days. It seems I am allergic to not only Gluten (as if that diet isn't hard enough) but also Wheat, Oats, Yeast, Soy, Dairy. I went gluten free for about 3 or 4 months and I was coping but in the end I just gave up as I wasn't 100% sure if I was allergic. Now that I have the results back there is a reason I lost so much weight. I am just so depressed right now. A gluten free diet is extremely hard and pretty much takes a lot of effort especially if I plan to go out for dinner. To top it all off I now also have to avoid yeast so no more Alcohol, not even vodka or wine which is bad enough but I am only 24 and enjoy going out. I don't care about the dairy since I have been avoiding as a choice anyway. So f**ked off right now.
  7. Dermatitis Herpetiformis

    Hi. I am still pretty new to this but you can eat a lot of brands of chocolate, you just need to be careful. People like Nestle and Cadburys list on the products and websites if they contain things like gluten, soy, nuts etc. Another thing you need to be careful of is snack sized chocolate. I have found a few times the normal version is fine but a snack size is not. Check out: http://www.celiac.com/cgi-bin/webc.cgi/st_...-33104374558.f1 I have been gluten free for a few months and to be honest it is a pain in the ass but once you get used to it, it isn't too hard barring eating out. The one thing I would suggest to you is research lots. You would be amazed at the things which contain gluten. Things which caught me out in the beginning were things like soda gun coke in certain bars (syrup contained wheat), sausages, chips coated in flour to stop them sticking together and even a wooden spoon which had previously been used for regular pasta as it is porous. I don't bother with gluten-free bread at all. 95% of it tastes like crap and at the end of the day nothing will truly replace bread. I buy 100% corn crackers or corn wraps to make a kind of sandwich and it is great. Companies often list what products have gluten in them on their websites or a quick call to them confirms it. If I am not 100% sure it is gluten free I don't eat it. My diet started off quite basic and is now becoming half decent. I would however kill for a bacon sandwich in white bread with brown sauce
  8. Vodka

    From what I understand all vodkas are gluten free due to the distillation process even if made from a gluten containing grain. The only time you would have problems is if something is added afterwards. I used to think that vodka made from grain was causing me problems. It was actually the bar coke from the soda gun. Still not worked out which bar it is that has gluten in the syrup for the coke Smirnoff is corn based if you are worried.
  9. That is weird FreyaUSA, my mother is also a nutritionist and don't worry, I am not offended as I didn't write them. The only one I truly follow is the fruit on an empty stomach. The rest of the time I take digestive enzymes to help boost my own bodies digestion. Tom some of the rules make common sense, I didn't provide any scientific proof, merely some guidelines. I don't agree with them all, some are going a little too far but were added for reference. What you have to understand is that modern diet bares little resemblance to years ago. Our bodies have adapted quite well but things we do in modern society hinder digestion. Even something as simple as drinking whilst eating dilutes the stomach acid so of course slows digestion. The reason food combining is a good idea for someone with celiac is it helps you gain maximum amount of benefit from your food. The better your food is digested the more benefit you gain from it. People have clearly stated on this thread that forms of food combining helped them. If you believe it is pseudo-science then that is fine but I was merely trying to be helpful and provide information. I am not quite sure why you believe what I posted does not deserve to be on this forum, clearly people were talking about it so why shouldn't I post something which may satisfy the curiosity of the people who read this who don't know about food combining.
  10. Christmas Staff Dinner

    Hope it goes well for you. I had my company Christmas dinner last night. What a farce that was. I had pre ordered a gluten free meal about a month or so in advance. Everyone had set seating so they knew where I was sitting. They brought out the soup and I had specifically said no to it due to the contents of the stock. The waitress proceeded to try giving me the soup and before I could say no she actually spilt it on me! It was very hot and burnt me quite nicely. It was obviously a mistake and these things happen so I was very nice about it. They were probably thinking I would sue so were been very helpful. They paid for me to get a taxi home to change. I was quite drunk as was everyone whilst I waited for my main meal (everyone had eaten by now) and when it arrived I just started eating as it was 22.00 by this point. To my horror I realised they had not given me the gluten free version I had requested but in fact a normal meal. Been drunk I had not noticed until a few mouthfuls later. I was pretty disgusted with this from a place as prestigious as the Hilton. Pretty poor organisation. I am now suffering today from both minor burns and been glutened!
  11. I think it is pretty much based on science. Modern diet bares little resemblance to years and years ago. Have you ever noticed when you eat certain foods you feel full for ages or can taste the food when you burp. Your body can digest certain foods much more quickly than others. If you eat say meat and veg it will be dealt with quickly, if you eat meat and potatoes it will take much longer to digest which is why after meals like that you tend to feel tired. Below is what is the believed rules but to follow it would require the willpower of a monk so it would be best to loosely follow: Avoid eating carbohydrates with acid fruits: This combination may neutralize your enzymes causing your food to putrefy. Avoid eating concentrated proteins with concentrated carbohydrates Remember the pizza? How it made you feel? Especially when you were tired? Do not consume two concentrated proteins at the same meal Two concentrated proteins of different character and composition (such as nuts and cheese) should not be combined. Gastric acidity, type, strength, and timing of secretions for various proteins is not uniform. Since concentrated protein is more difficult to digest than other food elements, incompatible combinations of two different concentrated proteins should be avoided. Do not consume fats with proteins Our need for concentrated fat is small and most protein foods already contain a good deal of fat. Fat has an inhibiting effect on digestive secretions and lessens the amount and activity of pepsin and hydrochloric acid necessary for the digestion of protein. Fat may lower the entire digestive tone more than 50%. Use fats sparingly Fats inhibit the secretion of gastric juice. Except with avocado, fats used with starch delay the passage of the starch from the stomach into the intestine. When fats such as avocados or nuts are eaten with raw green vegetables, their inhibiting effect on gastric secretion is counteracted and digestion proceeds normally. Do not eat acid fruits with proteins Citrus, tomatoes, pineapple, strawberries, and other acid fruits should not be eaten with nuts, cheese, eggs or meat. If you are ill, avoid acid fruits especially in juice form - but lemons and limes are always a great addition due to their enzyme content. Do not combine sweet fruits with proteins, starches, or acid fruits The sugars in sweet fruit should be free to leave the stomach within twenty minutes, and are apt to ferment if digestion is delayed by mixing with other foods. Sugar-starch combinations cause additional problems. When sugar is taken the mouth quickly fills with saliva, but no ptyalin is present. Ptyalin is essential for starch digestion. If starch is disguised by sugar, honey, molasses, or sweet fruit, digestion is impaired. Fermentation is inevitable if sugars of any kind are delayed in the stomach by the digestion of starch, protein, or acid fruit. Sugar also has a marked inhibiting effect on the flow of gastric juices. Eat only one concentrated starch at a meal This rule is more important as a means of avoiding overeating starches than avoiding a bad combination. Slightly starchy vegetables may be combined with more starchy vegetables such as carrots and potatoes, but not with combination foods such as grains and legumes. Acid fruits may be used with subacid fruits This combination is best made with less sweet subacid fruits. Never use acid fruits with sweet fruits. Tomatoes should not be combined with subacid fruit nor with any other kind of fruit. They are best combined with a salad meal at which no starches are served. Subacid fruits may be used with sweet fruits It is best to use the sweeter varieties of subacid fruits when making this combination. For people with poor digestion, bananas are best eaten alone. For others, bananas combine fairly well with dates, raisins, grapes, and other sweet fruit, and with green leafy vegetables such as lettuce and celery. Dried sweet fruits should be used sparingly, because the sugar concentration is naturally greater. It is best to have these fruits at a fruit meal combined with a salad of lettuce and celery. Combine fruit only with lettuce and celery These uncooked vegetables with a fruit meal may even enhance digestion of the fruit. Salads combine very well with proteins or starches Non starchy vegetables may be combined with proteins or starch. The green leafy vegetables combine very well with most other foods, and should form the major part of one's daily diet. Through the week, use as wide a variety of vegetables as possible. Lettuce and other green and non-starchy vegetables leave the stomach with little change. They pass through the stomach rapidly unless delayed by oily dressing or foods that require a more thorough gastric digestion. Do not consume melons with any other foods Many people who have complained that melons did not agree with them have no trouble when eating only melons at a meal. Melons are more than 90% liquid and leave the stomach quickly if not delayed and fermented by combining with other foods. Avoid over ripe fruit, this may cause digestive disturbances. Hope this helps
  12. The best Digestive Enzymes I have used are Brands like Solgar. Much better than any of the ones that have things like papaya and ginger etc. You can certainly tell the difference after a big meal.
  13. You need to have consumed them within the last 6 months though otherwise it will not show in the blood test.
  14. Alcohol

    Hi. Most vodkas are fine but if you want to be super cautious then Smirnoff is corn based. Occasionally some hard alcohols have something added after the distillation process which makes them unsafe but there are only a few like that.
  15. I am from Yorkshire in England and I live in the countryside part.