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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanksgiving Question

    if you can talk to the people making the food. people can be surprisingly helpful and understanding if you contact them in advance. my motherinlaw is a pain in the neck but when it comes to the gluten free issue she has been great. last year she went out of her way to make the gravy with corn starch and to tell me the bird was completely natural and not added to by a company and to point out to me at the beginning what was and was not ok for me to touch. She even asked what was ok for me so that when she made her usual...she loves to cook alot...that i would be able to eat comfortably. This year she did the same thing in advance and approached me instead of me coming to her because now she considers it a challenge. Ask if they can make the stuffing separate friom the bird. Truthfully it is not recommended to stuff a turkey anyways for the reason of cooking in proper temperatures these days. Just ask and see what you can offer to help with. maybe bringing something over yourself in addition. I do that when i have to as well. Good Luck.
  2. Wheat Containers

    exactly how is the 'layer' or film or coating protecting against the wheat part of the box if the layer gets scratched or torn into?
  3. it sounds to me like nothing has changed in the companies and the laws. This is the same for other disclaimers on foods. if a food ingredient is a 'trade secret' they do not have to list it either I beleive unless that too has changed. i am not surprised by write up. truth is when i eat something that says gluten free i look at the labeling anyways. but yeah...I'm not surprised that this is being studied and applied in this way for business reasons in companies. it also helps them that are too lazy to do the extra work of actually trying to make things allergen free for concumers. Lori
  4. I don't know if my reply is of any assistance or of good info in regards to fiber and such but here goes...whatever the food balance issue there are foods that can fulfill the needs of fiber and such that are not just in the grains we miss when eating gluten free. example...brussel sprouts contain a days fiber if you eat 6 or so of them,large ones a day. other varients in nutrition are...a good portion of broccoli rabe is equivalent to the iron in one steak. i am 40. i was vegan for two yrs while we were trying to find out what was wrong with me and then 'stumbled' across the gluten issue as the problem. My nutrition itself remained balanced due to careful monitering of the vitamins and other things needed in various foods. But now i am eating meat again in the past year and am healthier than i have ever been on a gluten free diet and i have epilepsy all my life with seizure meds which all has its effect on me at times. Check out some of the vegetarian websites,specificly vegan sites. many people who are vegan specificlly suffer from malnutrition in areas of foods cut out but this is not needed if one follows the proper balance of foods containing certain enzymes and chemistry including things such as fiber. I also take a tablespoon or 2 of hemp seed oil everyday to balance the intestinal tract which i notice can feel a bit,'off' on a gluten free diet lifestyle. These are just suggestions,i am no doctor but my neurologic issue has made me very concious of learning what i can to make my life as healthy as possible. The blood tests for me came back negative for gluten testing but my body says different and the diet now since summer 2003 has made a major difference in my health and when i cheat i do become ill so there is definitely a connection. ALSO...my mom has celiac. My dad figured my problem out with my system thank god. i go for blood tests and check ups regularly for the epilepsy and the doctors are aware that i am following a gluten free diet and so they look for everything and all they can say is whatever i am doing....keep doing it. All i can say is just check out the other resources too if you haven't. Just keep looking there are ways to compensate for what is not being eaten.
  5. Gf Kraft List

    ah...thanks...that explains it. it is interesting though that the canada list is so extensive compaired to the australian list. it is also interesting that they don't do it in the usa anyways when it is so easy to create the page for viewing since so many other companies do it in the usa now. i am also disapointed at how hugely confusing the kraft website is. it is colorful but keeps consistantly taking you somewhere else other than your own country with no notification that it it doing this. makes it difficult to look at properly which is probably why i was confused. Thanks for the info Lori
  6. Gf Kraft List

    here's the american list 'I think' http://www.kraft.com.au/ kraft has a huge site and in a most convoluted manner takes you through all the other countries so i 'believe' this is USA Lori
  7. Does anybody know if Fox's ubet chocolate syrup is gluten free?
  8. Hi all,just wanted to say hello and say how much i really like the site and the forum. it has been very helpful and i have even told others about the site. As far as i know i am not specificlly diagnosed with celiac but through trial and error and lots of doubt of course reconfirmed through 'cheating' on a gluten-free diet have come to realize ...yup...I got me a problem. I've been on the gluten-free road for a year and a half and it has made a big difference in my overall health to the point where my husband is thrilled to tears over my change. My mom does have celiac so i guess that figures in too. I'm looking forward to getting to learn more and it is even possible i have some discovered feedback myself so I'm definitely excited to meet others with this issue. Lori