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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Two Months Trying And Still No Baby...

    Stress can cause your body to flood itself with chemicals and hormones that will make it harder to get pregnant... so as hard as it is- you have to try and not think negatively about not getting pregnant right away. I know, easier said than done. What makes us stress the most is not having complete control over this situation- especially when you want that baby so badly... it's a very emotional process. Try a few things to help yourself feel more in control. First- have you tried any over-the-counter ovulation tests? The kind you pee on, that is... they can be very helpful with finding the days that you are most likely to conceive. ONce you know the 1-2 days they you are most likely to, try to keep a few things in mind (ok, people, this might be TMI for those of you not trying to get pregnant, you can stop reading now... hahaha) The best position for the female to be in is the old-fashion one- the missionary. Flat on your back. Once he finishes, don't move for an hour. I know that might sound crazy, but gravity plays an important role at this point. In fact, putting a pillow under your butt to keep your pelvis above your belly will help "it" to move it's way where it needs to... and on that note, if you aren't familiar with Kegel excersizes, go google it and try it out... that helps everything out a lot as well. Good luck!!
  2. Mexican Resturaunts

    I have had total success at Chipolte Mexican Grille! Let them know you are "allergic" to gluten- they will give you their allergen card. They will change their gloves and wipe down the counters before making your meal. It's excellent!
  3. Cadbury Easter Eggs

    Oo- I have been wondering the same thing...
  4. I have a friend that works at a wine boutique. I asked her if she had any information about what kind of wine is safe for people with Celiac's Disease. Random people, nutritionists, and blogs "guess" that most American wines are "ok" for people with Celiac's Disease. My friend, whom works for a wine boutique, asked the wine specialist that runs the boutique. His information is the most in-depth I have yet to find, which makes me confident in knowing what I can drink. ---From my friend--- I spoke to my colleague this afternoon, Paul LaPenas of Bay State Wines. There is no such thing as gluten-free wine...and I believe him because he wears a bow tie (wink). He's been in the industry 20 plus years. I guess sometimes flour is used to seal off cracks in oak barrels, and when it gets wet it acts like a coagulant, which intensifies during malolactic fermentation. Also barrels can be purchased used, such as whiskey barrels, which contain wheat residue, so you might be getting some of the leftover junk in your system. Also, you have to take into consideration the area where the vines are grown...other substitutes might exist in the soil such as tobacco, coffee, wheat, etc. All wines are made with yeast, so you might want to see an allergist to see if you're allergic. Maybe wines that are more fruity, where the grapes are plucked young, and don't require such an intense fermentation process? You're best bet is unoaked wines, which are age in stainless steel barrels that are sterilized. I have a few suggestions for chardonnay-Tapestry, Kim Crawford, Wishing Tree, and Tohu. Other than that you might want to try some organic or sulfite-free wines like Badger Mountain, Our Daily Red, Ventura, and Bontera -------
  5. Shampoos/nail Polish?

    I am looking for the very same advice- I have stopped using make-up all together because I am trying to figure out what keeps sneaking in... along with make-up- shampoo, soap/face wash, toothpaste and shaving cream are the body products I don't know what to do about... hopefully someone will have some good pointers!