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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. There are gluten free wraps by Toufyan in the deli section of my local grocery store (Publix) you could make PB&J wraps or peanut butter, raisins and apples or banana's in the wrap. Of course all lunch meat and cheese as well. There are gluten free breads but they are pricey and I found that for the first 6 months or so none of them tasted close enough to the real thing for me to spend that kind of money. But that was just my experience. I make a lot of peanut butter cookies that do not call for any sort of flour, it makes a big batch and with three kids they will only last a few days, so no waste
  2. Thank you so much each of you for the reassuring advise. I just hated the thought that this may go on forever! Squirm: The derm does seem pretty knowledgable but ever once in awhile he says something that makes me wonder. He said if my rash continues then they will do a biopsy, I have been gluten free almost a year, a biopsy will not show them anything. So that has me concerned. Also my rash is a little different than most I see and hear about on here, and it was actually diagnosed from an allergist and my endo confirmed it. So sometimes when I go to the derm he thinks I am just having a "contact" reacion since I don't always blister. Today I have something going on in the same spots I always react but it looks like phriosis (sp?). rose: do all thyroid meds have iodine in them? I take Synthroid, but I do remember that the one thing my endo said to me as I was leaving his office after my first visit "oh yeah, and don't believe all the iodine talk" I never asked what he meant by that, so maybe my synthroid is doing this to me?
  3. Thanks for all the kind words. I keep telling my family that I have to stop trying all these new recipes for baking or we are going to gain 100 lbs eating junk food that we normally wouldn't eat, lol! My mom will not get tested for Celiac and my brother is about to have a piece of his intestines removed due to severe damage from ulcerative colitis so I keep hoping that if they see how good things can be and realize that when we have these family dinners they are eating gluten free that they take the steps they need to to get theirselves tested.
  4. There has been a Millet Bread deal advertising on this website the last few days, 15% off Deland breads. I just wanted to say that my local health food stores sells this and it is all I eat now. It is great, I prefer the Millet zucchini. You can eat a sandwich on it or eat it plain without toasting it. Nice texture, not gummy, holds up well. I didn't care too much for the millet dinner rolls, I thought they were too dry. And have not tried their cookies.
  5. Bought this in the gluten free section of a Walmart store. Of course not my local Walmart, so when I made it and really liked it I tried to find it at my Walmart...no luck. My local Walmart does not even have a gluten free section. I will be making a special trip to pick up several boxes soon, as it was the best I have tried so far.
  6. I have only been at this since October of 2011, but travel a lot mostly eating out, since i have been gluten free I have been on 4 major trips. I too love when the chef comes to my table to talk to me, what I think bugs me the most about it all is just how much I have to "think" about things, it almost makes my brain hurt I can't tell you how many times I say "I'm just going to hire a personal chef so I don't have to think about this so much.
  7. What's For Breakfast Today?

    Home made bagels with cream cheese.
  8. I just used Cup 4 Cup, I read about it in gluten free living magazine. It was expensive but since I am not planning on making bread with it I figure it will last me a long time. I used it in sweet potato casserol and figured all the other goodies in the recipe probably masked the real tast of gluten free flour, so yesterday I a strawberry, bluberry cobbler from a regular recipe and it was wonderful!!! I have yet to find a gluten free cookie that is a good subsitute so that is going to be my next expierement with the Cup 4 Cup flour. It does contain dry milk though if that is an issue for you.
  9. Where ?

    I don't know if you are still decieding on your trip. But here is what I learned in Aruba. We ate out for all meals and only once did I really have to work hard at asking the right questions so that I could feel comfortable enough that she understood what I was asking. Otherwise everyone had a very good knowlege of Gluten Free and what it meant and what was safe for me. One day though a lot of things were not open and we were starving and decided on a chain since I thought it would be safest, that was the only time I got glutened. Saying all that, I did a lot of research first, and sent emails to anyplace I even thought we might eat at and asked if they could accomidate me and what I could have, I printed those and keep that all in the car in case I needed it. Some places have gluten free menu's online too. The grocery stores really only had your naturally gluten free foods, no real speciality foods, like crackers, or bread, beer or any of that stuff. We took some of that with us, crackers, pepperoni etc. If you have any specific questions please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer. And if you do choose to go and would like to take a great tour let me know.
  10. I could have written that post, except I was not gluten free and I had a full body rash. The allergist ran a TPO (Thyroid Antibody) test and it came back elevated, my T3/T4 and TSH were all within normal. Kicker is TPO was only 60 and anything under 30 is normal, so although I thought it was aweful, that is very low, my son just tested at 427. Gluten free diet helped some symptoms but a lot of them didn't get better, after a little negotation with they Endo he placed me on a very low level of Synthroid and all those symptoms are gone.
  11. Rice Cooker?

    I use broth's as well as diced tomatoes in my rice cooker, it is made by Oyster, a cup or two of rice takes about 10-15 minutes. But it doesn't have a timer.
  12. Thanks for the info, I too have been using the Sensitive Skin and almost bought the Green Tea this time, but whimped out, I will have to give it a try. DH behind the ears is very annoying, especially if you wear glasses...ugh!
  13. You guys are right, I had a moment of gluten insanity and overreacted. I know we are all very differnt and things affect each of us differently. Please accept my opologies if I offended anyone.
  14. Interesting quote, as I have a DH reaction to not only when I ingest gluten but when I use ANY product that contains gluten. I had to change soap, shampoo, condition, hair color, makeup, and lotion, just to name a few. I can tell you without hesitation that after being gluten free for 6 months I used John Freedea straightning spray in my hair and had a reaction, Teressme's last ingredient is Wheat protein, but my whole body broke out when I used the shampoo and conditioner, my eyes have broken out from eye shadow. So no one can tell me that gluten applied to skin doesn't cause a reaction to your skin. I also believed you absorb everything you put on your skin, maybe not enough to cause digestive issues, but it is still absorbed, if it isn't, then why are we advised not to take liquid benedryl AND use it on your skin at the same time because of potential overdoes? How can a soap or makeup claim to clear my redness or acne if it isn't absorbed? Dr. Picco doesn't sound like a dr I would like to visit, another quake that hids behind the name "Mayo Clinic".
  15. Meatloaf

    I use a recipe from a Paleo cookbook that does not have any egg, it does have onion, green and red pepper, and some spices a little tomato paste no filler, but I have used instant potatoes as filler in this recipe as well as meatball recipes.