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  1. My dietitian is a vegan celiac for years. Eat grains and beans and you have your protein. Try new grains like Teff, Millet, Quinoa and and other Gluten free grains. Maybe, you have problems with soy and rice. I had problems and could not eat rice for my first few years. Any dairy can be a problem. By the way Quinoa bars they sell in the streets of Mexico City have more protein than the same size steak. TVP can have wheat but can, also, be all soy so it may be the soy that is giving you trouble like my daughter. She has problems with things like peas, carrots, lettuce, soy among other things. So try new grains and beans for your protein. Christina Priello is a cookbook author and television cook that can give you some ideas. By the way use Quinoa for couscous in recipes. If soy does not bother you use Bragg Liquid Aminos for soy sauce. It tastes like soy sauce and is gluten free and helps with the proteins. Good luck! you can do it. Meat is heavy and hard to digest so that may give you trouble, also.