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  1. I supplement 5 grams of L-Glutamine in the morning and I also use protein powders with added L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine helps to heal the lining of the intestines and also aids in muscle recovery. It is the amino acid that is most abundant and most used by skeletal muscle.
  2. I have used Muscle Milk for a couple of years. I primarily use Vanilla Creme powder. I have also used the Muscle Milk RTD's - especially when traveling. Muscle Milk has worked well for me, though it is a heavy drink. It has a blend of whey (including the harder to digest and less bio-available whey concentrate) and casein proteins. I am not currently using Muscle Milk. I have returned to Nature's Best IsoPure. The IsoPure is easier on my stomach, though it is more expensive. The IsoPure is all whey isolate, though not micro/cross filtered - it is ion exchange whey isolate. I recently used an IsoPure RTD when traveling. Again, it is more expensive than the Muscle Milk RTD, but IMO tasted a lot better and was easier on my stomach. I called Nature's Best and they stated that all of the IsoPure products were gluten free. The IsoPure Mass was what I used to really jump start my weight gain a few years ago.