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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My Niece had a reaction this past week. After considerable thought about the cause I have come to suspect Arrowhead Mills all purpose flour labeled gluten-free. I'm seeking confirmation from anyone who has had a reaction to this product to help verify I am on the right track before I provide this information to my brother.
  2. IrishHeart Your input is greatly appreciate. It seems to me as group the only people who understand people on gluten-free diet are other people who have had the gluten-free diet chosen for them. Unfortunately this often includes the medical community and like any group of people seeking help for their pain we are often taken advantage of and are misunderstood. I am sorry for your experience that you shared, It should not be like that. I understand-- Keith
  3. mamaw I would appreciate info about the gastrologist and your ministry. Thanks for your offer.
  4. My experience with the medical community has not been a positive one. A pill for anxiety, another pill for headaches, another for stomach cramps, a referral to shrink, another referral to a gastroulogeist, another to a nuerologist. I need a MD that is able to see the big picture instead of treating everything individually. Integrative medicine Medical Doctors seem to be making attempts to break the cycle of treating symptoms and refering to specialists, however I'm concerned that they would be like going to witch-doctor. Specifically, when I the most sick I had problems with numbness in my hands and feet. On the Glutten-free diet the majority of all my symptoms disappeared, however I still have numbness in my right hand diagnosed as carpol tunnel syndrom. Given the the close relation to celiac disease and some nuerological problems... I just concerned that my current Doctor has closed the book on those issues and in his mind any continued problem is completely unrelated and it might be. But then again the anxiety, and headaches, and IBS, and the canker sores were all unrelated too.
  5. Not to happy with my PCP or my Gastrolgeist and I have been researching other Docters in SW Pennsylvania. There is an integrative medicine center in Pittsburgh that peeked my interest. Anybody have any opinion or insight about integrative/holistic medicine and treatment of patiants who have celiac-disease.
  6. I'm not feeling sorry for myself anymore, nor do feel all alone. You guys are great-- time for me to, "Celebrate good Health..." Thanks again Keith
  7. At first it was just about feeling better, but now that I do feel better I can't help but just feel sorry for myself. Every time a Pizza comes into the house I want to throw myself on the floor and have tantrum. Nobody seems to understand and I do not want to try to explain it to them anymore. I went to dinner at the Myrtle Beach Margarittaville last summer (they were very accommidating to people with dietary restrictions by the way) and the chief came to my table to inquire about my gluten-free meal. I don't want to be special-- I just want to be normal again. I need a support group. A place to go and vent. Everyone close to me are trying to understand but they just don't.
  8. Gluttened?

    Thanks for your input. I appreciate it. Keith
  9. Gluttened?

    I have not felt good for the past two weeks and I have a question. Frito Laye Cheetos-- Modified corn meal Is this my culprit or should I keep looking? Your input would be appreciated. Keith
  10. Thanks

    I am new to the glutten free diet and I have not contributed very much to forum; but have used it to a great extent as a reference tool. Celiac. com and this forum has been a valuable tool for me for information and has helped me to feel less isolated knowing that I'm not only one dealing with these problems. I appreciate the sharing of experiences and knowledge. The holidays this year is rough. I was sick for 2 weeks after Thanksgiving and with Christmas around the corner I am anxious that I'll eat something wrong again. I'll just have to use a little more caution I quess. Thanks Trying to feel normal again Q: Church communion--- should I participate? I am sure it is enough to make me sick, but it is an important sacriment and statement of my faith.
  11. Frustrated, Confused, And Angry

    As I anticipated the test was negative for celiac. I need some advise. I have decided to start a food jornal to try and isolate the trigger foods for the problems I have been having. I am going to start by going diary free for a couple weeks and then slowly reintroduce diary to see if there any change. I do not know if I should go gluten free at this time. I hate to eliminate so many of my favorite foods unneccesarily but on the other hand it is such a restrictive diet, that should my symptoms disappear completely it would be the best place to start to try to determine the trigger foods quickly. Your opinions would be apreciated. Keith
  12. Frustrated, Confused, And Angry

    Thanks guys, I just needed to vent. I have Dr appt on friday and the biopsy results should be in by then. It will either confirm celiac disease or it will not and I'll just take it from there. Keith
  13. I have had a sensitive stomach since my teens and never thought much of it until this year when I started other problems that included but is not limited to bleeding and weight lose. Ever since my initial visit to the Docter about my life has turned up side down. I have been poked, proded, and evaluated so often by so many Docters and technicians I feel like a pin cushion. On one visit 5 weeks ago along with the catalog of other complaints I had I told her about the blisters I had been getting in my mouth and she ordered endoscope to evaluate me for celiac disease. When I contacted the GI I was told the earliest they could schedule the procedure was 4 weeks. I had a bad flare up the following week and decided the heck with it and I started to limit the amount of gluton in my diet and by the time the endoscope was done I was feeling as good as I have for a year. At the conclusion of the endoscope procedure the Dr told my wife that in his professional opinion I did not have celiac disease and that he was going to make "recomendations" to my family practice Dr.; but he did not say what those recomendations were. This was last Thrusday and since that time I have lefted my self imposed dietary restrictions. By Satureday evening I felt ill and I am still sick now. The biopsy results are not yet in, but that doesn't really matter I expect them to be inclusive any way. I don't mean to rant but nobody seems to understand. Not my wife, family, friends, or Drs. If one more person suggests to me that I am having a mental breakdown and that all these problems arn't real I'm going walk to the hospital and have myself committed (right after I punch the person who suggested it square in the face of course). I 'm tired of being tired. I can not miss any more work and I am sick of being sick. Keith