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  1. thats ridiculous! rice snacks should just be rice so that WE can eat them too, not they are adding wheat to make it "healthier", thats just dumb
  2. i bought a gluten-free yeast at my local health food store, just to be on the safe side
  3. i would really like to know too! hopefully someone can help with an answer, i think it would be a handy thing to have because theres so many different names for ingredients out there
  4. i am definately going there to check it out, probably on thursday, because tomorrow is canada day and i will be busy and they are probably closed, but iwill be checking it out as soon as i possibly can! thats nifty
  5. didnt see anyone from Saskatchewan, but i am! straight from saskatoon!
  6. i was just wondering about this myself! nice work on starting the post lol
  7. Hey all, i am new on this forum, i am from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Anyone else from the area? im 22 years old. if your from saskatoon, where do you shop for all your gluten free stuff? anyone thats ready this and not from the area, Hi! i'd like to get to know everyone!
  8. another person with candida! and i have felt like i am the only one for so long, with celiac on top of it! lets be friends lol how have you been feeling lately?