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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Celiac And Eggs

    I have always been curious about how other people react. I have read a lot and it seems most have real obvious symptoms. I haven't read of too many like me. I have the obvious bloating thing, but I get esophogeal burning and spasms that get so severe I have to be hospitalized. I have also had abdominal pain so bad that I have passed out. One minute fine, the next doubled over and then out. Since being diagnosed this is the fifth or sixth time I have reacted to something that should have been safe. I guess I don't have this celiac thing figured out yet. Does it get easier?
  2. Celiac And Eggs

    It is so good to get some feedback on this. My reaction today is more severe than yesterdays, so the eggs are going out for quite awhile. I have my husband and children's food allergies down, but it is going to take more than I thought to get a handle on this celiac thing.
  3. Celiac And Eggs

    I am glad I am not the only one. I ate the eggs at seven and am still in pain.
  4. I was diagnosed with celiac in March. I am not new however to the casein gluten free diet, my boys have been Gluten-free Casein-free and soy free for years. I like having eggs for breakfast, but the last two mornings have developed a horrible stomach ache, irritation in the esophagus, and fatigue. I was wondering if any other celiacs have had problems with eggs? Or if other celiacs have noticed problems with foods they normally have, all of a sudden becoming a problem? One of my classic reactions to gluten is irritation in the esophagus and esophageal spasms and sometimes severe abdominal pain. That is why I am thinking allergy.
  5. New And Frustrated

    Hi, Unfortunately since I have stayed away from soy the last four days the bloating is gone. I did like the soy milk a lot. I dropped the dairy shortly after the gluten, because it also caused esophogeal spasms. In the meantime my boys are a lot happier, because Mom is like them just for a little different reason. I am hoping that the dairy is temporary for me. The doc said if my villi heal that I may be able to have the dairy again. From the blogs I have seen, I am not so sure about that. I am going to check into hazelnut milk. Almond milk is ok, but watery. I know if any gluten were getting in my boys would be sick, so I think were ok there. I even changed my make up to gluten free. My boys react through skin absorption and I wasn't sure if I would. How long before your stomach healed?
  6. New And Frustrated

    Hey guys, thanks so much for responding. I will definetly avoid the soy and see what happens. I am well versed in the gluten free part of the diet and such, because of the boys. We even mill our own flour. I still can't figure out why this all happened. Are you guys hypothyroid as well? What other foods have given you problems?
  7. I have to boys who are casein, gluten, soy, and everything else free, so you would think I would be a whiz already with my diagnosis, but no. I have only been at this for myself for two months. I went from creamer to soy milk in my coffee and from my whey protein powder to soy. I am thinking I may have a problem with soy since I am bloated up. The gluten caused esophogeal spasms. The dairy causes that and bloating. I am wondering once you finally figure out all the things that cause something, how long does it take your gut to heal? My boys were metal poisoned and autistic so their issue is a little different. My husband has many IGE allergies as well as the boys. I am clear for IGE, but what a pair my husband and I make. Any info on how long it will take before I no longer look nine months pregnant while only weighing 105lbs would be appreciated.