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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Feeling scared and awful... We have been gluten free for 18 months (our whole family-- dh, me, and our three kids). Never had a major glutening. Last year, my son ate a wheat cookie that someone gave him, and he was very ill for three weeks. Plus, he has dermatitis herpetiformus And it was so awful! Last time, there was a few days lag before the sickness. Well, he went to a party on Sunday where I had even made the birthday treats for the entire group! And the venue provided wheat cake. UGH! We are dairy free and sugar free, too and there is no telling what was in that cake! He is already super irritable and sleep walking and having stomach pain. I am really scared he will start non-stop vomiting in a day or so as he has done before. It is torture watching him suffer. Of course, I am HATING myself for not being there. I was gone one hour, and I thought I had made good arrangements. Honestly, the party was given by a friend in my inner circle, so a high level of trust. It was just a perfect storm. Just so sad and miserable....
  2. My children and I have celiac disease, and play-doh is such a problem! I love all the cute sets, and so I buy them, and remove the unopened play-doh. It gives my kids rashes, and my 2 yo can get it in her mouth, so I make our play-doh out of rice flour and color it with natural colors. You are so smart to have figured that! You are a detective, for sure.
  3. Hey there! I am interested in any articles or threads or so that you could suggest about why we are so much more sensitive after being gluten free for several months. I have read many books, the most recent of which is "Wheat Belly" where the author suggests possibly most inflammation has healed and then re-exposure triggers a stronger response. I guess I'd like to understand this idea better. It is counter-intuitive to my mother, and many people I know who are like-- "wheat never used to make you and the kids so sick, why now?"
  4. Drinking Alcohol Leg Cramps

    Wow! Thanks for the great replies. Y'all are so knowledgeable. I could have candida issues. Our family is sugar free and mostly grain free (occasional rice or corn). Also I keep things pretty low carb with the exception of beans, which are quite high in molybdenum! So that's great. May I ask if you have a book you recommend that discusses nutritional items like the molybdenum as you mention -- that is intriguing! And I love to read. Thanks again!
  5. So, one of my biggest symptoms has always been severe calf/shin cramps. I try to abstain from drinking 100% but when I do have half to full glass of vino, I get the cramps again. Experiences? Anyone able to drink vino occasionally? I would like to pose as somewhat normal every once in a while! LOL!
  6. In And Out Of Denial -- And You?

    Oh, well, I guess I was paraphrasing. It has been over 10 years, after all. I just remember that he warned me about Celiac based on my genotype, and that I should adopt a gluten-free diet. I can't remember whether he said "you have a diagnosis of celiac." It was and still is incredibly overwhelming. I actually don't have insurance for a battery of tests, especially after thousands spent last year on tick borne illness testing. I guess what I was asking is whether there are those of you whose symptoms are somewhat tolerable when you consume gluten, meaning that it is not incredibly clear cut. There is no doubt whatsoever that I am better on gluten-free than I was previously. It is a disease that doesn't necessarily have horrible symptoms for everyone, but does have incredibly dangerous risks for everyone when gluten is consumed. I guess I am asking to hear from people who are concerned about the risk of permanent damage even though their intestinal symptoms are not as intense as others. Also, I was wondering whether there are others with a symptom portrait similar to my own.
  7. Hey everyone, You will probably think I am crazy when you read this. About 10 or so years ago, Dr. Fine from Enterolab was doing screenings at a mall in Dallas. So I did one to get a free pen or something. Anyway, they contacted me and said I had some genetic markers for gluten sensitivity, which I had never heard of. And I had never really had any health problems, either. So, anyway, they asked me to come in and give a ... stool sample. Yikes! So, I did, and the Dr. called me and said that I have "celiac disease." Again, I had never heard of it. So, I called my mother (a nurse) and told her about all this. She told me it was a disease where "all you can eat is Mexican food." and that I didn't have it because you have to be very, very thin. I have always been slender, but not ultra-skinny or anything. Just the thin side of normal. And, again, no symptoms really. So, I was just like "whatever" and kept right on eating wheat... blissfully! Anyhow, now I do have a lot of problems -- arthritis in my hands and severe, persistent nausea throughout both of my pregnancies that did resolve after the births. Are there any of you out there that don't have SUPER severe symptoms? I have only been gluten-free for two weeks. The acupuncturist told us to do it for my two children who have had severe symptoms. I am motivated to keep our home gluten-free for my kids, but it is almost like I don't believe it for me, even though I am sure my kids got it from me! I know it is crazy. Can anyone relate? I had no trouble getting pregnant, and my pregnancies and births were very healthy and normal (except for insane nausea). Oh, and I didn't have arthritis until a tick bite last year. I have had a lot of antibiotics for that, but it never went away completely. I have peripheral neuropathy, which I try to keep at bay with b complex supplements, and my bones are on the very thin side of thin. Do I really have this disease?
  8. Diagnosed While Breast Feeding

    Hi, I am also struggling with changing everything around. Struggling even with accepting the diagnosis. I am nursing my 2 yo, and I am a LLL Leader. I am actually so glad to be nursing him -- that seems to be the only *right* thing going on in his little gut. Since going gluten-free (the whole family), my little boy finally has normal stools. He had a lot of trouble with sleep in the first few days (detoxing maybe?), but now he is doing better than anyone. As for you, Mama, be sure to take it as easy as you can. I really recommend taking a good omega 3 supplement -- it really helps with inflammation. I think things are just going to get better for us both, and I would just continue to nurse as you have been. My older boy is 6 and we are still finding out what all of his sensitivities are. I nursed him a really long time, and I am so glad for it, because he barely ate any food, and he still gained weight and was wonderfully healthy. Nursing is absolutely the best you can do for your child, especially in this type of situation. Take care! Jean