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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm still recovering from an incident that involved Rustic Crust..their gluten free and non gluten free packages look very similar,especially when you are in a hurry.My local health food store switched the position of the hanger racks,and I grabbed the wrong one.Got several bites out of it,realized it tasted funny, and looked at the package.D'oh!(This was also the week I found out Kroger had started corn starching/corn sugaring their shredded cheese..so had that reaction on top of it..not a good time.)
  2. Yeah I got the pro biotic talk from a customer at work today..she SWEARS it cures "food allergies", and heals everything in 6 months.I just nodded my head and smiled..I know she's just trying to help..
  3. Gluten Contamination

    I complain the best way I can..I don't buy their products,(yeah it's a giant umbrella company and you can't avoid all of them,but I'll give it a good shot) and I warn other people about them.Only real power a consumer has is in their purchase choices.You can ignore letters,but you can't ignore people not giving you their money.Three more dollars to the local farmers and three less to General Mills/Quaker/Betty Crocker and whoever else falls under that company name adds up over time.
  4. I've been through so many doctors, and if doing this will finally put an end to seeing them for awhile,I'm willing to give it a go.
  5. Gluten Contamination

    Also,pay close attention to the companies you buy from..I refuse to purchase anything I KNOW is from Quaker or General Mills.Was eating Mother's rice cakes,which clearly say gluten free on the label.Started slowly getting sicker and sicker..took a long time to realize they were a Quaker product,and that what was happening was CC.Think my blood test came back positive because of them(i had been gluten free for a year).
  6. Hey New To The Forums

    People looking at me like I'm faking being sick for some bizarre reason pisses me off.I have to deal with not being able to participate in normal situations,such as eating muffins in the break room,or going out for pizza and beer,with a smile.Seriously,who the HELL would give up pizza/beer unless they had to??Won't even go into the medical community..they are a whole special rant on their own.On my 5th doctor in 8 months.I'd cut my leg off if it made me"normal"again. Welcome to the board..these people are wonderful, and very knowledgeable.Hope you start feeling better soon!
  7. Can't do the almonds..think my body got angry with me last summer about nuts(they were about 40% of my diet when I went gluten-free..easy to carry,didn't spoil in the summer heat) and cut me off in August.They make my face hurt now.The brown rice I'll try, though..seems like it would be easy enough.Having horchata again would be nice..
  8. Rant,sorry: I described it to someone as breaking a leg a year ago,realizing it didn't heal right, and going to the doctor,who then asks you to hit it with a hammer everyday for a few weeks and go for a jog,so they can be sure it's really your leg,even though you limped in there like a lame horse,begging to be shot. Talked to the doctor..he says it's an adrenaline reaction to the gluten("fight or flight"),and not something more serious.Just wondering how much pain I have to go through to actually find someone in the medical community who takes it seriously.Who would fake being able to be crippled by a sugar cookie?Not like someone can score disability or pain medications off this.
  9. I react to carrageenan as strongly as I react to MSG..stomach pain from the tiniest bit.Horizon shelf stable milk also uses it.I bought some for my coffee at work one day and started getting ill.Lo and behold,check the label, there it was. How would one make homemade rice milk?
  10. My biopsy is on the 23rd..I've gone back to eating gluten until after the testing is done.My symptoms,however,seem to have completely reversed from what happened before I went gluten-free last year. Now having fine motor control issues..tremors,numbness and tingling in hands,arm,leg,feet on left side.Exhaustion is still there,but it seems to be more muscle related now,rather than brain fog..have trouble moving my legs sometimes and my neck/back ache terribly.Stomach pain is much, much worse and I get sick thinking about food..before going gluten-free last year I was always hungry, and actually gained a huge amount of weight(like 70 pounds). Can symptoms change over time like this?
  11. Allergic To Gluten Free Products

    When my body is irritated,I cannot tolerate gluten free baking mixes with tapioca flour, at all.Even on good days, I can't eat much of it without a reaction.But I can eat yucca,the plant it comes from,with no problem.Weirdness.
  12. Actually ,the illness is not all a negative for me.I became very aware for the first time of what I was doing to my body.The necessary changes to my diet( having to cut way back on junk foods due to multiple food issues,if I do not eat at least 3-4 servings of veggies/fruits a day,I start sliding downhill again)and having to learn to manage stress have improved my life greatly.Not the way I would have wanted it to happen,but we don't always get the message delivered politely,do we?
  13. i lose some fine motor skills, and have numbness in my left arm and leg.To quote my doctor when I emailed him in a panic- "I think the tingling is a "flight or fight" reaction to the gut symptoms, or possibly a lowering of BP due to the gut effect."
  14. I work at grocery store located near a beach..our third shift cashier quit Memorial day weekend(I was on vacation), and came back to chaos.Worked 50 hours a week that summer, and think the stress from that kicked in my celiac symptoms...
  15. I know it's a dedicated facility..that's why I can't pin down why that happened, and I'm still willing to venture it was something else..but do not want to take the chance again.