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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I've been doing some research into some cook books and came upon this one: Gluten-free, Sugar-free Cooking: Over 200 Delicious Recipes to Help You Live a Healthier, Allergy-Free Life by Susan O'Brien, Robert H. Lerman, Barb Schlitz Do any of you have this one? The only thing I don't see mentioned in the review is if this cookbook offers help for those that have egg allergy and not having to use an egg replacer as I have not had much luck with them. I've been living gluten free for about a year and a half now so I am good with the basics but I also struggle with cholesterol and I'm also trying to shed about 30 unwanted pounds so the above cookbook looks like a good possibility but isn't available in the local bookstores for me to check out before I buy it. If any of you can recommend another book it would be great too! Thanks
  2. I am a bit confused on something and thought I might find a quick answer here. I am cooking a turkey in a bag this year and it instructs you dust the bag with flour to avoid it bursting so I picked up some "Soy Flour" can I use the Soy Flour alone for this purpose and the purpose of coating baking pans? The reason I ask is because I find many people use a "flour mix" instead of soy or rice flour "alone." I of course know when actually baking from scratch it would be better to use a mix but for a fast dusting does it really matter?
  3. How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?!

    Generally I sleep 7 to 8 hours although there are times that I have needed 9 and felt GREAT after getting it. When I sleep about 8 hours I wake feeling ready to go and rested, 7 hours I may have to kick start with a hot hot shower and a good gluten free breakfast!! I think overall if we listen to our bodies it will tell us what we need.
  4. Okay I am wondering if there is any butter or margarine that is soy based vs milk/dairy based along with gluten-free of course. I do have a milk intolerance, I can eat cheese and such but when I get near basic milk or even sour cream I don't do so well. I find that when I use GV Brand butter in very small amounts I am okay but really by that time it's like what's the point in using it and then my food is just bland. If I consume my milk/product early in the day by the time I go to bed I am good but I still spend the day belching and let's just say that taste is not something I care for lol.
  5. Sweet Potato

    Oh thank you I had no idea it would be that easy and I am getting really tired of having basic pan cooked potato with dinner nightly and I love sweet potato that I get at diners with the brown sugar and cinnamon in them.
  6. Is a fresh sweet potato gluten free and does anyone have a good recipe for a sweet potato casserole/dish that would be gluten free, egg free, corn free and preferably instead of using milk I would use "Silk-soy." I am having a hard time finding a recipe on how to cook a regular sweet potato in the oven like a baked potato? I know I probably sound like a dork.
  7. Sure! I too am no egg and no milk.
  8. I am curious because I find publications that say Heinz ketchup is safe yet I ate some of it with some homemade potato's a couple months ago and it gave me horrible digestive problems and mild gluten symptoms so I just gave up using ketchup until Great Value brought out their gluten-free ketchup I have been using this without any issue at all and enjoying my potato's once again!! I also had an issue with Heinz cocktail sauce with shrimp and am now wondering if these products have gluten or are cc. Any thoughts or confirmations AND anyone know of a main brand of cocktail sauce that I can use?
  9. Hunger Ups And Downs?

    I make my own gluten free trail mix and eat a handful between my meals sometimes that satisfies me so much that I skip lunch or "can" miss lunch if I have to. Dairy in cheese form doesn't bother me like pure milk does so I also use a small serving of colby/jack cheese or mozzarella with a slice or two of gluten-free Great Value lunch meat. All these things along with finger fresh veggies and fruits get me through the "hunger" times of my days.
  10. Oh this does sound yummy too and I am always looking for any new recipes that are GERD friendly. Don't suppose any of you know where I can get a hold of some safe oatmeal? I sure miss eating those steaming bowls of oats with fresh fruit mixed in!
  11. I did not know that Kraft dressings were safe, since only 4 months gluten-free Ive tried to only use things labeled gluten-free so I have no questions. I do come here and trust what I read here as long as the labels match the advice. This gives me lots of new ideas also thanks for that honey mustard idea I love sauce like that I just have not had to do a lot of from scratch things. I'm finding it to be a lot cheaper though!!
  12. Thanks!! I am hoping it tastes great and will be using it for more things if it is!
  13. Thank you all so much for the recipe and cooking ideas I am very excited to hit the store and try them out. I didn't know that McCormick Lemon Pepper is gluten-free my husband never goes without it so it's perfect as long as his gluten hands don't contaminate it lol I will have to get my own bottle most likely. I use half/half salt because of my Meniere's and I saw one recipe that calls for egg but I know I can use a replacer. Keep them coming in if you have any more ideas.
  14. Shrimp

    Thanks for the info on the shrimp, I have not seen any conflict with ingredients at Walmart. I will have to keep checking the Schwans scallops out.