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  1. I also have both IC and Celiac disease. I was taking Elmiron for about 6 months, until the manufacturer switched the coatings, making Elmiron NOT gluten free anymore. That was in mid-April 2009. It was during a refill that I finally figured it out. I called the manufacturer and they claimed they couldn't tell me what was in Elmiron, due to "proprietary information." (which is a bunch of crap!!!) Elmiron used to be gluten-free. Anyway, my IC symptoms went away, until September of this year. That's how long it took to undo the repair the Elmiron (when it was gluten-free) had done. Now the lining of my bladder is completely gone! I am in pain all the time. I can't leave the house for long, sometimes not at all. I'm quite depressed. Help!!!! -Beth