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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have been attempting gluten-free for 2 weeks now. Some days go really well and others not so good. I dont have instant reaction to anything gluten but eventually end up with symptoms. Food diarys dont do any good cause I cant possibly tell when something is affecting me when it came from. Ive read every lable and millions of posts, replies from companies you name it but I am at the end of my rope. I know I am allergic(epi-pen worthy) to Sulfites. So that is out! I know Im lactose Intolerant have been dealing with that for 20 years(100%lactose free skim milk and I get along) And Now dr said Celiac so gluten free. Yey easier said than done! I dread eating now cause I can never find anything safe. I live in Montana and we have one store that is slightly usefull if you happen to have 5X the grocery money you used to have.(Montana groceries are outragous already, my mom freaked when she heard the prices here) We almost never get anything fresh except what is grown here(which isnt a whole lot unless you eat grass hay and even that has shortages) So here it is. I need to know your totally failsafe foods. Preferably mainstream cause otherwise....chances are it doesnt exist here. I do have a supposed gluten free list from "the good food store" but I can only afford limited number of items there. For example Annies mac and cheese at walmart(our absolute cheapest store) was 1.28 last i checked Its almost $4 at Good food store. (Just imagine what specialty foods are like there ouch) yey so I know we cant have mac and cheese but it was just a price I knew of the top of my head. The Albertsons if they carried it would be about 2.50 cause well they all suck here, just walmart controls prices better/national chain etc) And if you say eat basic food like meat etc, know that literally almost every form of meat here has been processed or frozen somewhere else. Thus the failsafe list. Im tired, hungry and gettting no where. HELP!
  2. Thank you for checking into this. I was thinking i was going to have to contact them myself. Since today is my 1st day gluten free the less emails I have to send out the better. Albertsons is the closest grocery store to where I live so their generics are important to me.