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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ravenwood, Thanks for your input...that's great information to have. I'm going to ask my doctor to refer me to a nutritionist...because, although I'm eating things without gluten, I don't know if I'm balancing my diet correctly or not. I did get my biopsy result back today, and it came back negative. However, I noticed I've been very emotional in the past 24 hours--stressed, angry, anxious--I've got a stressful weekend coming up with a wedding I'm in (not my own), but for some reason, I still think that "normal" people handle things differently, and I'm on some extreme roller-coaster. I'm wondering if there's other things in my diet that might be upsetting my body chemistry.
  2. Nora, Thanks for your input. I had seen the Dr. Gluten website, but I will definitely read more today. And thanks for pointing me to pubmed.com. Here in the US, I don't think we get benefits for being sick...other than (as I understand it), a higher risk for being uninsured because of a pre-existing condition once diagnosed with celiac. I was on my normal diet for the biopsy, with the exception of a couple of days 3 weeks prior where I tried to cut out gluten as much as possible. But for at least 10 days prior to the biopsy, I was eating every bit of bread/flour thing I could. I guess I'm just wondering where I'll be if the biopsy comes back negative. The gastroenterologist made it sound like if they couldn't get anything back that was positive, they were just going to label it "gastritis" or "IBS" or something like that. I'm having a hard time accepting that, especially since I've felt marginal-at-best, for a while now. Does the body go through any sort of "detox" once you stop eating gluten?
  3. Does anyone know if these two products look to be unsafe? I've tried to research both (especially "coconut oil" and "banana flavor" in the first), and can't quite figure out if they're safe or not. Both are made by Valued Naturals/International Foodsource LLC, and I've sent them an e-mail, but wanted to see if anyone might have an answer here as well. (PS--Yes, I know they're not the "best" foods, but I've been craving them...) Product 1: Banana Chips Ingredients: Bananas, Coconut Oil, Sugar, and Banana Flavor Product 2: Harvest Fruit Medley Ingredients: Bananas (Sugar, Honey, Partially Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Natural Banana Flavor), Pineapple (Sulphur Dioxide to promote color retention), Apricots (Sulphur Dioxide), Seedless Raisins, Apples (Sulphur Dioxide), Papaya Diced (Sulphur Dioxide, Sugar, FD & C Yellow No. 6 Color Index 16985, FD & C Yellow No. 5 Color Index 19140) Allergen Information: Contains Sulfites Thanks!
  4. Ok, here's my current situation: I just had my endoscopy and biopsy yesterday. The procedure went OK--the doctor said everything looked "normal" upon visual inspection, but that we'd have to wait for the biopsy results to come back next week to get a definitive diagnosis. However, she said one thing that didn't quite sit right--she said I could NOT be allergic to gluten unless the biopsy came back positive for celiac disease. When I had the celiac disease panel run on my blood prior to this endoscopy, all those tests came back normal, except my Gliadin IgG level was 15.5 u/mL (when 10.0 or below is normal). Some of the symptoms I have include intense bouts of nausea, extreme fatigue, mood swings, headaches, and joint/muscle pain. These come and go, and at their worst, will last for a full 7-10 days before letting up, and have been happening since early 2009. Can anyone give me input on this? Thanks!
  5. Thank you Fluffy Assassin! I'm finding out much of what you said to be true--things like celiac can cause a variety of symptoms. I had my endoscopy and biopsy yesterday, so I'll have to wait a week for the biopsy results to come back, but the doctor said my duodenum didn't look like it had the "typical" visual symptoms of celiac. We'll see, though. Good news is that I do not have hemochromatosis...evidently, I have only one of the two necessary genes for the disease, so even though not having that diagnosis is good news, it still doesn't answer why my iron is so high. I spoke with a friend today, and he said that many of these autoimmune diseases, and even food allergies, wreak havoc on our systems, and cause weird things like strange blood readings. It'd be nice to get some solid answers though! :-)
  6. Hi everyone, I've read many personal accounts of celiac on here, and I think this website is GREAT! I wanted to see, though, if someone has had an experience similar to mine. I will be getting endoscoped and my small intestine biopsied this week for a definitive answer regarding celiac, but I still wanted to put this out there... Beginning earlier this year, I would get week-long bouts of nausea and extreme fatigue that would last a week. I would wake up in the morning and immediately have to vomit, and I would be "out" for most of the day. I could easily sleep 12-18 hours per day. I wouldn't want to eat, and I'd barely take in 500-700 calories a day. Eating was a struggle--and that alone was definitely not "in-character" for me. Like I said, this would usually last 7-10 days, and then I would slowly emerge out of it. Additionally, these episodes would happen at least once a month, and have been since the beginning of 2009. Needless to say, they wreaked havoc on my professional and personal life. Mornings were always the most difficult, and by the end of the day, I could eat something (like a peanut butter/jelly sandwich or cookies...they seemed the only appetizing things at the time). Initially, I just thought I was depressed, going crazy, etc., but after visiting an endocrinologist, my Gliadin-IgG test came back with a reading of 15.5 u/mL. However, my ferritin levels were also very high (330+), and my doctor is testing me for hemochromatosis. I always had a "nervous stomach," ever since I was in middle school. Going to the restroom upwards of 5-10 times a day on a consistent basis just became a fact of life. Even though I may not have celiac disease, does the Gliadin-IgG test alone indicate an intolerance to gluten? Is it possible to be gluten-intolerant and also have hemochromatosis? The GI doctor I'm seeing said she would expect me to be anemic rather than have an elevated iron level, but she wouldn't tell me if the two could be co-morbid. Does any of this sound familiar? Does anyone have a similar experience? I'm planning on going gluten-free once I have my endoscopy. The doctor has had me eating as much gluten as possible for the past 10 days, and yesterday, I had another (albeit, less intense) episode of nausea and sleep. Today, I'm feeling better, but that seems to be the story of my life the last few months--sick, feeling like death warmed over, and then a period of time of feeling "normal." Any input would be appreciated! Thank you!