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  1. I have been eating gluten free for 4 months it has helps when your family is supportive and finding a Celiac group to join is good. I do a lot of info surfing on the net so I can be better informed. I just back from vacation we went ot Calif. for 10 days and traveled to Florida for 6 days. I was very nervous about the trip and what I could eat so I made a lot of list as to what resturants I could eat at and driving to Florida I took cheese, lunch meat and other goodies just in case I couldn't find some place. I only got sick once and all in all it helped to plan ahead. Good luck I still have my days where I feel sorry for myself and want to eat something because I get frustrated but I don't because I can't and I know that my family needs me to be around for a long time. I found a great cook book called "You won't believe it's Gluten-Free" by Roben Ryberg. So if you want onion rings, etc... you can still have them! Aslo Bob's Red Mill has a good pizza crust. We all have bad days but hang in there your not alone! Candy
  2. I have been on a gluten free diet for the last 4 months and before I found out I had Celiac Disease I had no symptons. Now that I have been on this diet I now get stomach pains if I eat anything I'm not suppose to. They say the longer you are on it the more sensitive you become. That seems to be correct in my case. I found a support group to go to and that seems to help me also I spend a lot of time looking up info on the internet. Good Luck Candy
  3. I just got back from a 10 day vacation in Calif. and then I took a 6 day vacation driving to florida. I only got sick one day. We stopped at the resturants I knew what I could get but it took a lot of planning on my part. Since we were driving to Florida we packed a ice chest with cheese and lunch meat and lots of goodies I could eat just in case. Good luck I'm sure it will turn out ok. Candy