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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. How Long

    i do follow a gluten free diet but im so sensitive to it i probably break out from breathing it lol.when there are products that im unshure of i call the company but im at the point now where i cant trust their word.
  2. Dh And Dapsone

    i have had dh for 7 years now and diagnosed resently,i started 50 mg of dapsone for 3 days now and still breaking out is it possible that it can take longer to see results or is the dose too small im going nuts i was hoping not to have dh on my face anymore is it possible that non gluten products like milk or nuts make me break out because im pretty strict with my diet unless the companies that i call tell me things are gluten-free and there not can anyone help me
  3. How Long

    i am woundering how long it could take to get results from dapsone its been 3 days now and still breaking out could it be because its been 7 years with dh without treatment and i know most people see results in a couple days should i be more patient im taking 50 mg per day the doc told me to take 25 mg but i dont think its enough is it possible it can take longer for me to see results
  4. Dh

    hello, ive been reading that some people have break outs from non gluten foods like milk and almons,im just woundering how that is im confused should i try to stay away from that stuff i just started dapsone 2 days ago shoul it be ok to drink milk and have almonds if they are one of the causes of my breakouts and also ive been woundering about stuff like shampoos dont u have to ingest it to have a breakout im just confused
  5. Topical Dapsone

    hi i was just wondering what dairy and gluten have in common because sometimes i think im 100 percent gluten free then i flare up,i have a glass of milk in the morning and i also eat nuts for snacks can some food even if gluten free cause a flare up im confused and also i wounder about shampoo and stuff dont u have to ingest it
  6. Dapsone

    ive had dh for 7 years now and i they finally realised what it was,the doc started me on dapsone yesterday,25mg i personaly dont think its enough,but i go see him in a week to see if i stoped breaking out,does anyone know if i should see anny difference by then at least a little clearing up or somthin so the he can up the dosage,im hoping i see the difference 7 years is a long fusterating time expecially when my dh is on my face....
  7. Dh

    thanks for the info,my problem is that ive been on the diet for 6 months and i still get it prety bad,there are little things that i must be missing but its fustrating because i never know what i ate that did it,the reason i asked if it was long term was because im in the army and right now i cant go to the field because i cant eat the food they provide,i know i drink a lot of coke and coke zero but coke says it is gluten free so i dont know im lost i just want to live a normal life with out having the rash on my face i guess im just really sensitive to gluten,maybe if i take the dapsone for a bit it will help me a bit we will see,thanks
  8. Dh

  9. Dh

    can anyone tell me if dh goes away after time on dapsone,will i eventually be able to eat gluten
  10. Dapsone

    if my skin condition eventualy goes away when im on dopsone for a while will i still have to go gluten free
  11. i have diagnosed myself with dh i dont have the stomach troubles but people ask me if it is celiac i dont know what to tell them. is it considered celiac ?
  12. does monster energy drink have gluten in it
  13. it says contains no artificial colours,preservatives,sweetners,dairy or wheat,yeast . the main ingredients are glucosamine sulfate complex from shelfish exoskeleton and the capsule is geletan rice and veggie grade magnesium stearate
  14. i was woundering if glucosamine sulfate can aggravate dh it seams that since i took it a few days ago ive been breaking out but i need to take it im training for an ironman