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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi all, About five years ago I tested through enterolab and found that I have the HLADQ8 gene and there were antibodies in my stool. The blood tests and the biopsy were negative. I stopped eating gluten. I just had blood work done again and I have antibodies to gluten and gliaden as well as tissue transglutaminase. I have been going out to dinner occasionally so I guess that there was cross contamination. I also wear lipstick and I didn't realize there was gluten in that. Does the tissue transglutaminase mean that I have celiac? I have lost 10 pounds without trying and I have increased mast cells in my gut. I am going to have another endoscopy since a capsule endoscopy about a month ago showed some ulcers in the small intestine. Thanks, June
  2. Panic, Anxiety...

    HI Gabrielle, I really feel for you. Before finding out about being gluten and casein intolerant I would have "panic attacks "that would last for 6 hours at a time. I wen to the ER several times. I would have feelings of doom, diarrhea,vomiting shaking and palpitations and then shortness of breath. These attacaks would last from a few hours at first to 6 hours. I was diagnosed with panic disorder and given Ativan. Well, the Ativan wouldn't work and I kept searching for what was wrong with me. This has been going on for 10 years. I discovered that I am gluten and dairy as well as yeast intolerant from the Enterolab folks. I found a wonderful MD that also diagnosed me with 4 intestinal infections that I had since my immune system was shot due to the gluten and dairy. Of course I craved those foods. I have been off gluten and dairy, yeast and sugar for almost 2 years and was treated for the infections. My doctor says that I have leaky gut and was having allergic reactions to those foods as well as mold. I am eating fresh foods and limiting grains to freshly cooked brown rice and wild rice and potatoes. I am much better. Good luck on your journey. Sincerely, June
  3. Casin Sensitivity

    I get diarrhea, start vomiting, shaking and then start to have trouble breathing. I have to take benadryl and ant-inausea medication to make it stop. If I don't it lasts 6 hours. Take care, June
  4. Grrrr....

    Hi Heather, I had a live cell analysis yesterday for the first time. Very interesting. I have fungus, parasites, poor digestion(no surprise there), among other things. I have suffered for many years with intestinal problems so I wasn't too surprised. I am also on a sugar free, yeast free diet along with being gluten and dairy free. Its good to know I'm not alone. At least there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sincerely, June
  5. Grrrr....

    Ditto to everything you guys said. My husband and I went to an italian restaurant Sunday with friends. I ordered roast chicken, potatos and asparagus. Everyone else had pasta. That wasn't too bad. During dessert it was hard cause they ordered chocolate cake to share and apple pie with ice cream(my fav!) I didn't have any dessert. My friend who is usually very nice said" This isn't very good, its just creamy and sweet and cold so you aren't missing anything" in kind of a sarcastic way. It kind of hurt my feelings. I don't think she understands what I have gone through with my health. (Sigh).She is very overweight. One time she said " we like you June even though you're thin". Maybe I shouldn't take it too seriously. My other friend who was there has seen me have a reaction several times,so she wouldn't say something like that. I guess I should buy some gluten free goodies to keep on hand for such an emergency. I like kinnickinnick biscotti and Crave bakery brownies. It just sort of depressed me when I was already sick that morning from sausage I ate. What are everyone's favorite brands for goodies? Thanks for listening. June P.S. By the way I went to Outback tonight with two other friends and got their gluten free menu for the first time. I had a fabulous 9 ounce steak and veggies to make up for the other day. I ate the whole thing!
  6. Hi guys, Right sided abdominal pain could be an ileo-cecal valve thats out of wack. If the pain is intense and you start having a fever it could be the appendix too. Left sided lower abdominal pain could be diverticulitis or just gas. A lot of the time I have lower abdominal pain before I go to the bathroom. I massage the area and sometimes put a warm heating pad on it and then it relaxes and I can expell whats ever in there. I wouln't worry too much unless the pain gets much worse, or you can't poop or you develope a fever. Hope this helps, June
  7. Steve-O, Just so you know, some molds can be extremely toxic and have been shown to cause death in infants. They definitely have neurotoxic effects. I'll try to find a web site for you. Thanks all for your support! June
  8. Hi Steve-O, My doctor at Health NOw clinic took some blood and sent it to BioHealth Diagnostics . Immunosciences Lab.8393 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills CA 90211 310-6571077. I have a huge number of antibodies to mold and am trying to figure out where I have been exposed to it. I think that is my main problem. (Besides the gluten of course. I just sent three more mold samples of to the lab. Just got home from Maggianos. Had roast chicken, potatoes and asparagus. Was kind of hard to see my friends eating pasta and cake! My husband took me to Peets coffee(my favorite) and got me a large soy latte after dinner. I had 1/2 a gluten free brownie when I got home. Unfortunately I still have a stomach ache from this morning. Its back to a stricter diet tommorow, no sweets at all. Talk to you soon, June
  9. Hi all, I had a bad reaction this morning to some shelton turkey no gluten sausage. It was a milder reaction than I used to get. I pooped everything out,(sorry to be gross but I must have gone 7-8 times.) I was slightly nausested. The weirdest symptoms were neurological, I had weird thoughts and my legs felt shakey. My blood tests showed three times the normal level of mold antibodies so my doc gave me a list of foods not to eat and I forgot that sausage was on it! He said that mold toxins cause neurological symtoms so thats why I used to get my whole body shaking and extreme anxiety like I did. I had to take 1/2 ativan and 1/4 phenergan to feel better. I don't want to be too sleepy since we are meeting some friends for lunch later. I guess its just human to make a mistake like that,huh? We are going to Maggianos which is very celiac friendly. Just needed some support. Its hard to follow a gluten, casein free diet as well as a mold free diet too! Thanks for listening. Sincerely, June
  10. I have been gluten and dairy free since October, 2004. I felt a little better a month after that. I have really started to feel like myself again since I finished the meds for the infections.( I had a bacterial infection in my stomach and a protozoa and yeast in the intestines).! I still get a little bloated when I eat too much starch but my energy is so much better. Last night I went for a walk with my husband and wanted to keep on going and he wanted to bo back! Usually its me who gets tired first. I also am starting to gain a little weight. I am 5'9" and my usual weight is 130. On a cruise to Alaska last August I had bad diarrhea and lost 6 pounds! I was way too skinny at 124. I was eating 4 times a day too. That was the worst of the celiac disease. I also had three attacks of vomiting and palpitations during the cruise. Its terrible to be so sick and not know whats wrong. I am so thankful for this diagnosis! And for this site. Sincerely, June
  11. I had horrible heartburn that would extend into my whole chest!I didn't know what was going on. I also had terrible attacks with overwhelming anxiety( with vomiting and diarrhea and palpitations). I also have MVP.( its the mildest form, no worries). This doctor at the alternative clinic tested me for helicobacter pylori bacteria and I had it! It burrows down into the stomach wall and causes little ulcers. I had to be on two kinds of antibiotics for two weeks along with ten pepto tablets daily(which acts like a third antibiotic). The heartburn went away. I just did another test for it and hopefully its gone for good. I have always had a sensitive stomach so I'm wondering how long I had it. The doctor said the gluten problem predisposed me to getting other infections. Hope this helps, June
  12. HI all, My doctor sas there is something called molecular mimicry where the body can mistake concentrated soy for gluten. I guess the molecules are similar. He said not to eat tofu or tempeh. I also stay away from all fermented products cause I have a lot of antibodies to mold. I eat very little concentrated starchy products right now like rice. I can have a little potato and a fruit or two. Today I am very bloated. I think its like everyone says, it takes a bit of time for the gut to heal, and the top part of the villi is what digests sugars. Rice and starches convert to sugar. I am limiting startches today. Hope this helps. June
  13. Just Need To Vent

    Dear Stef, Thanks for that. It was especially hard since that woman was doing this to her teenage daughter! If I knew that woman I would have called child protective services! Ignorance is a terrible thing. Sincerely, June
  14. Hi Tiffany, Ditto here, I can't tolerate casein either. I sure do miss ice cream! Oh well. I try to find other foods that I consider treats. I love raspberries and make them into a smoothie with soy milk and rice protein powder. I add ice to make it thick. We have a gluten free bakery in San Francisco that makes good chocolate brownies and other goodies. If I'm desperate I go to the Whole Foods near me in San Jose and get some. Sincerely, June
  15. My doctor said that as the gut heals from villi damage, bacteria or other infectious agents that might have been encapsulated deeper in the gut come out and thats why you might feel sick even if you're off gluten for a time. : I had three types of infections from lowered immune function, (bacterial,protoza and yeast,) that had to be treated. This doctor treats a lot of gluten sensitive people. He said that other infections might show up over time, so that I shouldn't get discouraged. He said that six was the most infections in one person that occurred with someone with gluten intolerance. I will have to be tested again in a week or two for signs of other infections. I wish I could show you the drawing of the gut that he showed me. This doctor is a Chiropractor/Clinical nutritionist. He and his wife are both gluten intolerant. There is an MD there who prescribes the prescription meds. He gives out the immune boosting and gut healing vitamins and supplements. Hope this helps. Sincerely, June