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  1. I totally agree with everything mushroom said. What is the harm in trying and you will be surprised at the difference true gluten free can make!
  2. Hi Everyone, I haven't been on here in quite awhile, so hello again. Over the past year I've gone from being just gluten/dairy free only for my infant dd whom I was nursing (now a healthy ACTIVE "almost" two year old) to recently getting diagnosed myself with leaky gut. I just had delayed food allergy testing done and now am trying to follow a rotation diet (five days in). It is a bit overwhelming and I have a few questions for anyone with experience in this arena: Does anyone have an online link listing out all foods in specific families? I have most of them, but missing a few odd things such as baking soda and xylitol (from pure birch bark). Should I rotate things used in small proportions for baking such as baking soda and sea salt? I have also been grain free for about nine months (and sugar free for about six months), which I believe has helped so I am very hesitant to try back any grains even though rice and corn are listed as safe on my results. I've been baking with nut flours, which is great, but now increasingly challenging when having to rotate food families (eg eggs only allowed on every fourth day and now I cannot have flax). Plus, I'm not sure when or if I should even be use baking soda. Thankfully I was negative for candida, probably due to already being gluten, dairy, grain and sugar free for several months. Thanks in advance.
  3. littlestephanie, I am in a similar situation to you, but I am 5'2", 90 pounds (big sigh). I've been gluten-free for over a year and have gotten repeatedly frustrated at not feeling better as fast and dramatically as others. I recently gave up all grains and processed foods (the gluten free bread AND the breakfast drinks), and it does seem to have helped. I replace those with high fat nutrient rich foods. I am now taking corn free vitamins and I think that is making a really big difference too. Do you know what your genes are because I have read that Double DQ1's can be hypersensitive to even small amounts of gluten. Check out this website: www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned) Good luck to you.
  4. If you're going to bake from scratch I highly recommend Annalise Roberts' (sp?) "Baking Gluten Free Classics" cookbook. I haven't tried breads, but the cakes are excellent! I would say even better than most "regular" gluten cakes. Having used several brands of gluten free mixes, I found her recipes to be far far better. I bought the flour she recommended online, but I'm sure you could grind your own, she gives the proportion for the mix in the beginning of the book. Good luck!
  5. Purposely Hurting Self

    I find the best way to avoid gluten is not to present yourself with it as an option. Don't keep it in your home if at all possible. DO NOT let your car turn into the drive through.......it's so true that gluten is an addiction. Just as an alcoholic should not sit in a bar, we also need to restrict ourselves in somewhat the same way.
  6. Mood Affected By Gluten?

    First of all, welcome:) I could have just about written this post myself from the Enterolab testing/results, to the moodiness, to the way better during pregnancy thing. I keep hoping that someday my moods will subside completely, for the sake of those around me if nothing else. I've been gluten free for over a year now and still get them on occasion, although it is definately much better. I do have good days now. I am ULTRA, SUPER, DUPER careful when it comes to gluten......I do not eat out at all, too much risk for cc. Also, check all your hygiene products; my hairspray, shampoo and conditioner all contained wheat. In addition, I have gone through a laundry list of additional food intolerances which I am hoping will eventually quit popping up, but that doesn't happen to everyone. It's taking me quite awhile to iron everything out, but I wish you well!
  7. Interesting comment...another thought along those same lines is that the baby may be reacting to mother's antibodies to gluten which are passing into the milk, not to gluten itself. Although my one daughter was actually diagnosed celiac, I am not and neither were any of our other children. I was not gluten free when breastfeeding my two fussy babies and to this day I really don't know if my babies were actually reacting to gluten itself which was getting into my milk OR to my antibodies (as I later tested sensitive through enterolab). The bottom line is that trying the diet will either help considerably or not. Please keep us posted.
  8. I haven't had any exposure to that brand specifically BUT I have reacted to several different brands of vitamins, all of which stated gluten free. I could never figure out why and was getting very frustrated. I ended up figuring out that I was reacting to them because of the corn, which is most likely what maltodextrin, dextrin, and dextrose are derived from. If you've found yourself reacting to those ingredients in the past you may want to consider corn as the culprit. I never would've thought I had an issue with corn either, but gave up all grains because I had not been feeling better.......ended up realizing the corn was an issue after all.
  9. I noticed a change within a week of going gluten free with my daughter. She was 80% better when I also went dairy free and within a day or two, she was 100%. I challenged this a handful of times and her reaction to my having gluten was always four days later, but with dairy it was within a day.
  10. Hello and welcome. Your four month old's steady decline in growth curve reminds me exactly of my youngest daughter when she was a baby. She was 50th at birth and steadily went down to about 5th by the time I decided to just try gluten free, she was also exclusively breastfed. After I went gluten free, in ONE MONTH she went back up to 50th! I was stunned, amazed, ecstatic all at the same time. She went from "fussy" as you said it, spitting up, loose stools etc. to content, happy, peaceful, and easy. I would say just try it, there are so many false negatives in the testing in infants. We never had our youngest blood tested at that time, we opted for doing the genetic test only, which was positive. She has been gluten free ever since. It's a personal decision though. It depends on your doctor, but most don't know anything at all about this subject, so you need to be your son's advocate, do not rely on the doctor if at all possible. Good luck.
  11. She did test positive for dairy sensitivity so she will not be getting any dairy either, she had only had a very minimal amount before anyway, maybe a handful of times at most.
  12. Thanks for all the replies everyone, another "you are not going to believe this"........when we called to have the labs faxed to us, we found out the doctor actually got the lab results mixed up with my other daughter! My 5yo daughter started out with a ttg of over 1000 and after three months being gluten-free, it had gone down to 300 something. Then after a year and a half when it was still 44 we took our whole home gluten free and quit eating out. Now it is 21 (20 is considered normal). Thank goodness my youngest (who I was freaking out about in the beginning of this thread) did not have an elevated ttg, which I wouldn't expect since she has never consumed gluten. I'm actually quite happy with the 21 in my older daughter, less would've been even better but we're headed in the right direction and I have been told that can take time to go down, having started so high. I guess I was freaking out unnecessarily....although it did open my eyes to some cc possibilities........
  13. She does not leave my sight at church, but she does "bite" on the pew at times. I guess she has sat in the cart at Walmart a few times lately, but REALLY!? Now I'm thinking of all these things, and my family thought I was paranoid before........I guess I need to get one of those cover thingys for the grocery cart. I've read all the labels on the babyfood, and they're only fruits/veggies and water. It's Gerber and I thought they were gluten free but I know they do have gluten products, we've just never bought them, but maybe cc'd if processed in the same facility, there is no disclaimer about being processed on same equipment, how sad if that's it. No, she hasn't been crawling around at anyone else's house either. And yes, I am using the same everything, and there is a possibility it could be from that. Of course we cleaned them, but those high chairs do have lots of cracks in them. Oh yeah, I am a picky clean person (especially since being gluten free), there are no hidden cheerios in my house BTW, how did you know I homeschooled!?
  14. I was nursing her, but we've been done for a few weeks now. Yes, I am gluten free for almost an entire year now (minus a few slip ups here and there but none recently) and no she hasn't been anywhere. Other than church and yes there are kids touching the pew sometimes with cheerio hands. UGH!
  15. Our home has been completely gluten free (or so we thought) for almost a year now. We got new pots, pans, cutting boards, knives, toaster; everything. We do not eat out, haven't in almost a year. We did this all in hopes of getting our diagnosed celiac daughter's antibody levels down into the "normal" range after almost two years of her only (not the rest of the family) being gluten free and her levels still being high. Anyway, my youngest at 13 months began getting very cranky, irritable, abnormal refusals yet starving etc. We took her to the doctor not knowing what it could be. I told the doctor, "if I didn't know any better I'd think she was reacting to gluten (because it seemed like the same behavior as when my other daughter was younger), but she hasn't had any gluten in her life". Well, he ran the celiac panel anyway, which I thought was useless since she had really only been eating plain babyfood, fruits, veggies, and meats-no gluten, dairy, very limited soy, she refused egg, processed gluten free foods only a handful of times and recently no rice or corn just to see if that helped. We found out today that her levels are elevated!!! Mildly elevated, but still with NEVER consuming anything that knowingly contained gluten in her life, can you believe it?! She's never even ate at a restaurant or had food prepared at anyone else's home, she does not go to daycare, she is completely sheltered! We are so careful, I have switched soaps, shampoos, my hairspray, I don't know what more I can realistically do. BTW, haven't heard the results on my older daughter, but if they are still high too I think I will just about go insane. My husband took the phonecall, so I didn't get to ask any questions but he thinks it was the TTG that was elevated, not the AGA. How can this be, is there anything else that could cause this?