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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Problems With Coffee?

    Welcome. Yes, I did, after switching to a cheaper brand of ground coffee. I took this to mean that I should decrease my coffee consumption and have subsequently increased my water intake (to about 2 liters per day) and find the craving for coffee dissipating. I have also heard about gluten in instant coffee. As Lisa has posted about dairy being the problem; many of my GI upsets vanished when I eliminated dairy from my diet. The good news, waterlily, is that the gluten free diet will lead to a healthier diet overall. After almost one year gluten free (with two accidental glutenings, one of them from flavored coffee, the other from a crouton) I find that my diet is very much the same as pre gluten free (same likes and dislikes of foods) with only the need to eliminate certain food items. Your body will adjust. Hope the additional information helped. Please seek additional advice should you need to; a beverage should not cause you to not breathe. Be well, and all the best.
  2. When I eliminated dairy from my diet I was constipated for three days (after having the runs continuously). I have been following the Paleo Diet for two weeks now (with two to three open meals a week): I lost five pounds in the first week, and probably a few more this week judging by how my clothes fit. For the first time in many many years my thyroid medication dose has decreased and I am hoping this is because it is finally being absorbed by a healing intestine after a gluten-free diet. I agree with the previous posters' suggestions. For me, eliminating dairy definitely had an effect (positive!) Hope this post helps, and I hope you feel much better!
  3. "I was eating fast food all the time and getting about 4,000 calories a day, but I couldn't gain a single pound. " Apache, the above sounds a little worrying. Consider thyroid as a culprit. I agree with all the other posters suggestions, and also, a back to basics type diet with whole foods might aid your digestive system. I hope you feel better.
  4. Beautiful Daphne! Congratulations and enjoy your new little one!
  5. Ketchup Problems

    Perhaps this is related to the ketchup problem. I recently had an unmistakeable gluten-type reaction after drinking pineapple and pear juice. I've been gluten-free since October 09, so was concerned about the reaction. After eating grapes I also had a reaction. The good news is that the gluten-free diet is helping, though. Consider perhaps the fructose content of tomatoes, or perhaps high fructose corn syrup added to the ketchup, as causing the reaction. The experience on this site is immeasureable. Also, the food log I've been keeping helps. I do hope the problem clears for you, regardless the cause.
  6. Constant Hunger Finally Going Away?

    Continued success to you, CGally! I too was hungry but diminished when I went grain-free. The headaches (from dairy products) abated, and the hunger and the cravings are much much less, now. I do not want to suggest a grain-free diet, only want to state the effect it has had for me. Energy is much better, sleep is better, and digestion is normal. I wish you much to celebrate!
  7. Weird Ways We've Been Glutened

    I had a reaction after eating a cashew Larabar. The ingredients are cashews and dates. According to the Canadian Celiac Association, dates and other dried fruit may be dusted with gluten powder to prevent sticking. Something to consider when reading labels.
  8. Perhaps inspiration is needed. This blog for visual inspiration as well as practical cooking ideas - glutenfreegirl at blogspot dot com - is one source. A major dietary change takes time and adjustment but may well lead you to create new and surprising recipes of your own. Maybe focusing on the foods your wife likes and can tolerate, together with the foods you like, will allow you to continue to cook in the way you love. Simplifying meals helped tremendously. Basic nutrients (protein, carb, fat), lots of veggies, and pure water helped, and from there the gourmet dishes appeared. Healthy eating to you both, and know that your searching for how to help your wife is the best direction of all.
  9. Website states Gingerbons gluten-free, but other products contain gluten. Any recommendations?
  10. Rice Dream?

    The percentage barley protein printed on the Rice Dream rice milk box I purchased is .002. I had a reaction.
  11. Cramps In Thighs--

    Severe cramps in calf (sometimes in the thigh) most often waking me from sleep - became progressively worse over two years. Cramps stopped when I started gluten-free diet. Since then I believe I was "glutened" from flavored coffee and the cramps returned that night. Predictably. Like you, I would describe the feeling as excruciating, rigor mortis-like (how would one know?) stiffness which thankfully subsided after minutes. Potassium, magnesium, ibuprofen - whatever helps. For me it was gluten-free diet. Hope you feel better.
  12. I wish you a very happy birthday in an extra special year. Congratulations and enjoy.
  13. I echo everyone here in their experience to the endoscopy - no problem whatsoever. And the good news is, once its done, its done, and you can move on to recovery.
  14. Confused About Dairy Reaction

    There seem to be some predictable outcomes after starting the gluten-free diet such as eliminating dairy, soy and other foods. For me, diarrhea stopped one day dairy free and in fact constipated followed. (But increasing vegetables helped with that.) A food diary may help pinpoint exactly what food may be a trigger. Soy is now out for me but almond beverage seems to be alright. Eliminating (the word sounds so, so final) a food from your diet may seem daunting but I promise you that feeling better offsets any emotional attachment to that food. For some, cutting the dairy is only a short course until it is tolerable again. I hope you feel better.
  15. Very good point! The medication is absorbed at small intestines. Medication not absorbed due to celiac disease disrupting intestinal wall - synthroid dose is increased ever higher and higher. I am hoping that once the intestinal wall heals, the dosage of the medication decreases. Thanks for the dose reminder!