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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. You have to check Amy's frozen dinners, some are some aren't depends what they are carrying that week, and not the krispy m&ms, I buy the plain. The mission tortilla chips are actually labeled gluten free and the salsa maybe too, I cant remember, the organic kind.
  2. Also, Mission Corn Tortilla Chips Kirkland Salsa M&Ms Amy's frozen dinners Pirate Booty Most of their vitamins are Natures Valley I believe, and they are labeled gluten free. I love, love costco!
  3. Pen Pal

    I emailed you too.
  4. Hi There, I prefer Whole Foods 360 brownie mix. I use black beans. Directions: Open black beans (whole) drain the water (gets rid of some of the sodium), fill up with regular water. Put the can of black beans into the blender and puree. Put the brownie mix into mixing bowl, add pureed black beans and mix. Put brownie mix into baking pan, bake as directed. I know what your thinking... black beans! But they taste really good. You can't even tell that they are in there. Promise. The traders joes brand works too. The Whole Foods has little chocolate chips and is super yummy, a little pricer though.
  5. Still So Sick...

    Thank you very much for the helpful suggestions I really appreciate it. I guess I just associate all food with making me sick and not eating just feels better. I will start back with the basics and keep better track of what I am eating. I not have attempted to try dairy. I think I will wait a few more months. Thanks so much!
  6. I have been gluten free from about 3 months now. Amazed at how great I feel! All of my symptoms had subsided. This week though, I feel terrible. The only way I think I will ever feel better is if I just don't eat for a few days. Does anyone have any suggestions of what is "safe" easy on your stomach to eat when not feeling well? I don't think I was glutened. I have prepared all my meals at home. Any suggestions would be helpful. What do you eat when your not feeling well?