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  1. Steak And Shake?

    Thank you! I will put Steak and Shake on our list...I'll report back if we end up trying it!
  2. Steak And Shake?

    Can anyone provide any thoughts on whether Steak and Shake's gluten free menu is something that is a wise choice? I am on a cross-country roadtrip; I am non-Celiac gluten insensitive, and am pretty sensitive. I am worried about error rate and cross-contamination, but can't find many reviews online of the gluten free menu. It would be nice to add Steak and Shake to the list of emergency options when our Triumph Dining suggestions or other options fall through or when we are in areas that don't have many choices. Thanks much!
  3. Traveling With Allergies

    My husband and I used the cards from this site when we traveled to Italy. They have A LOT of languages, and they're free (although a donation is requested). We printed off 15 or so for our 15 day trip (which was good, because they kept disappearing or getting lost in our various bags). http://www.celiactravel.com/cards/
  4. My husband and I are in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and perhaps Luxembourg in early summer (late May or early June). Our initial plan is to start in Vienna and generally work our way west to Zurich or Bern. We would definitely hit Vienna, Saltzburg, Munich, and the Black Forest, someplace in Switzerland off the top of our heads. Other possible locales include Luxembourg, Geneva, Nurembourg, and Frankfurt; as I said we are in the very early planning stages and frankly, we will tailor this trip to places I feel I can eat. I am reading about some positive gluten-free experiences and some negative gluten-free experiences here and elsewhere on the internet....as I would expect. I've traveled extensively in England and spent a bit of time in Italy without much difficulty (even without doing much research), but it seems that research will be more important in this area. I'm happy to do it - and come back and post about what I find and what works / doesn't after the trip - but any hints to get me started or to avoid me recreating someone else's wheel would be appreciated. We plan on using German gluten-free cards, as we did in Italy. My husband speaks limited, broken German, but would not be able to explain cross-contamination. I'm sending out emails to the various relevant country-wide celiac societies as well. Thanks much!!!
  5. Gluten Free Dining In Chicago

    You're in GREAT shape - lots of options. Pizza - best pizza in the area is Marcello's Father and Sons. I've eaten gluten-free pizza all over the country, and that is HANDS DOWN my favorite. My husband isn't gluten free and he says this is the best of pizza crust he's ever had. Lots of toppings options. They are not downtown, but they'll deliver to downtown. Edwardo's has gluten-free pizza, but it's only meh. Chicago's Pizza has a deep dish, which was pretty ok, but my understanding is that they have reformulated to be better. Lunch / Fast Food - Roti is quite good - it's kinda like the Chipotle of Mediterranean food. Several locations downtown, but be aware that they do not actually have a list of their gluten-free items in store, so print it off their website before you go. They have gluten-free pita, but charge extra for it. Downtown - PF Chang's downtown Weber Grill has a number of options on their website, and I order from here frequently. Never had any problems. Burger w/ gluten-free bun! Wildfire has a nice menu, it's a steakhouse. They have an excellent burger w/ gluten-free bun, but also a pizza (never tried it) and a bunch of other options. Fogo de Chao is a Brazilian Steakhouse where almost everything is gluten-free, just talk to a manager and they will run you through what isn't. I would suggest avoiding Brazzazz, I've had a terrible experience there. Big Bowl is pan Asian and has a gluten-free menu. The pad thai is ok, and they have stuff that is actually SPICY. Like crazy spicy. Ben Pao - Chinese. This place glutened me badly once via a delivery, but I have never heard anyone else complain. Le Colonial - has a gluten-free menu online, but I have never tried it. There are Uno's Chicago Pizza, but be aware that the downtown locations do not carry the gluten-free menu. Maggiano's If you want to leave downtown, there are a couple fun places worth seeking out farther north in Lincoln Park: Wilde's - bar food primarily, including mac n cheese, burgers, ruebens, etc. Fattoush - Medditerranean - They have revamped the menu since I was here last, but almost everything on the menu is gluten-free (one of the owner's has an anaphylatic reaction to gluten). The people who run it are super nice. Tapas Gitana in Wrigelyville has an extensive gluten-free menu, and their sous chef is gluten-free. She is so sensitive she reacts to distilled grain alcohols, and really knows the food. Geja's Cafe - Fondue in a classic Chicago establishment. Most of the items are gluten-free and they have a list at the front desk. Adobo Grill - Old Town - has a gluten-free menu, but beware the chips (not gluten-free due to shared fryer) Please be careful if you go to Karyn's Cooked - a vegan place that is pretty good, but they have a gluten-free menu that does not acknowledge that anything fried is fried in a shared fryer, and their servers don't know either.
  6. I purchased chia seeds from Bob's Red Mill, not noticing that these are not labeled gluten free and are not made in Bob's gluten free facility. (I was in a hurry and at a new store) The website admits that they are made in the normal facility. I am generally fine with items packaged in a facility shared with wheat products, but almost always react to shared equipment. Does anyone know whether these are shared equipment, or just shared facility? Has anyone eaten these successfully? Normally, I'd just throw them out, but they are super expensive....
  7. Lexington, Ky / Surrounding Area

    My husband and I are traveling to Lexington, KY for a weekend getaway in a week and a half. Can anyone recommend any restaurants? I found the local gluten-free support group's website, which has some suggestions, but I'd love to hear any personal recommendations. We are staying out by the airport / university at a Starwood property, and will be spending at least one day driving around touring whiskey makers, so suggestions for the surrounding areas would also be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Help Dealing With Eating Outside The Home

    I was looking through the rest of the site, and there is a huge post about chain restaurants called "what chains serve gluten free meals nowadays" with lots more info - including some I didn't know about.
  9. Help Dealing With Eating Outside The Home

    I just got back from Disney, and had a great experience. Honestly, Disney does gluten free so well that it makes me wonder why so many others can't get it right. There is information on their website with what places (sit down and fast service) have which gluten-free foods. However, I would highly recommend talking to a manager at each place you eat. In most of the cases, the managers (A) got excited to help me and ( put my order into the computer themselves to be sure it was right. It didn't take long to find them either - we just flagged down a cast member and asked for a manager. We also stayed near, but not at, Disney and didn't have the meal plan. In the close vacinity, there was: Uno's Chicago Grill (pretty decent gluten-free menu, with pizza that I really like), a Qdoba (their website has a list of items that have wheat or might have wheat), a Chili's (their website has guide for allergy suffers), and a Carrabas (they have a gluten-free menu available at the restaurant, it's pretty limited, and does not include pasta, but the food was very good). There is a Whole Foods in downtown Orlando, and a natural / health food store called Chamberlain's that we shopped at for snacks. For your trip, consider the following chain restaurants that have gluten-free menu / lists for your drive: Wendy's (on their website) Maggiano's (ask to talk to a manager, they have gluten-free pasta) Carabbas (gluten-free menu at restaurant) Chili's (see website for list of possible items, and follow that) Outback (gluten-free menu - haven't been here, but I've heard good things) Chipoltle (you can eat anything other than the flour tortillas - I usually just get a burrito bowl, but see the website for more info. I recommend asking them to change their gloves and for a single person to follow your meal all the way down the line) Qdoba (Allergy info on website, ask for staff to change their gloves) PF Chang's (gluten-free menu that has recently been expanded and is awesome) PeiWei (limited gluten-free menu) Uno (gluten-free menu at restaurant) Honestly, I don't usually choose to eat places without gluten-free menus or published information because I've had some real disasters, and it makes me more anxious than its worth, in my personal opinion. However, you can purchase menu cards that give a simple explanation of gluten intolerance / celiac / cross contamination that you can have servers take back to their chefs. Otherwise, you need to ask a lot of questions - marinades, dressings, etc. I'm not very good at this. I have had good luck with sushi, so long as I stay away from any and all sauces and fake crab (ie your standard California rolls). Just be aware that most soy sauce has wheat in it so bring your own tamari. Oh, and I absolutely tell EVERY place that I have a "severe allergy to gluten, which is wheat, barley, and rye." I don't usually explain about cross-contamination, but that might well be why I have had such a streak of bad experiences with places without gluten-free menus lately!
  10. Travel To New Haven, Ct Area

    Katie, Thanks very much for your help. I have had an excellent week here in New Haven. I had good luck with Claire's (which I now wish was also in Chicago), Bell Amici in Guilford (tortellini!!!), and the Omni hotel, which marked up a room service menu for me.
  11. August, Ga Busines Travel

    I will be traveling to August, GA in mid-March for business; I would appreciate restaurant recommendations. Thank you very much. I travel extensively for business, and the suggestions I receive from the users of this forum have made my recent trips much more enjoyable.
  12. I will be taking a half pleasure, half business trip to Orlando (pleasure, including Walt Disney World, but not staying in a Disney hotel) and Deland Florida. Can anyone make any non-Disney suggestions for places to eat? It seems that Disney has been extensively covered on this site and I'm not particularly worried about that. Thank you very much. I travel extensively for business, and the suggestions from the users of this site have made my trips much more enjoyable!
  13. Travel To New Haven, Ct Area

    I am headed to North Haven in two weeks for business, which is apparently very close to New Haven. Does anyone have any restaurant suggestions for New Haven, North Haven, or anywhere close? The only success I've had online is an Outback in North Haven.
  14. Travel To North Haven, Ct

    I am traveling to North Haven, CT for work in two weeks. I would appreciate any suggestions for gluten-free friendly restaurants (I eat anything and everything, and would appreicate recommendations to both fancy places - for biz meals - and faster alternatives or places with take-out). Also, I would be open to local prepared gluten-free entree providers.
  15. Restaurants In Boulder, Co

    I ended up going back to Boulder this week, and made it to Turley's and Laudisio. Laudisio was frankly amazing - I had the baked polenta dish and I have GOT to figure out how to make that at home. The gluten-free menu is huge. My non-gluten-free colleagues were also highly impressed. Turley's was great too - fast and cheap. I was very excited to have a burger (w/ bun) and fries in one meal - something I haven't had since going gluten-free last year. I also gave Beaujo's a second try. It was much better, but the crust was still a bit on the soggy side. Maybe it was the particular toppings.