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  1. Thank you. I will check out the links!
  2. Thanks for the good suggestions. Am I allowed to bring packaged food in my suitcase? I hope so because I'm planning to bring a lot of light weight snacks and some dehydrated food for an emergency.
  3. My husband and I are going on a 2 week tour in Israel in late June. I have celiac (diagnosed 2008) and this will be my first trip abroad since diagnosis. On the tour, all breakfasts are included (standard Israeli buffet breakfast) but most dinners and lunches will be on our own. We'll be staying in the Dan Panorama Hotel in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the Kibbutz Lavi in the Galilee, and the Agamim Hotel in Eilat. I plan to bring some food for emergencies, but want to know if anyone could recommend any restaurants that serve gluten free meals. Also, are gluten free foods available in grocery stores, and are many foods labelled gluten free as they are here in the U.S.? I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to manage eating safely for 2 week. I have a feeling I'll be eating mostly fruits and vegetables. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you, Roberta
  4. I am going on a 2 week road trip to visit national parks in the Southwest and have eaten out only once since celiac diagnosis 14 months ago. I am very concerned about finding safe places to eat. Some of these places are remote so I will be bringing plenty of snacks and emergency food just in case I'm desperate. Does anyone have eating suggestions for any of these places? Any suggestions about gluten-free dehydrated food that I can pack? [*]Las Vegas [*]in Utah: Springdale, Tropic,Torrey, Moab [*]in Arizona: Chinle, Sedona Any advice will be much appreciated! Berta