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  1. Much to my dismay, Nestle has changed the recipe for one of the few entrees that contained no gluten ingredients. The packaging of their Glazed Chicken changed recently and it prompted me to check the ingredients again (which I periodically do anyway) and it now most decidedly contains gluten in the form of wheat berries. At a time when other manufacturers have begun to recognize the value of the celiac market and are removing gluten ingredients from their recipes, why in the world is Nestle adding gluten??? This is a very disappointing turn of events.
  2. As a New Yorker who has just been laid off from my job I am thinking about what sorts of things I could do and work for myself. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 2 years ago and my first post-diagnosis trip to the grocery store was depressing. It took me 3 hours to fill my little basket with things I could eat. I've gotten better and gluten-free grocery shopping since then, but one major frustration remains. I find myself having to visit no less than 3 different stores to fully stock my kitchen. I'm considering taking this unforeseen unemployment opportunity to open a full service gluten free grocery store in Manhattan. A place where celiacs like me can shop like all the "normal" people do at the regular supermarkets. For example while all of my foods need to be gluten free, I don't necessarily want the more expensive special organic milk, or "earth friendly"