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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Loosing Weight, Not Good

    I'm having the same problem! I've lost almost 25 lbs. I'm a mere 97 lbs now. Used to be 115 (prior to diagnosis) then fell to 104. Now 97. It sucks because I've always been allergic to dairy, now now gluten, no eggs, no soy. And I'm on a fruit free ALL sugars free diet to kill of Candida. It's SO hard!!!!! Just add as many calories as you can everyday. CALORIES CALORIES CALORIES. Add an extra protein shake a day. Instead of water drink- Juice, dairy free milks, and get a good protein shake mix like Spirtein(it's gluten free/dairy free) or Jay Robb's Egg white protein, or Nutribiotic Rice Protein. They mix great with any juice or dairy free milk or go great in smoothies (come in all sorts of flavors). Also, Nut butters are key! Avocados, adding healthy oils to gluten free baked goods etc. Also, RED MEAT. Buffalo is great, it's higher in calories than beef and has a little less fat. Steak. Lamb. Also, eating lots of good whole carbohydrates as well as protein helps. quinoa, Amaranth, Teff, Buckwheat are all great grains to eat! High in protein and fiber as well as nutrients! Also, if you're excersizing regluarly, STOP! Yoga is okay though, help building muscle mass/tone as you gain weight back. Also, rest ALOT. I'm still working on gaining weight too! Hang in there!
  2. Chocolate!

    I have experienced something similar. I used to eat chocolate 24/7 then went on the gluten-free diet/yf diet for 2 months and now i can't eat it without getting a rash. Why? Because with Celiac when your intestines get damaged from gluten the proteins break this barrier in your intestinal lining- allowing more foods to get through deep into your system without passing through all the proper filtration. This means more reactions from other foods because other foods are getting through this barrier wihtout being filtered through and broken down properly first so that your body can absorb it properly. As your intestines heal though and the barrier builds up again you may be able to eat chocolate again! Til then I like to use Now brand carob powder for my chocolate recipes. It takes some getting used to but I've grown to really like it for my sweet treats.
  3. Wild Dreams

    Oh my goodness I feel your pain! I have these gluten filled nightmares as well! Just the other night I dreamnt I ate a bunch of oatmeal cookies...and I've had a few about my family contaminating my food and me not knowing and stuff like that. No fun.
  4. Problems Digesting Animal Proteins After Biopsy

    Plain with hain sea salt mostly. It depends. Sometimes adding a bit of Eden crushed tomatoes for sauce or some ground mccormick oregano,mustard, or turmeric or fresh herbs like basil or rosemary. Or for lunch meat I eat Organic Prairie Turkey, (gluten free/only sea salt added).
  5. Hello everyone. I was on a primarily gluten-free diet for about a year, then symptoms got bad and i got a blood test and came back borderline for Celiac. Then went gluten-free totally for about 5 months and my doc/parents then decided they wanted to get me an official diagnosis...so I had to eat 4 servings a day of gluten for 2 weeks and now I have a m4 lesion in my small intestine and my insides are all messed up again. I am having troubles digesting anything/hair is falling out. I've noticed that I'm probably lacking protein (plus probably not absorbing a lot of it), but whenever I eat turkey, chicken, beef, fish etc. I get this weird feeling in my stomach, like it's just sitting there and not digesting (or going really slow), and I feel very full for a LONG time and almost "bloated" without the gas. It's also kind of sore feeling, kind of weird hunger achey. Has anyone else who just came off gluten experienced anything similar? I don't even eat that much at one time. It's starting to freak me out. I just want to be able to eat and feel okay!
  6. I know that Dixie has confirmed that their paper products contain trace amounts of gluten. Does anyone know of SAFE paper plates? I have heard multiple people having reactions after microwaving food on paper plates. Is styrofoam safe?
  7. How Much Protein Do We Need?

    Hey there! I work at a health food store with a licensed nutritionist. ** Rule of thumb for protein is to eat half your weight in grams of protein a day. For example a 120 lb person needs 60 grams per day
  8. Hey there! there are some great protein bars that could tie you over or doing like a protein shake for breakfast. I work at our local health food gluten free store and know of TONS of great tasting bars that are definately worth a try. If you have a COSTCO near you I know they sell LARABAR that comes in all kinds of great tasting flavors like cherry, apple, and pecan pie. Also they sell, TRIO nut bars or MRS. MAYS nut clusters are a good choice as well. Jewel Osco sells them as well in the "living harvest" section Also at TRADER JOES sells Organic RAW FOOD BARS that are also very good and high in protein. Also direct from the company Biogensis makes protein bars that are very tasty and CLIF BAR makes a bar called "Builder Bars" that come in a variety of flavors and have 20 grams of whey protein in them. Those are just some options- I know of many more. If you need more ideas just let me know! Also I agree with the previous post, nut butters with rice cakes or gluten-free bread are also good take a long foods (but they may get kind of old pretty fast). Hummus and tortilla chips is also a good option. Melissa
  9. I get severe constipation that mimics my Celiac symptoms the week before and during my period. At first when it started happeneing I didn't know and I became so paranoid I was ingesting gluten in some way. It's funny how hormones control so much in our bodies. Also, if you are on birth control YAZ says not to take with a chronic inflammatory disease (aka celiac). It can cause more inflammation than necessary during that time of month. Upon finding this out, I have recently switched my birth control to NUVARING and have had less problems. Best! Melissa
  10. Anyone With An Eating Disorder?

    Hey There! You are not alone, I was diagnosed with Celiac in January but knew I had it long before, and recently have been diagnosed with acute anorexia and OCD. I've always been a fruit at veggie girl (like yourself), lean meat, fish, and when I bake subbing water for oil. However, when I got diagnosed with Celiac I had to go on the yeast free diet as well to eliminate any bad bacteria overgrowths that may have occured because of the damage. This cut out sugar even. I became so careful about what I put in my mouth that I apparently wasn't putting enough in. Then, since I was no longer bloated and in pain from wheat I got kind of addicted to feeling well. I excersized 2 times a day (lots of cardio) and vowed never to feel badly again. I was so afraid the slightest slip up would make me bloat up and feel horrible again. I wanted to be in control. Then I got so used to eating that way and being paranoid about gluten (only eating anything after my hands were thoroughly washed and not eating anything that anyone else may have put their hands in and touched) that I went from 112 lb 18 year old to 93 lbs. Scary huh? The worst part was I didn't even realize it. Finally when I got home from college for the summer I was feeling 100% better but was a weak little twig with no muscle mass. I took action and have begun to see a psychotherapist to get me over my fear of glutening and diet control. If you are not seeing one already, I highly recommend it, they are very VERY helpful. Since then I have gone from 93lbs to 100lbs and on my way to my goal weight of 112 again. I eat tons of fatty things and have learned to enjoy everything I put in my mouth and not worry so much about getting glutened. My boyfriend's exact words to me were "YAY now you can get nice and fat for me." --hinting that he wants me to have a fuller more vulptuous body like I previously had. I still eat TONS of fruits and veggies and everything but I have learned to indulge and just let go of that control and just reward and enjoy myself. For me, it's about letting go of that control and accepting that what will be will be. Good luck to you! Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like to chat! mconr2@uis.edu
  11. Eating Disorders?

    Hey there! You're not alone. You sound just like me. I am a sophomore in college and I had felt sick for so long before I got tested for Celiac that once I was tested and figured out that was my problem I've been a maniac with excersizing and controlling whatever I put in my mouth. I dropped 20 lbs. 112-95. The worst part was, I didn't even realize it. I thought I was just being careful. Well I am now in the process of trying to gain weight, and trust me...it's not fun. Once your body hits such a low weight your metabolism slows down because it thinks you're starving in the desert (a natural survival instinct). Then when you start eating more again you feel bloated and tired because your body is trying to get used to processing so much again. Something that would be helpful would be going to see a psychotherapist. I am currently seeing one and she has helped me greatly deal with all this and make a game plan for getting better. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!
  12. Glutened From Kissing?

    Hello everyone! I recently came up positive on a Celiac blood panel after having horrible C, brain fog, sleepless, bloating, and stomach pressure/pains for a while. My boyfriend has been really great in understanding Celiac disease and helping me through it, however I think that I keep getting sick after kissing him, even when he's brushed his teeth. His toothpaste is gluten free as far as I know (crest pro health). I was wondering does anyone have this similar problem? If so, how do you deal with it? I really want to be able to kiss him...and asking him to go gluten free is just not an option. thanks!