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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. i had been gluten free 4 around 2 weeks and my doctor said it didnt matter if i ate it or not before the blod test so i just kept not eating gluten. then i went back on the diet tho and i kept feeling nauseous and upset and i had absolutely no appetite. the blood test tested 4 three things, 1 of which came out too high. what are the chacnes of it being celiac if 1/3 is positive?? ive never gotten tested for it b4
  2. i am under 18, i live with my parents. my parents think that i am going gluten-free because i'm anorexic, which i'm not. they're paranoid because eating disorders are in the family. my father was right beside me yelling at me and threatening to hit me and my mother was yelling at him to do it. if i had not eaten that bun, i have no doubt in my mind that my parents would've taken me to the eating disorder unit at the hospital or things would've gotten 100% worse. when i say i didn't have a choice, i mean that it was the best choice i could have made, out of a few unfortunate ones. btw i'm not diagnosed with this, i'm just testing it out to see if i do have an allergy since i have many physical symptoms that i'd like to be rid of.
  3. well it was actually not forced down my throat but it's a long story. i didn't have a choice. it had a bun, a large one. i've had these pains many times before but never the lip thing. it's pretty much gone now though. it lasted the entire night. i've had those pains frequently, though not always that severe but i guess i've never before really looked for them being right after i ate wheat. i do remember i got them at certain itmes of the day when i usually ate sandwiches. i don't know, thank you for your responses.
  4. do they put something up your butt??? because i am ok with swallowing something like a tube or whatever, or being cut open but i am not ok with that
  5. i was actually literally forced to but could it still be an allergic reaction if i didn't get like this many times before? well i have but not every single time after eating. i'm just not sure if it was because i avoided it for a couple of days or what?
  6. Ok so I just went 2 days without eating gluten (I know it's not a lot) but then I was forced to eat a hamburger. Afterward (not right away though) my hands and feet felt kind of asleep or they were really tingly at least. Then the sides of my mouth and my lower lip began feeling almost numb and they still do. Then later, I was laying down and began to cry and almost right away I started getting this extremely stingy pain in the back of my head, my eyes and nose. My mouth tasted like something really spicy. The pain was awful, I've never felt that kind before, it was like someone was rubbing red onions all over my eyes and everywhere, and I'm allergic to them. I sat up and it got less extreme but was still there. Just like blinking my eyes after tears came was painful. I thought I was bleeding or something.... I felt a bit nauseous but I didn't often feel like this after eating wheat before :ph34r: ..is this normal? Or related to something else?
  7. hey i don't really know much about celiac so i can't help much but good luck on your blood test (i don't know how you can get luck there but good luck anyway)!!
  8. Thanks for your replies..I wasn't making it seem like it was awful though, I know it's worse to have something like cancer, sorry if it offended you. It's just that my mother isn't willing to help me at all (she yells at me if I ask her to help me with something I don't know how to cook) and I live in an area where there isn't much gluten free stuff. Well gluten free replacements for normal wheat stuff. It took two hours to find something today and even then it was just pasta and wheat, that's the only thing they have in my whole town and it was really expensive. My mom says it's just a fad diagnosis and that she doesn't want any part in this, when I asked her to help me with the stove she refused because she said that she doesn't know how to prepare gluten-free stuff and doesn't want to learn how. It was just normal cooking with a stove, I'd already prepared the ingredients. Sorry that I sound like I'm complaining. I think it's too early to tell for a difference but my body feels a lot colder than it has in a while. I've been looking up the symptoms and I've found so many more (including headaches!!!) that I could possible attribute to Celiac Disease. I'll just have to see over the next few months if everything gets better, I can't get a diagnosis right now. I've always loved rice and potatoes, it's nice that I can still have them right now.
  9. Haha, took me a whole to get the wikipedia joke. Thank you for your responses, I did speak to my mother but she said that she's OK with me going on the gluten free diet. She said she's not going to taste anything without gluten though and that she wasn't under any circumstances going to make me anything gluten free so I think it'll be too much of a hassle both going shopping for everything by myself (I don't have a car) and cooking everything by myself while they're eating my favorite foods. I'm not suicidal right this second, I have been multiple times in the past though so I thought it was worth mentioning. Thank you for your advice.
  10. I'm not quite sure what to write here and I don't know a lot about Celiac Disease but someone suggested to me that I could have it. I'm a 16-year-old girl and I'm not sure if they all or even any of them are related to Celiac Disease but I'll just try to make it quick.. 1. I have extremely irregular bowel movements, always have. It was a surprise to me that you're supposed to go once a day or every other day, ever since I can remember it's around once a week. It's not difficult to go though, just don't have to often. 2. Vomiting too often as a child. It was an exception if I didn't vomit for a month and I'm serious that at least a year passed when I didn't go for 30 days without vomiting at a time. 3. I feel sick after eating certain foods. I don't think I'm too bothered by homemade spaghetti and pasta but whenever I buy a sandwich or a box with pasta in it at the grocery store I feel nauseous. It's just this overall uncomfortable feeling of feeling like I'm about to vomit but not having to if that makes sense. My throat and everything downwards feels a bit sick after eating them. There's also this pizza we make at home that makes my stomach feel like this, most homemade pizzas do. Cheerios does as well. Crackers with certain cheeses made my stomach feel weird. I don't know, I don't really feel all that awful it's just this weird uncomfortable annoying feeling. 4. Weak immune system. At the same time every year I get awfully sick to the point where I can't do anything. I'm prone to infections, coughs and getting very sick. 5. Inability to gain weight, no matter how much I eat. I have a BMI of 18-19 at any given time. 6. Up until very recently, my skin and lips have always been very dry and cracked. 7. Bad breath, no matter how long I brush my tongue. I have to be chewing gum constantly. 8. I have hair pretty much everywhere. It looks like peach fuzz and some people have told me that since I don't eat very healthy foods and don't get enough nutrients that it might be lanugo and that it might disappear as I eat more. 9. Depression to the point of considering suicide. 10. Hair loss, perhaps related to the diet. 11. No concentration. Forget things as they are said to me. 12. No energy. 13. Pale. 14. Get extremely exhausted right away when exercising. 15. Irregular menstruation. I got it at 13 which my mother said was odd and extremely late (I don't think it is) but the first time it lasted over thirty days. Then I didn't get it for over six months. They're not that irregular anymore but still not regular. I haven't told anyone this. 16. I had REALLY bad eczema as a child and still get rashes occasionally. 17. Always hungry, almost never full. Thank you, if someone reads this and replies. I don't really know anything about Celiac Disease or if this is misplaced but if you have ideas at what else this could be, please tell me.