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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Lotions? How do I check those out? I never thought about those. I went shopping this evening to try to replace MY ENTIRE kitchen's worth of foods and I was incredibly overwhelmed. If it didn't have gluten, it had egg. The magnitude it starting to set in. I am terrified to accidentally poison him with gluten. H e puts EVERYTHING in his mouth still. Does it mean that it is really bad if it showed up this early?
  2. Hello all, My name is Raegan and my son Harrison was just diagnosed with celiac. He was born fussy. He had colic, vomiting, gas, foul stools, and most recently weight loss and failure to thrive. He has a mild IGa deficiency and due to continued weight loss the drs at Children's performed a scope Monday morning (not my favorite morning) and we got the results back today as indicative for celiac. I am actually fairly familiar with celiac and understand the basics. However I am unsure of how throuough I need to be. Do I get rid of my toaster? I am planning to just be gluten free in this house at least at first to minimize the accidental exposure. I am nursing so i know I need to be strictly gluten-free until i am done. If someone could give me a few pointers on what to do specfifically around the kitchen to prepare for this new lifestyle. We are already egg and dairy free due to allergies so the actual food part will be easy enough. Thanks!
  3. He is not gluten-free yet. I was going to start a gluten-free diet after we got the results from his pancreatic elastase test (still not in) but now I am not sure whether or not the growth problem and occasianal dairrhea is reason enough to go gluten-free?
  4. SO my son has a dairy intolerance and I thought perhaps he had a gluten problem too. ABout 6 weeks ago I started eating dairy (I BF) and he seemed fine for about 2 weeks- then he started having diahrrea. He hasn't been really growing since he was about 7 months (when we started giving him wheat products) He hans't gained any weight for 7 months but he just started having the diarrhea when I started eating dairy. I cut dairy out again and it has taken about 4 weeks but his stool is not quite as loose and his frequency is down. I don't know whether to cut out gluten or just chalk it up to dairy. I am so concerned about his growth problems?! Any advice?
  5. So my son's celiac blood test came back neg. They didn't do a genetic test just the panel. The doc said we should do a endoscopy which I think is crazy to do on a 14 month old! No one can figure out why he is not growing and has chronic diahrrea. What to do what to do? Should I assume it is not gluten and try a differnt route or try a gluten free diet? Input please!
  6. So here is the backstory- my son is 14 months old and and amazing! He got very very sick when he was 3 months old and spent 3 weeks in the hospital before being diagnosed with a dairy protein allergy. I cut out dairy out of my diet and things got better. He was a bigger kid- always abut 60-80 % in height and weight. Until he hit about 6 months- he just hasn't grown much since then. When he was 6 mos he was 27 in and 19.5 lbs. Today (14 mos) he was 28 1/2 inches and 20.5 lbs. He has been having diahhrea that has undigested food in it, I have noticed the circles under his eyes getting worse. He isn't too grumpy nor is his belly distended. But he dripped from 60% to 5th. The drs are testing him for celiacs and I should get the results on Friday. I am totally worried because he already can't eat anything with dairy in it, so if he can't eat gluten either- what will he eat? Does it sound to you like he has celiac? How old were you when you found out about your babies celiac's disease? Thanks!