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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Fraud?

    The genetic testing wont tell you if you have celiac, but it will tell you if you have one or both of the two identified genes that cause celiac.
  2. Dealing With Therapist?

    Hello. I have had to deal with this with my therapist. I have a new therapist now than I did when I was diagnosed. It was months for me between the blood tests and the endoscopy so my first therapist got to learn all about celiac as I was learning. It seemed for a while I was talking with everyone about what I was learning as a way to cope. However, my current therapist had to get some crash courses on Celiac from me. Therapists wont know about every medical illness that a client can have. I agree with the others about providing her some written material to read and then provide information about how it impacts you specifically given that it is different for everyone. I would provide the information given how much stuff is out there that does not take us seriously and you don't want her finding that stuff. The first few sessions of therapy are often giving background, and for you this is a major part of your background.
  3. Chicago

    Thank you everyone for your recommendations. It has really helped.
  4. Chicago

    I will be traveling to Chicago with family in 2 weeks. I was wondering if people had recommendations on good Restaurants there. I will be there for 3 days. We will have a car to get around. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Chicago

    I'm meeting up in Chicago with my family. None of us live there. I was wondering if people have suggestions for restaurants there that are good. I will be there for 3 days. Any recommendations would be wonderful. Thx.
  6. 6 Years

    Judy: Smoke salmon. yummy! It is my favorite fish ever. You should try it. CyclingLady: Energy is so awesome. Bartfull: Yes. Sleep is so wonderful!
  7. 6 Years

    I've been gluten free for 6 years this month from the day after I got my diagnosis. It is hard to believe that it has been that long. I knew I needed to go gluten free immediately or I would keep putting it off. I've learned so much. I'm so glad that I am feeling better. I am still emotionally coping with having to give up dairy about 2 months ago but I know I will come to terms with that too after I figure that all out. I am doing so much better after going gluten free. All of the symptoms that had been developing since I was a child and had never been seen as connected to one condition (and some which I didn't even know were not normal as they had been around for so long,) have gone away and pretty much only come up when I get glutened again. Along with this I finally found a GI doc who I like. I was talking with colleagues today about our teenage years and so many things seemed to start about then. The relief from my depression that came with going gluten free which was just getting worse as I got over is like nothing I ever remember experiencing before going gluten free. It was such a relief today thinking back to that time and how much better than that it is now. I can't imagine what it would have gotten to had I not gotten diagnosed then. (And I know that people here have experienced that). The best thing from the diagnosis for me was the relief from my severe depression which had lasted for 12 years without relief. What was the best improvement in symptoms that you had when you went gluten free? Which one are you most happy to have gone?
  8. Acid Reflux Contuinues... Help!

    I found my cat's food was causing me problems. I transferred them over to gluten free food and it helped cut down my gluten cc a lot. Even thought I washed after feeding them and before cooking, they liked to clean themselves after eating and I think that it was then transferring to me and things they moved around to in the house. I also second that it could be a new issue. I recently had to go dairy free because I started having D. But I had been fine for almost 6 years after going gluten free before starting to have (identified) issues with dairy.
  9. Construction Clean Up.

    Thanks everyone. My supervisor went in and wiped everything down and vacuumed. I'm hoping that does the trick. I was in the room for a couple hours the other day and it was okay (whereas before the cleaning I got really sick before the cleaning.) So i'm hoping it is better. I'm just waiting to go into the other office to make sure it has been cleaned. It is complicated because these are the general work spaces that out of office staff (like myself) are able to use. Luckily at the other office there are two rooms and only one got remodeled. I know that all sounds very confusing. Thanks everyone.
  10. I started having intermittent problems with D and it ended up being dairy that was causing problems. I removed that and things got better. Good luck.
  11. Does It Get Better?

    I drive for work too and have to find foods that I can eat while between jobs. I use sting cheese (well used to before having to go dairy free), carrots (i buy baby carrots and throw them into a bag), chips (I find corn chips work best), beef jerky (oberto brand original is gluten free), pepperoni (I just use sliced pizza pepperoni), there are these crackers at Kroger that I get that are gluten free but I don't know if they are nut free (I know they have sesame seeds). I will also buy other prepared vegetables from the store and throw them in a bag together to make a "salad". I hope this helps. Think Thin bars are gluten free (don't know if they are nut free-some definitely are not) and I will eat those. Also applesauce pouches are really easy to eat while driving. It ends up being like drinking applesauce. There are multiple flavors. I hope this helps.
  12. They did construction at work last week. I spent a couple hours in the room where it was done last Friday and then was sooo sick on Friday night. I have asked my supervisor to have everything wiped down and the room vacuumed. While this wasn't at my main site, they are also doing construction at my main site where I work. What else needs to be done to make it safe for me to go back. Luckily I'm not in my work place every day because I work in the field, but I don't want to be sick when I go in to work. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  13. This giving up dairy thing is ending up being so much harder emotionally than giving up gluten was. I'm sure if I was just giving up dairy and could still have gluten it wouldn't be this hard. It is really both of them on top of each other. One of my clients was talking about pizza today and it made me so sad. When I was first diagnosed with celiac I reminded myself it could have been worse, I could have had to give up dairy too as a lot of people do. I don't want to sound like a whiner, but this just SUCKS. Dairy has always been part of my favorite foods.
  14. I didn't actually know about the inflammation in the colon from the first time until my new GI was looking at my records. My new GI mentioned that it was in the same place this time as the first time I got scoped. I moved right after my initial dx so this is really the first time I've done much to follow up medically except for being gluten free as the first GI I was referred to after I moved was awful. And since I was in school didn't have the time or money to deal with trying to find another doctor. Long story short, I haven't taken anything for the inflammation. The GI wasn't sure what was causing it. But I see her again in a couple of weeks. Thanks everyone for the food advice. I will be putting them to use. I did find the earth's balance and have been using it for butter. It has been going well. I also tried the Daiya cheese, but didn't like it very well on pizza more than just a sprinkling.
  15. Need A Laugh?

    "What, flour has wheat in it?"