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  1. Well It may be sad to say, but I hope they find SOMETHING. Im tired of being miserable. First diagnosed as Candida, now changing of the minds today and leaning toward celiac. Just get so frustrating as I've been dealing with the Candida diet..... which is tough, and now I have to dig into the ingredients for other reasons now.
  2. I went to the DR today w/ my current list of problems. She has ordered Blood tests for Celiac Disease. Where can I find a list of stuff that I CAN eat in case I do have this disease? Obviously wheats, breads, pastas are out of the question. Also, what about Activa? And Cranberry Juice? I have really bad kidneys too, so cranberry juice and pills are an everyday source of intake for me. Also, I order salads w/ ranch when I'm out to eat.... Ranch out of the question too?